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Rahul Gandhi Stands Exposed - Untold Stories Of Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi Stands Exposed -
Untold Stories Of Rahul Gandhi .

Rahul Gandhi is the greatest....

Collection of items about Raul Vinci a.k.a Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is the greatest....

<> in the world ? Please see below

Greatest RAPIST in the world?

Rahul Rapes Hidden from Indian Public

Greatest Missionary in the world?
( Was he involved in the plotting of murder of Swami in Orissa )

Greatest Degree Holder in the world?
( With so many qualifications , all confused and more confusing )

Greatest Spy in the world?
( working against Bharat )


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Hindu , Vote for bright future of Hindudom

Hindu , Vote for bright future of Hindudom .

ज़रा सोचिये....!!!
क्या आपको अच्छा लगता है...??
  • जब निर्दोष और बेगुनाह लोग आतंकवादी हमलों में मारे जाते हैं.
  • जब आतंकवादियों की वकालत देश के कुछ लोग करते हैं.
  • जब देश का किसान आत्महत्या करता है.
  • जब देश का युवा रोज़गार को तरसता है.
  • जब झुग्गियों को भारत का चहेता बताया जाता है.
  • जब हमारे पाठ्यक्रमों में हमारे महापुरुषों और संस्कृति का अपमान किया जाता है.
  • जब हमारे देवी देवताओं के अस्तित्व पर सवाल उठाये जाते हैं.
  • जब हमारे पौराणिक और ऐतिहासिक विरासतों को नष्ट करने के प्रयास किये जाते हैं.
  • जब धर्म के आधार पर तुष्टिकरण की राजनीति की जाती है.
  • जब देश में न्यायालय द्वारा सजा प्राप्त आतंकियों को सरंक्षण देने के बहाने बनाये जाते हैं.
  • जब देश रक्षा में शहीद हुए वीरों के परिवारजनों को वीरता पदक लौटने को मजबूर होना पड़ता है.
  • जब जांबाज़ देशभक्तों की शहादत पर विवाद खड़े किये जाते हैं.
  • जब आतंवाद से निपटने के इकलौते कानून को भी निरस्त कर देश की सुरक्षा से खिलवाड़ किया जाता है.
आओ !! वोट डालें....

और उन सभी लोगों की पराजय सुनिश्चित करें जो भारत की एकता, अखंडता और स्वाभिमान को नष्ट करना चाहते हैं....
वोट डालना आपका संवैधानिक अधिकार ही नहीं अपितु सच्चे राष्ट्रभक्त होने का प्रमाण भी है.
आपका वोट '२०२० के विकसित एवं शक्तिशाली भारत' के लिए निर्णायक साबित होगा.
राष्ट्रहित में मतदान अवश्य करें....
मेरा देश, मेरा वोट!!

जनहित में: अखिल भारतीय विद्यार्थी परिषद् (A.B.V.P)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vote - Hindu - Vote , Exercise Your Vote Power !!

Vote Hindu Vote , Exercise Your Vote Power !!

If there is no protection to Hindu Dharma, then there will be no protection for this country. Hindutva is the strength and backbone of this country. Only Hindu awakening can attain the welfare of the nation. For that to happen, a permanent platform for this awakened Hindu should be created. Efforts should be made in the direction of shedding our differences on the basis of caste, social imbalances and others.

None of our fraternity should be cheated. Not even a single vote should go waste. The strongest weapon in the hands of public should bring change this nation deserves. Knock the heart doors of every individual and let all take the oath to make every possible effort to hand over this beautiful temple called Bharath Varsh to the next generation with all its glory.


Let this vote be the first step in the right direction. That alone can save this country.


P S : As part of the Dharma Jagaran , do spread the message to one and all Hindus .

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rahul Gandhi 's General Knowledge really Shocking

Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister in waiting and his shocking General Knowledge .

Hey friends you want to check out Rahul Gandhi’s General Knowledge?

