Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vote - Hindu - Vote , Exercise Your Vote Power !!

Vote Hindu Vote , Exercise Your Vote Power !!

If there is no protection to Hindu Dharma, then there will be no protection for this country. Hindutva is the strength and backbone of this country. Only Hindu awakening can attain the welfare of the nation. For that to happen, a permanent platform for this awakened Hindu should be created. Efforts should be made in the direction of shedding our differences on the basis of caste, social imbalances and others.

None of our fraternity should be cheated. Not even a single vote should go waste. The strongest weapon in the hands of public should bring change this nation deserves. Knock the heart doors of every individual and let all take the oath to make every possible effort to hand over this beautiful temple called Bharath Varsh to the next generation with all its glory.


Let this vote be the first step in the right direction. That alone can save this country.


P S : As part of the Dharma Jagaran , do spread the message to one and all Hindus .


Abhinav said...

even their swiss bank accounts are as full as minority vote banks.


Interesting. Hope we all see through the facade of Sonia after the KGB declassified files.

Wonder why BJP is not taking this up MAJORLY?

Anonymous said...


Ye aap log kya kar rahe ho? Hard facts work. There is substance in what you are telling. But I dislike how you are telling.

I am a Hindu. I am against all this pseudo secularism and vote bank politics.

And I want to know more through you.

Muslims and Christians are big organisation playing big games but with good language. This is why we believe so called Christian media.

Please, please, please mind your language. Otherwise, people like me, who are hardend supporters will develop a kind of dislike.

I also want my brothers at Bajrang Dal not to cross lines when opposing valentines day.

If you will talk with facts like Feroze Gandhi's actual name etc, people will take you seriously.

Dig up, do some homework then blog.

Thank you for your spirit and enthusiasm.