Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mentally Slow Rahul Gandhi tries to fool the masses

Like Mom Soorpanaka Sonia Gandhi , Son tries to fool India .

See how this liar is trying to fool people that he is a common man. He is holding an empty plastic bucket on his head with a full Reebok Shoes while that underprivileged Aam Aadmi is walking bare foot with real load on her head.

This drug-addicted Zombie (remember, eyes don’t lie) was once arrested by FBI in Boston for possessing drugs and huge amount of dollars . It was the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee who released him using his good office in the US.

Now, this man says that his party is pro-poor. Remember, it is his Party which is responsible for the nation’s poverty. It was the Nehruvian Stalinist socialism which impoverished India.

Today, billions of dollars from India are stashed in Swiss Bank — thanks largely to the Congress misrule. The Congress is responsible for keeping India in poverty, pro-poor indeed.

Besides, the Congress is fully into Muslim appeasement. The spineless Prime Minister that is Manmohan Singh has declared funds for terrorist families. Besides, he is also on record stating that the first right on the resources of the nation belongs to Muslims.

Voters, beware of the Congress-Manmohan-Sonia nexus. They will Talibanise India with their pussyfooting. Elect a pro-Hindu Government at the Centre.

Postscript: The Indian Media is hardselling Rahul while condemning Varun. Both are as differen as chalk and cheese. Choose patriotic Varun over these Islamic bootlickers. Source grathindu.com

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