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Rahul Gandhi is Mentally Slow /Retarded

facts Indians should bear in Mind !
He is not a Graduate , he is lying to public that he is Harvard Graduate . A 12th Grade Graduate

He is mentally retarded , cannot give a Interview forget Speech

Amazing statements of Rahul Gandhi :

1. "I learnt to be an Indian from my mother."
The same mother who refused to take up Indian citizenship for the first fifteen years of her marriage.

2. "You don't condemn a person whose father is a criminal and wants to come to politics. Why are you condemning me?"
No one is condemning him. They are just questioning the competence.

3. "My mother is completely Indian. She is an outcaste in Italy." Oh, oh. And we all thought that casteism is a primary feature only in Hinduism!

4. Asserting that "it is my fundamental right to help India", Rahul said a person should be judged not by his caste, religion or roots, but by his qualifications and abilities."
Yes, people want to judge him on qualifications and abilities. But what exactly are they?

5. "He said he had certain ideas for the country that he would "keep them to myself for now".
" So how are people to judge him?

6. "In other more developed countries, leaders are constantly exhorting the people to do more by saying the country has miles to go. But in this country, where millions live under the poverty line, it is frightening to hear leaders say we have arrived."
So in other countries people indulge in self-flagellation all the time?

7. "I dream of an India where the issue is not about what caste or religion you belong to but what you are doing for the country."
And this is not the dream of Varun Gandhi? And can he say what he has done or the country in the last five years?

If in his next interaction with the press he dwells on this issue, the people of this country will have an opportunity to decide on his merit

On the education of Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi's post-school education is as follows:
St Stephens - one year, 1989-90
Harvard University - one year, 1990-91

The admission at St Stephens was not on the basis of merit, but on the sports quota. And the sports speciality - rifle shooting. So, one wonders the merit basis about admission to Harvard University.

His job in London? One report below says that he worked for a computer firm. Another says that he was an investment banker. Give the above education, one has to ask questions about competence in either. Of course, education alone is not a sufficient criteria, but it would be considered to be a necessary criteria. There are many who have not completed education, but have made a name for themselves in their chosen field. But this is something that cannot be said of Rahul Gandhi.

Do Rahul Gandhi's minders really think that they can get away with what they are trying to project? Another issue that arises is why does the media (Indian and foreign) are projecting Rahul Gandhi was what he is obviously not. And do they not have the necessary mechanism to investigate the education background? Either someone is lying to them or they are being told facts duly stretched. But then why is the media falling for it? Here are some reports on the subject.

Rahul is Mentally Slow /Retarded

People who interacted with Rahul Gandhi know this very well , he is mentally slow !

In contrast to Priyanka's assertiveness, one of her only two competitor's to the Gandhi mantle, her younger brother Rahul displays an awkwardness and the type of submissive behavior, which does not a leader make. In comparison to Priyanka's strong and colorful demeanor, Rahul looks like an insipid hanger on. Much of his lack of self-esteem can be attributed to the explosive secret that Rahul Gandhi is in fact mentally retarded. His mental handicap has been well hidden by the Gandhi family and the unconscionable press.

Rahul was in fact refused permission to some of Delhi's top institutions because of his mental handicap. A frustrated Gandhi family had then pulled strings at Harvard, where a quota of seats is always available for a price to the rich and famous. Since then Rahul was bundled off to the US and later UK much as his father Rajiv Gandhi had been packed off to Cambridge in the hopes that he would somehow muddle through an academic degree. Rajiv of course never passed a single test at Cambridge and instead of bringing home a degree came back with an equally illiterate Catholic au pair of Italian extraction as his wife. Following in his father's footsteps, Rahul too has come back without a degree to his name, and a fair skinned South American Catholic girlfriend on his arm.

