Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lord Venkatesa , You are unfair to me ....

Lord Venkatesa , You are unfair to me ....
- 'Ranju'

Oh Lord Venkatesa , Do you know what you did?
You have ruined a life of an innocent kid

Don’t say you understand , I know you don’t do
If ever your Heart is broken, then you would do

When I saw you in Tirumala, I thought you are the almighty creator
I was wrong , you are just a tall stone, made by the sculptor

My heart was jubilant when you made us an perfect pair
You are so cruel , you took her away , now you don’t care

Iam told that, you keep Goddess Lakshmi in your Heart
If its true, then why u played with mine and broke my Heart ?

I thought you are the one who made me do
Playing with someone’s emotions is always what you do

Times ago I seem to love you, Now I hate you the way you treated me
I now wonder why you been always unfair and cruel to me

Still I have one last wish , will you grant if I pray ?
Can you give me back “my beloved” right away ??


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