Check it out here and now(watch the video )

Recently Rahul baba(gandhi) while interacting with professionals in Ahmedabad’s Bhaikaka hall said that “Gujarat is bigger than the United Kingdom.” The Congress men gathered there started clapping but the fact is that Gujarat’s geographical area is 196024 sq km while the United Kindom possesses 245,000 square kilometers area, much bigger than Gujarat.

And Rahul Baba in the same interaction said that “India is bigger than the United States and Europe put together”. But the fact is that India(3,287,263sq. km) is not bigger either United States(9,631,418 km² sq. km )or Europe(1crore 20 lakh ) alone, forget put together.

So if you own a company(and suppose Rahul baba is not from Nehru/Gandhi parivar), would you give Rahul Baba a job after interviewing him? Don’t forget that the Indian National Congress wants to give him Country’s top job, forget company’s.

Jay Hind!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hindu's remember vote is weapon, use it in favour of Hindutva

Hindu's remember vote is weapon, use it in favour of Hindutva .

Let’s not stop only with questioning but move ahead and avail our votes. And let’s vote only for those who guard Hindu interests and protect the interests of the country from anti national elements. Lets Vote enbloc to those candidates who believe in Hindutva . Thus lets perform a Coup and de-throne all anti-Hindu parties from power , and establish pro-Hindu government at centre and states.

Let’s show the united Hindu strength.

    • Our slogan will be 100% polling.
    • Every vote that gets polled should be for protecting Hindu dharma and for this country.
    • Our vote for those who guide this country from pseudo secularism to real democracy, towards much needed CHANGE.
    • Momentary anger will not yield any results.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rahul Gandhi was partying while Mumbai was burning

Rahul Gandhi , The Partying Prince .

Just Chill !!! Rahul Baba's Mantra

I was outraged to read this news report about Rahul Gandhi, the Congress party scion and General Secretary, for whom, it is alleged, Manmohan Singh has been warming the prime minister’s chair for over four years now. The story was carried by the “Mail Today” newspaper of the India Today Group, but was predictably buried by other English newspapers and channels who usually act as party organs of the Congress.

Rahul in party mood soon after Mumbai crisis

Even before the tears of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s mother could dry up, Congress general secretary and heir apparent Rahul Gandhi went partying with his pals at a farmhouse on Delhi’s outskirts.

The Prince partied hard, till 5 in the morning, on Sunday at the ‘sangeet’ for the forthcoming wedding of Samir Sharma, his childhood friend. They were at a sprawling farmhouse at Radhey Mohan Chowk, the haven of people who lead charmed lives beyond Chhatarpur.

Apparently, for Rahul gandhi it was a night full of live entertainment, ghazals and candle-lit dinners, complete with the Page 3 rabble.

Saturday night’s ‘sangeet’ was a lavish affair. It was hosted by Leena Musafir, sister of the woman with whom Samir is getting married, and her husband Inder. The party was attended by over 800 guests, including regulars at Page 3 dos. “When everyone is cancelling parties or just keeping them low-key, Rahul Gandhi had no business to be celebrating. His action makes us lose faith in future leaders,” said Ajay Bahl, a leading corporate lawyer who was trapped in the thick of the action on 26/11 at The Oberoi, Mumbai, but managed to escape with the help of the hotel staff.

Does Rahul Gandhi have no sense of timing or decency? The country is in mourning. The bodies of 180 innocent men, women and children of the ghastly Mumbai carnage are still warm in the morgue. The citizens are angry and horrified at this latest slaughter of Indians by the Muslim fanatics reared in Pakistan’s hate factories of jihad. And in this funeral atmosphere, this grand-child of Indira Gandhi can spend all night partying hard, listening to ghazals with a glass of champagne and a plate full of Mughlai kabab, even as the NSG commandos are locked in a room-by-room battle with the terrorists in the pitch-dark interiors of the Taj Hotel?

This is not the first time Rahul Gandhi has embarrassed and horrified everybody with his immaturity and indiscretions. While campaigning during the last UP elections, he left the tired Congress leaders and party workers behind on the dusty road of Rai Barelli and coolly walked into an air-conditioned mall to have a McDonald burger. The party-men sweating in the sun were obviously not amused and grumbled about how Rajiv Gandhi would have sat on a charpoy under a tree and shared a meal with them.