Destruction of Gandhigiri is need of the hour

Destruction of Congress and removal of Nehruisn and Ghandism essential for removing slavish mentality of Hindus

The destruction of Congress Party of India is essential in order to eradicate Gandhian mentality in India. Further to this destruction of Rajghat, the removal of Gandhi statue must be at the top of agenda to remove the black spot from the map of TUNCATED PARTIONED INDIA.
1. Gandhians are the "Ugliest of Things". According to John Stuart Mill esteemed British Philosopher the cowardice epidemic within the "Gandhian Mentality" is by far the "Ugliest of Things." Mill states: "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things: the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth a war, is much worse . . . A man who has nothing which he is willing to fight for is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." (Dissertations and Discussions 1876)
2. Mill follows in the footsteps of Krishna who stated similar words 5000 years earlier in the Gita to Arjuna.
3. Clearly Gandhians are not Hindus but a new sect based upon cowardice, masochism, and dhimmitude. In some places or some Hindu communities 99% of people claiming to be Hindus are in truth Gandhians the "Ugliest of Things". They have zero patriotism for the India or Hindus because they will never fight. There is not even one Gandhian in the American military. They deplore even the thought of the military.
4. Gandhians should be chastised for being a cancer that is eating India from within, in concert with the Muslims and Christians devouring India from without.

5. Gandhians are not Hindus but rather the "Ugliest of Things" the same goes for the secularists and Congress party.
6. Removal of the Gandhi statues in India will signal that the cancerous "Gandhian mentality" is being eradicated at long last. The outer symbol and the inner mind set are intertwined. The "Gandhian mentality" cannot be eliminated without destroying the statues

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Why not we start our own TV channel ?

The only hindu tv channels we have are Bhajan channels and spirituality channels where we are taught to do yoga
and thinsg like that.And we are also taught how to bust stress.

We need a TV channel that deals specifically with hindu issues.

Now we dont need any big equipemnt to do that.Just commited journalists with cam corder , we visit places of disturbance and air the hindu point of view.We also record speeches and group discussions on serious issues and just upload the files to the Youtube or just email the link to them.Let people download our program and watch it.

People with camcorders should volunteer to take these movies and they should independently upload them or send it to an editorial team for broadcasting.

People must also use camera phones to conduct interviews.

We need to create big time awareness.In today's time with people having little or no time and poor reading skills , visual images and moving pictures ar the ebst way to communicate and raise awareness.We also need to make powerpoint presentations and distribute it through email , regarding key events.

Whenever israel bombs lebanon for self defence , the email boxes of everybody in this world are inundated with power point presentation of images of lebanese victims(usually taken out of context or doctored) who are civilians and the entire public opinion is swung in favour of the aggressing hizbollah guerrillas.

I have never seen a ppt of kashmiri pandits to this day.

We can also conduct sting operations and secretly visit muslim mohallas and record the daily events there so people will get to know what the muslim mindset is all about !

Sunitha Williams carry Ganesha, Bhagwad Gita into space

Washington, Dec. 10: Carrying among other things a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, a statue of Lord Ganesh and a packet of samosas, Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams soared into space on board the space shuttle Discovery toward the International Space Station that would be her new home in the stars for the next six months.

Discovery, with six other crew, took off at 8.47 pm EST on Saturday (7.17 am IST Sunday) on a column of fire that briefly dispelled the darkness over the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Strong winds had put in doubt Nasa’s first night launch since the Columbia disaster in 2003 which killed another Indian-American astronaut Kalpana Chawla, but the gusts subsided about an hour before. Bad weather postponed an initial launch attempt on Thursday.

“Forty-eight hours makes a tremendous difference,” Nasa launch director Mike Leinbach told Discovery’s crew shortly before launch. “The weather is outstanding, the vehicle’s in great shape, so we wish you all good luck, Godspeed and we’ll see you back here in 12 days.” Replied Discovery commander Mark Polansky: “We look forward to lighting up the night sky.”

During the 12-day mission, the astronauts will rewire the space station’s electrical system, a crucial step in Nasa’s plan to finish building the outpost before the shuttles stop flying in four years. The launch was the third space shuttle mission in six months. In addition to Sunita Williams and Polansky, the crew includes Sweden’s first astronaut, Christer Fuglesang, pilot William Oefelein, flight engineer Robert Curbeam, and mission specialists Nicholas Patrick, and Joan Higginbotham. Managers recently lifted the ban on night launches, imposed after the 2003 Columbia disaster to ensure cameras had good lighting to spot any debris falling off the shuttle’s fuel tank.

