Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shradanjali :: Sathya Sai Baba Come back soon as "Prema Sai'

Million "Pranam's" at your feet.

Satya Sai Baba left his Physical body this morning. I share, My deepest condolences with all devotees & his family members over the loss of great son of Bharath Mata, I am heart broken hearing the news. O' Satya Sai, My salutations at your feet for redefining Spirituality as service to Humanity. 
O' Sathya Sai Baba 
Come back again as a 'Sanatani', 
Come back as a "Vedanti', 
Come back as beholder of 'Dharma' .

हर पक्षी में तू है साईं
हर पंची में तू है साईं
हर पशु में तू है साईं
हर  पेड़ में तू है साईं
हर पौधे में तू है साईं
हर जन में तू है साईं
हर जल में तू है साईं
हर जंगल में तू है साईं
हर जानवर में तू है साईं
हर जमीन में तू है साईं

हर कण - कण में तू है साईं
कंकर कंकर में शंकर है, वह शंकर ही  तू है साईं 

P.S : Though I'am an agnostic, I'am an great admirer of 'Sathya Sai Babas' Social Service activities . I only wish that all Hindu Sadhu's & Santh mahatma's follow his service path .

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bajrang Dal rally on Hanuman Jayanti attracts Huge crowd in Hyderabad

There was an unexpected turnout of Hindu Youth at Bajranga Dal sponsered " Sri Hanuman Jayanti Shoba Yatra " today in Hyderabad . An estimated 25000 youth participated on 2 wheelers holding Bhagwa Dwaj , the number went far than the expectation . City dwellers were shocked to see such a huge congregation moving peacefully from one point to next. The city turned Orange with Bhagwa Flags seen every where , it gave a great festive look

Lakhs of Hindu Men and Women lined up on either side of the road to welcome the Bajrang Dal activists participating in 'Vir Hanuman Vijay Yatra'. Children washed roads with water as shobha yatra proceeded , Women welcomed rally with 'Aarthi's' , Men of all ages cheered the Hindu activists and showered flower petals as a mark of respect . Youngsters danced to the Songs being played by an DJ over digital sound systems.

Huge number of Sangh Parivar activist belonging to VHP, ABVP, RSS particpated with lot of fan fare . With Saffron headbands and holding huge flags of saffron color with Hanuman printed over it added colour to the rally . Thousands of Hindu activist turned up with their vehicles at the Gowliguda Ram temple to offer prayers . After chanting "Hanuman Chalisa" enmass , the rally was flagged off . With Slogans of 'Jai Sri Ram' , 'Hindu Hindu Bhai Bhai' , 'Jai Bajrang Bali' echoed all over the city .

All who watched the rally kept saying that they have never witnessed such a big vehicle rally in their life time . Police officers too agreed that Hyderabad city has witnessed many rallies , but none of them are any match to todays rally .  Police officials were dumb stuck to see such a Huge congregation of Hindu youth. Senior IPS officials at the end of the event went to VHP/Bajrang Dal organisers and congratulated them for conducting the rally in peaceful manner . The rally was taken out from the Gowliguda Ram Mandir around 12PM  and ended at Tadbun Hanuman temple around 6 PM.

All through the rally route dozens of  makeshift  pandals were erected to welcome the procession . For the first time Political leaders belongind to Congress,TDP, TRS kept their Flags,ideologies aside and participated in rally. This show of "Hindu Unity" by politicians is first of its kind in recent past . At many places they have installed arches and cheered the participant. Many of Bhakta mandalis made drinking water arrangements all through the route

With last years attack on the rally by Muslim Jehadis , organisers made their own security to prevent any untoward incidents . All precautions were taken. Vishwa Hindu Parishad State leaders made special request over public address system for peaceful conduct of the rally and adviced activists to co-operate with the police officials .Much to the relief of the administration bajrang Dal rally ended peacefully around 6 PM at Tadbund hanuman temple.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Telangana mantra at 'Sita Rama Kalyanam'

Our Colony  Association members  planed to perform "Sita Rama Kalyanam" , An elderly person Yesterday came  to Invite me for the same. Me being Agnostic wanted to say 'No I wont' , but ended up saying 'Yes I will'. This morning he again reminded me ,  I was in two minds, whether  I should stick to the WORD, I gave him or following my Agnostic path, should stay away from Kalyanam??? Somehow I felt I shud keep up my WORD and went to attend the Kalyanam . Doest it make me Theist ??? ;););)
Pran Jaaye, Par Vachan Naa Jaaye !!! :) :)
The best thing I liked at Kalyanam is , the Brahman who was performing the Sita Rama Kalayanam was chanting all Vedic mantras and also said "శిగరమే తెలంగాణా రాష్ట్ర ప్రాప్తిరస్తు"  (May Telangana State be formed). I was so amused to hear that .