Rahul Gandhi went to Afghanistan a couple of years ago. An Afghan journalist asked him why he wanted to visit Afghanistan. Now instead of saying something profound for the occasion, such as the Afghanistan-India relations since ancient times, the shared history, the Gandhara school of art or the story of “Kabuli wala” that we have all read in childhood, Rahul Gandhi mumbled something about how he was in Delhi getting bored and some of his friends suggested that a government delegation was going to Afghanistan and he should tag along! The leaders accompanying him were reported saying that this episode shows how much Rahul Gandhi has to live and learn.

Is this the prince charming that is going to rescue India in distress? He clearly lacks maturity and intellectual depth, and shows signs of stunted development. He does not appear well-read and carries a sheepish grin on his face all the time. HIs body language is that of a man-child unsure of himself. His political blindness is even worse than J.L. Nehru.

But then, an unintelligent and naive prince who has lived a life shielded from the real world is always good news for the scheming courtiers, isn’t it? Do I see the Congress sycophants and professional flatterers salivating at the prospects? What about the Western intelligence agencies? Are they grinning too?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Investigate all Mysterious deaths in Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Vadra families .

Sonia Gandhi , Priyanka Vadra , India demand answers .
Investigate all Mysterious deaths in Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Vadra families .

During Mahabharata era it is believed that Kurukshetra happened coz of Gandhari getting married into Kuru Dynasty , with the marriage came an extra baggage of her vicious brother Shakuni . Ther's another story at large that Gandhari & Shakuni came into Kuru dyansty with an vengeance . They believed that it was Hastinapur (Kuru dynasty Capital city ) which has carried the massacre of Gandharvas in a war .To avenge the downfall of Gandharva dynasty Shakuni bought Doom to Kuru - Pandava Dyanasty with Kurukshetra War. Now, it seems Sonia has taken the role of Shakuni . Unless Hindus wake-up and save Bharath-Varsh , Doom is in near future .

Now History is repeating itself , With Sonia Gandhi's marriage with Rajiv , we have seen a series of mysterious deaths in the Family and in Congress Party . Buzz in the political circles is that all were carried by Sonia's Italy Secret Service " Opus-Dei " . The same legacy of tragical deaths have happened in Priyanka Vadras Family in recent past .

One wonders why so many mysterious deaths occurred in Gandhi-Vadra family in recent past ? Sonia Gandhi's marriage with Rajiv Gandhi bought tragedy of deaths in the family and the same legacy is carried on by Priyanka Gandhi . Recently Priyankas Father-in-Law was was found hanging from the ceiling fan in a Delhi hotel room in mysterious conditions , family says its coz of Liver decease , Police claims its suicide . Priyanka Vadras Father-in-Law , Brother-in-Law, Sister -in-Law all are dead in mysterious conditions . Only alive from that family is Priyankas MIL , who is a Christian Missionary . One should note here that Priyankas Father-in-Law was a practicing Hindu , and was close to RSS ( Rashtriya SwayamSewak Sangh ) .

All the opponents of Sonia Gandhi within the family or in Congress party were killed in mysterious accidents , let it be Indira Gandhi , Sanjay Gandhi and Rajeev . Ditto with senior Congress leaders who cud be a big threat to Sonia Gandhi's power citadel were cleverly eliminated Rajesh pilot , Madhav Rao Scindia , Jitendra Prasad and so on .

And about Sonia's relationship with now Russia's present Prime Minister is also an open Secret. That i will write some other time in this Blog . Its an open secret again, that Sonia's father was on KGB pay rolls and Putin was KGB operative agent in London. It was Putin who Hired Sonia and used her as mole to trap our Bola-Bala Rajiv Gandhi . Here i wud like to remind u abt the KGB files which disclosed that KGB debited 2 billion US $ in Rahul' Gandhi's account. If u need those documents of KGB i think i can fetch it. They are in said to be in Harvard University Library. When USSR collapsed Harvard Univ paid a huge amount to get all the confidential KGB files.