Debris damaged Columbia, triggering the breakup of the ship and the death of Chawla and six other astronauts as it re-entered the earth’s atmosphere. The fuel tank has since been redesigned. Discovery is scheduled to land on December 21 at the Kennedy Space Centre. A copy of the Bhagavad Gita, a small statue of Lord Ganesh and a letter written in Hindi by her father Deepak Pandya will be among the few things Williams is carrying into space — besides some samosas in a special container.

Half-Indian and half-American, Commander Sunita Williams is a graduate of the US Naval Academy. She is one of only six women Nasa has put in space since 1965. Her father is an Indian-born doctor and her mother a homemaker of Yugoslav descent. Williams’ mission, the 20th to the space station, will include a complex set of tasks carried out over three spacewalks, including adding a small structural truss to the orbiting laboratory.

@Deccan chronicle

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Muslim mating habits

U.S servicemen sure see some funny shit in Iraq. Occassionally they observe muslim mating habits. This was captured during a surveillance patrol. Breaks the monotomy of being over there I suppose! The donkey was NOT hurt! Actually, I doubt the donkey even felt what was going on (or going down).

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Nuclear weapons in use during Mahabharata time ??

The great ancient Indian epic, the Mahabharata, contains numerous legends about the powerful force of a mysterious weapon

The archaeological expedition, which carried out excavations near the Indian settlement of Mohenjo-Daro in the beginning of the 1900s, uncovered the ruins of a big ancient town. The town belonged to one of the most developed civilizations in the world. The ancient civilization existed for two or three thousand years. However, scientists were a lot more interested in the death of the town, rather than in its prosperity.

Researchers tried to explain the reason of the town's destruction with various theories. However, scientists did not find any indications of a monstrous flood, skeletons were not numerous, there were no fragments of weapons, or anything else that could testify either to a natural disaster or a war. Archaeologists were perplexed: according to their analysis the catastrophe in the town had occurred very unexpectedly and it did hot last long.

Scientists Davneport and Vincenti put forward an amazing theory. They stated the ancient town had been ruined with a nuclear blast. They found big stratums of clay and green glass. Apparently, archaeologists supposed, high temperature melted clay and sand and they hardened immediately afterwards. Similar stratums of green glass can also found in Nevada deserts after every nuclear explosion.

A hundred years have passed since the excavations in Mohenjo-Daro. The modern analysis showed, the fragments of the ancient town had been melted with extremely high temperature – not less than 1,500 degrees centigrade. Researchers also found the strictly outlined epicenter, where all houses were leveled. Destructions lessened towards the outskirts. Dozens of skeletons were found in the area of Mohenjo-Daro – their radioactivity exceeded the norm almost 50 times.

The great ancient Indian epic, the Mahabharata, contains numerous legends about the powerful force of a mysterious weapon. One of the chapters tells of a shell, which sparkled like fire, but had no smoke. “When the shell hit the ground, the darkness covered the sky, twisters and storms leveled the towns. A horrible blast burnt thousands of animals and people to ashes. Peasants, townspeople and warriors dived in the river to wash away the poisonous dust.”

Astounding mysteries of India's ancient times can be found in the town of Shivapur. There are two enigmatic stones resting opposite the local shrine. One of them weighs 55 kilograms, the other one is 41 kilograms. If eleven men touch the bigger stone, and nine men touch the smaller stone, if they all chant the magic phrase, which is carved on one of the walls of the shrine, the two stones will raise two meters up in the air and will hang there for two seconds, as if there is no gravitation at all. A lot of European and Asian scientists and researchers have studied the phenomenon of levitating stones of Shivapur.

Modern people divide the day into 24 hours, the hour – into 60 minutes, the minute - into 60 seconds. Ancient Hindus divided the day in 60 periods, lasting 24 minutes each, and so on and so forth. The shortest time period of ancient Hindus made up one-three-hundred-millionth of a second.

Alexander Pechersky

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Funny things about Paki society.

Now in Pakistan there is a move to repeal shariat laws and replace it with civilized laws.