I'am told in all the Telangana temples while doing daily Archana to the Deity , the temple Poojari's are chanting " ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ రాష్ట్ర విచ్చినమస్తూ , తెలంగాణా రాష్ట్ర ఏర్పాటు సిద్దిరస్తూ " ( May Andhra pradesh State disintegrate , May Telangana State be formed )along with other Vedic Mantras. Thus the temple poojaris are requesting the Hindu God's & Goddesses to bless and support the formation of Separate Telangana state.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anna Hazare takes on corrupt Indian Govt with his fast unto death

 Anna Hazare call to Nation , (below) ABVP fight against corruption

The 'Real Mahatma' & Social activist Param Poojaniya 'Anna Hazare' is on Hunger Strike from 5th March  in Delhi for introduction of JAN LOKPAL BILL to curb corruption in India . Please Support "Anna Hazare" in this Noble fight . Guyz, watch out this Anna Hazare will change the course of our country with his Hunger Strike .

Lord Sri Krishna assured Humankind in " Bhagawad Gita" Upadesha that ......

'yada yada hi dharmasya
glanir bhavati bharata
abhyutthanam adharmasya
tadatmanam srjamy aham'

"Whenever on this Planet Sinners thrive and adharma flies high , then either I will Incarnate or send someone on my behalf to Uphold the Dharma and protect the Society"

Today we see the above Gita sloka coming true on the streets of New Delhi . The Prophet of masses has just given a clarion call for the warriors to wage a war against Adharmis .

Join the Movement in you own City . For Local contact check this

UPDATE: On April 7th 20011  Akhil Bharateeya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP)  is Organising Human Chain Against the Issue of CORRUPTION in Support of Shri. Anna Hazare at Delhi's , Jantar Mantar, 11:30 am. Pl Spread the message and be part of the battle.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Telangana now has its own TV Channel, 'T-News'

Telangana Tv Channel is on AIR now

Telangana Broadcasting Ltd. got the permission from Govt. for the most awaited Telangana news channel and it's name is


Raj News is a local Tamilnadu TV channel, which was rented TBA on 50-50% share agreement for 1 year and the contract has expired on this March 26th. Raj News belong to RSS/BJP sympathizers . Thanks to RSS/BJP which allowed us to share their channel for our cause.   After submission of SKC report Central Govt has put severe pressure on Raj News Owners not to telecast any LIVE . This is the reason also why Raj News (Telangana) also couldn't cover some incidents took place in OU.

T-News is going to be a nightmare for Andhra news channels

T-News is on Air now

Namaste Telangana  ,Newspaper will hit stands by May end

Telangana Urdu paper by July

Watch  T-News Live


Friday, April 1, 2011

Communal riots in Karimnagar over India win on Pakistan in WC Cricket semifinal

KARIMNAGAR: Celebrations over India’s victory over Pakistan in World Cup cricket semi-final at Mohali turned violent here when two groups clashed with each other leaving several persons, including policemen, injured on Wednesday night.
A tense situation prevailed across the district yesterday with additional police forces keeping tight vigil at sensitive places.The moment India won the match, thousands of youths took to the streets.One such group reached the historical Clock Tower where another group was already there and picked up quarrel over some issue.Soon both groups came to blows and stone-throwing followed. Vehicles, streetlights and other property were damaged.Violence spread in no time to other parts of the district and stone-throwing was reported from different localities.Policemen led by superintendent of police (admn) RN Ammi Reddy tried to bring the situation under control but some of them, who were attacked with stones, suffered head injuries.Vehicles, including those belonging to the police, parked at different places were damaged and one group even targeted shops at Rajiv Chowk and Naka Chowrasta.The situation could be brought under control only by early morning.However, the district remained tense this morning and some scuffle between a group and policemen was reported from the Rajiv Chowk area. Across the district, police pickets have been posted.‘’We have deployed additional forces to control the situation which is right now under control,’’ DIG (Karimnagar Range) Sanjay Kumar Jain told Express.However, a group of persons climbed the clock tower in the afternoon, removed the national flag and planted a religious flag.The police resorted to lathicharge and dispersed the mob.Fearing yet another round of clashes, most of the business establishments remained shut and even banks were closed.

Indian Express