Its rumored that Rajiv Gandhi during his last days was unhappy with Sonia . He told his close aides that he may take a BIG decision regarding Sonia gandhi after the Elections and moved to Sri Perumbudur for campaign and never returned back . The killer of Rajiv Gandhi was an Catholic Christian , so is Sonia Gandhi and LTTE Chief Prabhakaran . Buzz is that Sonia's mother was in regular touch with LTTE 2nd in comand Mr Anton Balasingam in London before the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi . British secret service MI5 has a big dossier prepared on Sonia's Mother and LTTE Balasingam secret meetings in London . Interestingly recently Priyanka Vadra traveled all the way to Chennai to meet Nalini, c0-accused in Rajiv murder . Further Priyanka against Jail rules held long One-to-One talk with Nalini in Jail . This raised lot of suspicion .

Now Priyanka's almost all "In-Laws" are dead in mysterios accidents , all but Priyankas Christian-Missionary Mother in law all are dead . Father, sister and brother of Priyanka's husband die abnormally . A few weeks after Richard(Priyankas BIL) and Rajinder Vadra (Priyankas Father-In-Law) had a public tiff with Robert Vadra, Richard was found dead in his apartment. The case was closed as suicide. Rajinder Vadra strongly suspected foul play: believed that it was murder, not suicide. A couple of yrs earlier, Michelle, Robert Vadra's sister was killed in a car accident.

It is rumored that Rajender Vadra, Priyanka's Father-in-Law was against the marriage and BUZZ is that he was un-happy about the over-zealous inclination of Priyankas towards the politics , which he vehemently opposed . Now he is found dead in mysterious condition in a Delhi hotel room , Vadra family says he died coz of liver decease while Police claims he hanged himself . Whom to believe ?

Sonia Gandhi , Priyanka Vadra , India demand answers .

For more on Gandhi-Nehru dynasty untold stories , watch this blog in coming days .


Robert Vadra - A Trojan Horse ???

Christian controlled Media is dead silent on this.

Robert Vadra is son-in-law of Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi. All his immediate family have been dead under mysterious circumstances except for his missionary mother!

I am reproducing this post from Rajeev's blog. Read Rediff interview posted below where the father had clearly stated why he disowned his own son, for the sake of national security!

This vadra guy is the fellow famous for being married to Bianca maino alias Priyanka Gandhi
He is also famous as the only person who is named in the list of VIPs (others are the president of india, the chief justice, the speaker, but not the chief of army staff) who are exempt from being frisked and searched in airports! why this nobody is explicitly named in this context, along with high officials of the indian state, is not clear. Interesting that antonia maino alias sonia nehru and Raul maino alias Rahul gandhi will be frisked, but not robert, the country's son-in-law, i guess.
I am making a prediction that robert vadra will be the future prime minister of india, sort of like zardari in pakistan. Apparently all of robert's immediate family (except his mother) have died. father hanged himself, sister died in a road accident, and brother committed suicide.
but mother is alive. ah, but then mother is a white woman and a fundamentalist christist, who got rajinder (the hindu father) to convert and forced all her children to be fundamentalist christists too. such people have 'divine' (yeah, right) protection in india.

amazing how various Congress people also have died in accidents, very conveniently for the nehru dynasty. eg. sanjay gandhi, rajesh pilot, scindia, et al.


--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: S. Kalyanaraman
Date: Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 9:50 PM
Subject: Something is amiss in the reports of deaths in Priyanka's family

It is natural to grieve when a death occurs in a family. Condolences to the family members.

I was recently reading a report on hawala (to research further on the public loot from Hindusthan kept in tax havens). An interesting route mentioned was diamond smuggling. As everyone knows, India is a favoured destination for cutting and polishing small-sized diamonds. For the last two years, there is a blitzkrieg of promoting diamonds forever to the gullible consumers of Hindusthan. The amazing part of the situation is that Belgium, a diamond-trading hub, has suddenly become the third largest trading partner with India, next only to USA and UK, according to the India-Belgium chamber of commerce. Of course, Dredging International of Belgium got lucrative contracts for dredging in the Indian Ocean...