Under the Shariat , a rape victim should produce 4 witnesses or else she would be stoned to death for adultry.This Musharaff fellow an admirer of Mustapha Kemal Pasha has decided to challenge these laws and now the religious parties are raising hell (in the hope of getting to heaven)

The hindu says this is just the beginning but they also wanted to challenge

1. Honour Killings
2. Exchange marraiges(whatever that means)
3.Giving away girls in marraige to settle murder disputes(!!!)
4.Marrying girls to the Koran

Now notice the last one.How many times have the hindus been ridiculed fo marrying girls to Gods in temples ? Now we see they marry the girls to a book !!! Does anybody ridicule that ?

The psecs ridicule hinduism so that we feel ashamed and when we are threatened we aer not ready to fight and even if we do not with sufficient conviction and force to ensure victory.

People in India are known as Human and in paki they are known as humanbombs.

Pakis treat Pigs well as compared to women. Benefits to Muslim women Marrying Hindumen

a) Freedom from Burkha
b) Relief from 8-10 Deliveries
c) Clean Shaved Husband who has bath everyday
d) Husband who stays with wife, and last, but not the least
e) and enjoying with Uncut P---s

Why Godse Killed Gandhi ?

Nathuram Godse was arrested moments after shooting Gandhi, and was taken to the nearby Tughlaq Road police station. A reporter who managed to see him briefly in a cell at the police station asked him whether he had anything to say. “For the present I only want to say that I am not at all sorry for what I have done”, he replied. “The rest I will explain in court.”

Preliminary investigations revealed that he was the Editor of a Marathi newspaper - Hindu Rashtra and a well-known member of the Hindu Mahasabha.
Clean-cut, sober, intelligent, the thirty-seven-year-old bachelor hardly seemed a candidate for the role of assassin. From time to time he had written scathing editorials denouncing Gandhi and the Congress party, though acquaintances could not recall an occasion when he had spoken bitterly against the Mahatma. He had no personal hatred of Gandhi. Godse even stated in his trial, “Before I fired the shots, I actually wished him well and bowed to him in reverence.”

On 8 November 1948, he was allowed his day in the sun when he rose to make his statement. Reading quietly from a typed manuscript, he sought to explain why he had killed Gandhi. His thesis covered ninety-pages, and he was on his feet for five hours. Godse's statement should be quoted extensively, for it provides an insight into his personality.

"Born in a devotional Brahmin family, I instinctively came to revere Hindu religion, Hindu history and Hindu culture. I had, therefore, been intensely proud of Hinduism as a whole. As I grew up I developed a tendency to free thinking unfettered by any superstitious allegiance to any isms, political or religious. That is why I worked actively for the eradication of untouchability and the caste system based on birth alone. I openly joined anti-caste movements and maintained that all Hindus are of equal status as to rights, social and religious, and should be considered high or low on merit alone and not through the accident of birth in a particular caste or profession.

I used publicly to take part in organized anti-caste dinners which thousands of Hindus, Brahmins, Vaishyas, Kshatriyas, Chamars and Bhangis participated. We broke the caste rules and dined in the company of each other. I have read the speeches and writings of Dadabhai Naoroji, Vivekanand, Gokhale, Tilak, along with the books of ancient and modern history of India and some prominent countries like England, France, America and Russia. Moreover I studied the tenets of socialism and Marxism. But above all I studied very closely what Veer (brave) Savarkar and Gandhiji had written and spoken, as to my mind these two ideologies have contributed more to the moulding of the thought and action of the Indian people during the last thirty years or so, than any other factor has done.

All this thinking and reading led me to believe that it was my first duty to serve Hindudom and Hindus both as a patriot and as a world citizen. To secure the freedom and to safeguard the just interests of some thirty crores (three hundred million) of Hindus would automatically constitute the freedom and well-being of all India, one fifth of the human race. This conviction led me naturally to devote myself to the Hindu Sanghatanist ideology and programme, which alone, I came to believe, could win and preserve the National Independence of Hindustan, my Motherland, and enable her to render true service to humanity as well. Since the year 1920, that is, after the demise of Lokmanya Tilak, Gandhi's influence in the Congress first increased and then became supreme.

