Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anna Hazare takes on corrupt Indian Govt with his fast unto death

 Anna Hazare call to Nation , (below) ABVP fight against corruption

The 'Real Mahatma' & Social activist Param Poojaniya 'Anna Hazare' is on Hunger Strike from 5th March  in Delhi for introduction of JAN LOKPAL BILL to curb corruption in India . Please Support "Anna Hazare" in this Noble fight . Guyz, watch out this Anna Hazare will change the course of our country with his Hunger Strike .

Lord Sri Krishna assured Humankind in " Bhagawad Gita" Upadesha that ......

'yada yada hi dharmasya
glanir bhavati bharata
abhyutthanam adharmasya
tadatmanam srjamy aham'

"Whenever on this Planet Sinners thrive and adharma flies high , then either I will Incarnate or send someone on my behalf to Uphold the Dharma and protect the Society"

Today we see the above Gita sloka coming true on the streets of New Delhi . The Prophet of masses has just given a clarion call for the warriors to wage a war against Adharmis .

Join the Movement in you own City . For Local contact check this

UPDATE: On April 7th 20011  Akhil Bharateeya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP)  is Organising Human Chain Against the Issue of CORRUPTION in Support of Shri. Anna Hazare at Delhi's , Jantar Mantar, 11:30 am. Pl Spread the message and be part of the battle.


Gandaragolaka said...

Raj anna,

Some questions to ponder for you:

1) Why is Media silent when 1 lakh people gather to listen to Swamy Ramdev's drive against corruption, and why is it giving so much attention to a "posh" movement started by Anna Hazare where even after 4 days of his fast, only ten thousand people (and mostly elite people) gathered?

2) Why has Anna Hazare teamed up with Anti-India people like Swami Agnivesh, Medha Patkar, Sandeep Pandey?

3) Why does he talk only about corruption? Is it the root cause of our problems or is it just a symptom? Why does he never talk about how Abrahamic religions, communists and Gandhi family are responsible for our problems? How is his talk different from that of our Kamma-medhavi Jayaprakash Narayan?

4) And what is written in that bill? It looks like it resembles Maoist jungle justice (probably this is related to my point above regd. his links with Maoist sympathisers). What happens when lok pal himself is a congress stooge?

5) And assuming that the bill is not as bad as it looks, what is going to happen with just one bill?

6) Finally, why has Sonia Gandhi agreed to Anna Hazare's demands so easily?

Something doesnt add up here: Just ten-thousand people and 4 days of fasting for a fancy cause gets so much Anti-Hindu media coverage. Compare that to 5 lakh students of Telangana blocking all roads to Hyderabad and 11 days of fasting of KCR in 2009 for a historically well-known cause receiving almost no coverage.

daal me kuch kaalaa hai. satark rehna hai!

Gandaragolaka said...

further evidence of Anna Hazare mischief from this article:

Gandaragolaka said...


dood ka dood, paani ka paani. This movement is run by Anti-National and Anti-Hindu NGOs.

Sorry, I dont think I should try to force the point any further. By now, you might have understood my perspective.

shiva said...

corruption may not be THE ONLY problem but, at the same time, it has its own consequences.our society faces many issues which may not be related to each other and we handle them one by one.okati solve ayyevaruku verevaati gurinchi pattinchukokkodadu ante ela???