Strange is the marketplace of Hindusthan.

One wonders why Priyanka's father-in-law, said to have been running a brass and wood handicrafts business, hanged himself.

Would the investigators be equal to the task of figuring out the causes of the tragedy series reported below?


3 Apr 2009, 2057 hrs IST, IANS

Priyanka Vadra with her mother Sonia Gandhi and brother Rahul Gandhi attends the cremation of her father-in-law Rajinder Vadra in New Delhi. (PTI Photo)

Priyanka Gandhi with husband Robert Vadra and brother Rahul Gandhi leaves after the cremation of her father-in-law Rajinder Vadra in New Delhi. (Reuters Photo)

NEW DELHI: Rajinder Vadra, the father-in-law of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, was on Friday found hanging from a ceiling fan in a south Delhi guest house, highly placed police sources said.

... deleted
Rajinder Vadra resided in the Civil Lines area of Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh and ran a brass and wood handicrafts business from there.

Around seven-eight years ago Robert Vadra sent a notice to his father and elder brother Richard, accusing them of using his relationship with Priyanka Gandhi to try and get people appointed to the Uttar Pradesh Congress committee and the Moradabad District Congress committee.

Rajinder Vadra, who was separated from his family, had in an interview denied his son's allegations and expressed his displeasure at his marrying Priyanka, the daughter of Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

His daughter Michelle died in a car accident some years ago.,prtpage-1.cms

Another tragedy in Vadra family

20 Sep 2003, 0730 hrs IST, ANUBHA SAWHNEY, TNN
NEW DELHI: Richard Vadra, estranged brother of Priyanka Gandhi's husband Robert Vadra, reportedly committed suicide in Moradabad on Friday.

The tragedy comes two years after the Vadra family lost Michelle — Robert and Richard's sister — in a road accident on the Delhi-Jaipur highway in April, 2001. No details are available on what happened in Moradabad. Robert Vadra refused to comment on his brother's death when contacted by TNN.

In January 2002, Robert Vadra placed ads in newspapers, declaring that he had nothing to do with his father, Rajinder, and brother, Richard, and that any attempts by them to gain favours by pretending to act on his behalf should be disregarded. The notice was issued on Robert's behalf by advocate Arun Bhardwaj.

... deleted
While Robert is the proprietor of Artex Exports, through which he sells costume jewellery, Richard ran an independent export business. Rajinder Vadra, separated from his wife, Maureen (nee McDonagh) is an exporter of metal handicrafts and operates from Amar Colony.,prtpage-1.cms


The Rediff Interview/Rajinder Vadra
January 20, 2002

Rajinder Vadra, Eric to friends, suddenly finds himself confronting opposition from his son.

Recently, in a public notice, son Robert, who is married to Priyanka, daughter of Congress president Sonia and the late Rajiv Gandhi, accused Vadra and Robert's elder brother Richard of promising people jobs and other favours in his name. In an interview with Shahid K Abbas, Rajinder Vadra denied the allegations and claimed to have opposed Robert's marriage from the very beginning, saying his son had become a pawn, even if not a 'ghar jamai', of the Gandhis.

Separated from his family for some years now, Vadra claims his relations with son Robert, daughter-in-law Priyanka and Sonia were "perfect". His daughter Michelle, a jewellery designer, died in a car accident last April. That event had reunited the family briefly.

Vadra, a Punjabi married to a Christian, runs a brass and wood handicrafts business in Moradabad. In his notice Robert Vadra said Rajinder and Richard Vadra were 'not authorised' to use his name nor had any access to him. The notice said the father and brother were using his relationship with Priyanka Gandhi to try and get people appointed to the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee and the Moradabad District Congress Committee.