His activities for public awakening were phenomenal in their intensity and were reinforced by the slogan of truth and non-violence, which he paraded ostentatiously before the country. No sensible or enlightened person could object to these slogans. In fact there is nothing new or original in them. They are implicit in every constitutional public movement. But it is nothing but a dream if you imagine the bulk of mankind is, or can ever become, capable of scrupulous adherence to these lofty principles in its normal life from day to day. In fact, honour, duty and love of one's own kith and kin and country might often compel us to disregard non-violence and to use force. I could never conceive that an armed resistance to an aggression is unjust.

I would consider it a religious and moral duty to resist and if possible, to overpower such an enemy by use of force. (In the Ramayana) Rama killed Ravana in a tumultuous fight and relieved Sita. (In the Mahabharata) Krishna killed Kansa to end his wickedness; and Arjuna had to fight and slay quite a number of his friends and relations including the revered Bhishma because the latter was on the side of the aggressor. It is my firm belief that in dubbing Rama, Krishna and Arjuna as guilty of violence, the Mahatma betrayed the total ignorance of the springs of human action. In more recent history, it was the heroic fight put up by Chhatrapati Shivaji that first checked and eventually destroyed the Muslim tyranny in India. It was absolutely essential for Shivaji to overpower and kill an aggressive Afzal Khan, failing which he would have lost his own life. In condemning history's towering warriors like Shivaji, Rana Pratap and Guru Govind Singh as misguided patriots, Gandhi has merely exposed as self-conceit.

He was, paradoxical, as it may appear, a violent pacifist who brought untold calamities on the country in the name of truth and non-violence, while Rana Pratap, Shivaji and the Guru will remain enshrined in the hearts of their countrymen forever for the freedom they brought to them. The accumulating provocation of thirty-two years, culminating in his last pro-Muslim fast, at last goaded me to the conclusion that the existence of Gandhi should be brought to an end immediately. Gandhi had done very good work in South Africa to uphold the rights and well being of the Indian community there.

But when he finally returned to India, he developed a subjective mentality under which he alone was to be the final judge of what was right or wrong. If the country wanted his leadership, it had to accept his infallibility; if it did not, he would stand aloof from the Congress and carry on in his own way. Against such an attitude there can be no halfway house. Either Congress had to surrender its will to his and had to be content with playing second fiddle to all his eccentricity, whimsicality, metaphysics and primitive vision, or it had to carry on without him. He alone was the judge of everyone and everything; he was the master brain guiding the Civil Disobedience movement; no other could know the technique of that movement. He alone knew when to begin it and when to withdraw it. The movement might succeed or fail, but that could make no difference to the Mahatma's infallibility. 'A Satyagrahi can never fail' was his formula for his own infallibility and nobody except himself knew what a Satyagrahi is.

Thus the Mahatma became the judge and the jury in his own case. These childish insanities and obstinacies, coupled with a most severe austerity of life, ceaseless work and lofty character made Gandhi formidable and irresistible. Many people thought that his policies were irrational but they had either to withdraw from the Congress or place their intelligence at his feet to do with, as he liked. In a position of such absolute irresponsibility, Gandhi was guilty of blunder after blunder, failure after failure, and disaster after disaster. Gandhi's pro-Muslim policy is blatantly illustrated in his perverse attitude on the question of the national language of India. It is quite obvious that Hindi has the most prior claim to be accepted as the premier language.

In the beginning of his career in India, Gandhi gave a great impetus to Hindi but as he found that the Muslims did not like it, he became a champion of what is called Hindustani. Everybody in India knows that there is no language in India called Hindustani; it has no grammar; it has no vocabulary. It is a mere dialect; it is spoken, not written. It is a tongue and a crossbreed between Hindi and Urdu, and not even the Mahatma's sophistry could make it popular. But in his desire to please the Muslims he insisted that Hindustani alone should be the national language of India. His blind followers, of course, supported him and the so-called hybrid language began to be used. The charm and the purity of the Hindi language were to be prostituted to please the Muslims. All his experiments were at the expense of the Hindus.

From August 1946 onwards the private armies of the Muslim League began a massacre of Hindus. The then Viceroy, Lord Wavell, though distressed at what was happening, would not use his powers under the Government of India Act of 1935 to prevent the rape, murder and arson. The Hindu blood began to flow from Bengal to Karachi with little retaliation by the Hindus. The Interim Government formed in September was sabotaged by its Muslim League member’s right from its inception, but the more they became disloyal and treasonable to the government of which they were a part, the greater was Gandhi's infatuation for them.

Lord Wavell had to resign as he could not bring about a settlement and was succeeded by Lord Mountbaten. King Stork followed King Log. The Congress, which had boasted of its nationalism and secularism, secretly accepted Pakistan literally at the point of the bayonet and abjectly surrendered to Jinnah. India was vivisected and one-third of the Indian Territory became foreign land to us from 15 August 1947. Lord Mountbatten came to be described in the Congress circles as the greatest Viceroy and Governor-General this country ever had.

The official date for the handing over of power was fixed for June 30, 1948, but Mountbatten with his ruthless surgery gave us a gift of vivisected India ten months in advance. This is what Gandhi had achieved after thirty years of undisputed dictatorship and this is what the Congress party calls 'freedom' and 'peaceful transfer of power'. The Hindu-Muslim unity bubble was finally burst and a theocratic state was established with the consent of Nehru and his crowd and they have called it 'freedom won by them with sacrifice' - whose sacrifice? When top leaders of Congress, with the consent of Gandhi, divided and tore the country - which we considered a deity of worship - my mind was filled with direful anger.

One of the conditions imposed by Gandhi for his breaking of the fast unto related to the mosques in Delhi occupied by the Hindu refugees. But when Hindus in Pakistan were subjected to violent attacks he did not so much as utter a single word to protest and censure the Pakistan Government or the Muslims concerned. Gandhi was shrewd enough to know that while undertaking a fast unto death, had he imposed some conditions on the Muslims in Pakistan, there would have been found hardly any Muslims who could have shown some grief if the fast had ended in his death. It was for this reason that he purposely avoided imposing any conditions on the Muslims.

He was fully aware from past experience that Jinnah was not at all perturbed or influenced by his fast and the Muslim League hardly attached any value to the inner voice of Gandhi. Gandhi is being referred to as the Father of the Nation. But if that is so, he has failed in his paternal duty inasmuch he has acted very treacherously to the nation by his consenting to the partitioning of it. I stoutly maintain that Gandhi has failed in his duty. He has proved to be the Father of Pakistan. His inner-voice, his spiritual power, his doctrine of non-violence of which so much is made of, all crumbled against Jinnah's iron will and proved to be powerless.

Briefly speaking, I thought to myself and foresaw that I shall be totally ruined, and the only thing I could expect from the people would be nothing but hatred and that I shall have lost all my honour, even more valuable than my life, if I were to kill Gandhiji. But at the same time I thought that the Indian politics in the absence of Gandhiji would surely be practical, able to retaliate and would be powerful with the armed forces. No doubt, my own future would be totally ruined, but the nation would be saved from the inroads of Pakistan. People may even call me or dub me as devoid of any sense or foolish, but the nation would be free to follow the course founded on the reason, which I consider necessary for sound nation-building.

After having fully considered the question, I took the final decision in the matter, but I did not speak about it to anyone whatsoever. I took courage on both my hands and I did fire the shots at Gandhiji on 30th January 1948, on the prayer-grounds in Birla House. I do say that my shots were fired at the person whose policy and action had brought rack and ruin and destruction to millions of Hindus. There was no legal machinery by which such an offender could be brought to book and for this reason I fired those fatal shots. I bear no ill will towards anyone individually but I do say that I had no respect for the present government owing to their policy, which was unfairly favorable towards the Muslims. But at the same time I could clearly see that the policy was entirely due to the presence of Gandhi.

I have to say with great regret that Prime Minister Nehru quite forgets that his preaching and deeds are at times at variance with each other when he talks about India as a secular state in season and out of season, because it is significant to note that Nehru has played a leading role in the theocratic state of Pakistan, and his job was made easier by Gandhi's persistent policy of appeasement towards the Muslims. I now stand before the court to accept the full share of my responsibility for what I have done and the judge would, of course, pass against me such orders of sentence as may be considered proper. But I would like to add that I do not desire any mercy to be shown to me, nor do I wish that anyone should beg for mercy on my behalf. My confidence about the moral side of my action has not been shaken even by the criticism leveled against it on all sides. I have no doubt that honest writers of history will weigh my act and find the true value thereof someday in future."