Dismissing the allegations as a figment of Robert's imagination, Rajinder Vadra challenged his son to produce at least one witness in support. He claims he has no political affiliation and describes as rubbish the talk that the Congress was uncomfortable about the family's links with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, especially with next month's crucial election in Uttar Pradesh. Excerpts from the interview:

In the public notice issued recently, your son has addressed you as 'one Rajinder Vadra' and his elder brother as 'one Richard Vadra' and accused you of duping people by 'promising jobs and other favours'. He has stated that you are not authorised to use his name nor have access to him. Stories are doing the rounds that you used the Gandhi connection to get people appointed to the UPCC and Moradabad DCC.

He is talking of disowning me, but I disowned him when he got married into the Gandhi family.

I had never wanted that my son should marry into a family that was accused of having put the security of the nation at stake. Besides, I was always opposed to this marriage because of the treatment they meted out to Maneka Gandhi. I had to eventually surrender to the wishes and persuasion of my wife and daughter.

It had occurred to me that Robert may change after his marriage in the Gandhi family but never -- even in my dreams -- had I thought he would go to court to finish a blood relationship between a father and son. And worse, that he would refer to me merely as a relative.

Moreover, all these allegations are a mere figment of his imagination. I challenge him to come out with at least one witness in support of his allegation.

Though Robert is playing to the tune of his in-laws, I am confident that he will never become a ghar jamai. I know for sure that he is bearing all the family expenses, including the rent for the Lodhi Estate government residence.

The only time after their wedding in 1998 that I went to Mrs Sonia Gandhi's 10 Janpath residence was over a dinner. I last met Robert on April 16, 2001, at the funeral of my daughter Michelle.

Are you now planning to disinherit him from the family property?

I don't have any intention to disinherit him, but definitely I will have to respond legally to that public notice. You see, everything was perfect until this notice. I have not yet received the notice, but the moment I receive it I will respond immediately through a lawyer. I am seeking legal opinion about filing a defamation suit. I would like to seek an explanation from Robert as to how and when I misused the name of Priyanka Gandhi or Mrs Sonia Gandhi.

In his notice Robert has accused his elder brother too of misusing his name.

I can't reply on Richard's behalf. You ask him that.

Is Robert under the influence of your wife with whom, I presume, your relations are not all that good?

Robert is very attached to his mother, and yes, on several occasions he spoke to me siding with his mother. But this is quite normal; sons normally take the mother's side. But I would not quite agree that this decision to issue a notice was in any way influenced by his mother.

There are allegations that the Vadra family has RSS links.

I have always been a Congress supporter. It is true my elder brother Om Prakash donated his property to a trust in Moradabad. Maybe there are a few members of the trust who owe allegiance to the RSS. He had donated his share of property to the trust after his sons died in an accident.

Do you nurture political ambitions?

I have no interest in politics, nor have I ever got any inkling of Robert harbouring such ambitions. If Priyanka is keen to join politics I have no objection nor have I ever opposed this even earlier.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

9 April 2009 : Sri Hanuman Jayanthi !!!

Sri Hanuman Jayanthi : 9 April 2009

Once every year — on the full-moon day of the Hindu month of Chaitra (April) at sunrise — Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Hanuman.

On Tuesdays in some cases, Saturdays, many people keep fast in honour of Hanuman and give special offerings to him. In times of trouble, it is a common faith among Hindus to chant the name of Hanuman or sing his hymn ("Hanuman Chalisa") and proclaim "Bajrangbali Ki Jai" — "victory to thy thunderbolt strength".

Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh on the Dasami or tenth day during the Krishna Paksha (waning phase of the moon) of Vaishakha month in the Telugu traditional Hindu calendar.Also known as Hanumant Jayanti, it marks the end of 41-day Hanuman Deeksha which began on Chaitra Purnima. In 2009, the date of Hanuman Jayanthi in Andhra Pradesh is May 19.In Tamil Nadu, Hanuman Jayanti is observed during Margazhi month (December – January).

The Birth of Hanuman

The story of the birth of Hanuman goes thus: Vrihaspati had an attendant called Punjikasthala, who was cursed to assume the form of a female monkey — a curse that could only be nullified if she would give birth to an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Reborn as Anjana, she performed intense austerities to please Shiva, who finally granted her the boon that would cure her of the curse.

When Agni, the god of fire, gave Dasharath, the king of Ayodhya, a bowl of sacred dessert to share among his wives so they may have divine children, an eagle snatched a part of the pudding and dropped it where Anjana was meditating, and Pavana, the god of wind delivered the drop to her outstretched hands. After she took the divine dessert, she gave birth to Hanuman. Thus Lord Shiva incarnated as a monkey, and was born as Hanuman to Anjana, by the blessings of Pavana, who thus became Hanuman's godfather.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mentally Slow Rahul Gandhi tries to fool the masses

Like Mom Soorpanaka Sonia Gandhi , Son tries to fool India .

See how this liar is trying to fool people that he is a common man. He is holding an empty plastic bucket on his head with a full Reebok Shoes while that underprivileged Aam Aadmi is walking bare foot with real load on her head.

This drug-addicted Zombie (remember, eyes don’t lie) was once arrested by FBI in Boston for possessing drugs and huge amount of dollars . It was the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee who released him using his good office in the US.

Now, this man says that his party is pro-poor. Remember, it is his Party which is responsible for the nation’s poverty. It was the Nehruvian Stalinist socialism which impoverished India.

Today, billions of dollars from India are stashed in Swiss Bank — thanks largely to the Congress misrule. The Congress is responsible for keeping India in poverty, pro-poor indeed.

Besides, the Congress is fully into Muslim appeasement. The spineless Prime Minister that is Manmohan Singh has declared funds for terrorist families. Besides, he is also on record stating that the first right on the resources of the nation belongs to Muslims.

Voters, beware of the Congress-Manmohan-Sonia nexus. They will Talibanise India with their pussyfooting. Elect a pro-Hindu Government at the Centre.

Postscript: The Indian Media is hardselling Rahul while condemning Varun. Both are as differen as chalk and cheese. Choose patriotic Varun over these Islamic bootlickers. Source

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hindu's resolve to vote for Hindutva protectors

Hindu Agenda for General election -2009 .

Every politician, howsoever powerful he is, will have to come to us once every five years, begging us for our votes. He will have to get down out of those luxurious vehicles and will have to walk along with us in these dirty roads and slums.

At that time lets ask politicians ,

Ø Why should we vote for those who encourage religious conversions and indulge in anti-Hindu activities?

Ø Lets question those who changed meaning of word secularism in to being anti –Hindu and minority appeasement.

Ø Let’s ask them about their stand on the issue of Kashmir .

Ø Let’s question why could they not prevent the Pakistan sponsored Jihadi terrorism that has support of the local groups.

Ø Let’s enquire why they are not putting pressure to hang ,Afzal guru,the person who challenged the very of roots of democracy by attacking our parliament.

Ø Let’s question the leaders who shamelessly took part funeral of the jihadis.

Ø Let’s find out the relevancy of such a secularism that praises and Overtly support the terrorist jihadis while denigrating the most Swamijis and Sanyasis ,and portrays the patriotic army jawans as terrorists.

Ø Let’s ask why our leaders promise to provide reservation to Muslims, an act that led to creation of Pakistan not long ago, and promise the Dalit status to converted Christians that encourage the global evangelical mission.

Ø Let’s question those who tried to denigrate the sanctity of the most sacred Tirumala and those who have been consistently adopting anti Hindu policies.

Ø How can these leaders sponsor Haj Subsides and Jerusalem trips with the amount we offer to temples with utmost devotion? Let’s ask them.

Ø Why it is that only Hindu temples, Hindu structures and cemeteries are demolished as part of the road widening programmes ?

Ø Does the road widening not include Mosques and Churches, despite these structures standing in the middle of the road and causing hassle to traffic?

P.S : As part of our noble duty towards Dharam Jagaran please forward Hindu agenda to one and all .