From: Dr S Sharma
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has been called Mahatma Gandhi but he should be called Duratma [evil] Gandhi. He always treated Hindus badly and worked for Muslims and in the end completely surrendered the best of Hindustan to
Muslims and worst was to keep Muslims in the country. The Congress Party of India continued his policy of appeasement of Muslims and today as a result we have Muslim terrorists everywhere in the country who can strike
anywhere, any time at will to harm Hindus and Hindustan.

Now the time is right not only to destroy the statues of Duratma Gandhi but also J.L.Nehru's statues with him. The RajGhat and Shanti Ghat where Gandhi and Nehru's ashes are kept must be destroyed and in place of them
Shivajee, Maharana Pratap statues must be installed.
Further to this oil paintings of Gandhi and Nehru must be removed from Central hall of Parliament in New Delhi.
Teen Murti Bhawan was an official residence of Prime Minister since 1947 but after Nehru's death in 1965 this has become a museum in the memory of Nehru so this must be uprooted. Since 1947 according to statistics 90 percent of public places have been named after Nehru dynasty so this must be changed. In order to do this you must remove white European Catholic Fundamentalist Antonio Maino Gandhi Khan from the power.


Many of the people on who oppose the removal of Gandhi statues are terribly irresponsible. People who do understand that right at this moment Muslims are committing terrible atrocities against Hindus and it will take deadly force to stop it, must understand about the contribution of Gandhi in making Hindus impotent with his philosophy. The Gandhians are in denial that the military is an essential and necessary element of life. They deny the military because the Gandhi mentality believes that spiritual force will solve the problem. Gandhians want to kiss the feet of Muslims as their solution. Rajaram rightly labels Gandhians (the Gandhi mentality) as dhimmis. Gandhians are proof that cowards always remain cowards.

The comments made by the Gandhians are prima facie evidence of the mental imbalance of Gandhians. These comments prove their delusional mindset. These comments prove all of my accusations regarding Ghandians.



Right from Indra Priyadarshini to Priyanka's siblings, the Nehru family has been fooling the people with the 'Gandhi' suffix for more than five decades. Even the foreign-born Sonia has right royally usurped the 'Gandhi' title. But, what is the connection between the title "Gandhi" and the Nehru family?

How many times the media & the columnists have written about this cheating & fraud committed by Nehru family on the innocence of the people of this country?

Only 23 Parsi families left in Delhi

another victims of Islamic Jihad


Only 23 Parsi families left in Delhi

Press Trust of India
Posted online: Sunday, November 12, 2006 at 1504 hours IST

New Delhi, November 12: Only 23 Parsi families are now residing in the national capital while among the minorities, Muslims are the largest chunk who have chosen their abode here.

According to the Delhi Minorities Commission's annual report 2004-05, which has been tabled in the Delhi Assembly, there are only 23 Parsis families staying in the city.

As per Census, 2001, minorities constitute 17 per cent of the total population in Delhi with Muslims taking the lead having 11.7 per cent followed by Sikhs at 4 per cent and Christians at .9 per cent, says the Commission's report, which was presented on Saturday.

Numerically, there are 1623520 Muslims, 555602 Sikhs and 130319 Christians living in the national capital while the number of people hailing from Buddhist community stand merely at 23705.

Though Jain community constitutes just 1.1 per cent of the total population of the city, it is yet to be notified as a minority despite recommendations from the State Commission to the Delhi Government.

Friday, December 1, 2006

NanoTechnology Invented by Hindus 400 Years Ago

Indian steel for Muslim crusaders

Hamburg: The curved sabres used by Muslims against Christian knights in the crusades may have been deadly because Muslim blade-makers used a form of nanotechnology, the steel coming from India, say German experts.

The Damascus blades wielded by Muslim fighters, renowned for their exceptional strength, sharp cutting edge and beautiful banding pattern, are believed to have been made from small cakes of steel known as wootz produced in ancient India.

A sophisticated treatment was then applied to the steel, but the secrets of the technique were lost in the 18th century and European craftsmen were unable to replicate the process.

How medieval blacksmiths overcame the inherent brittleness of the material to create such a perfect finished product has remained a mystery to this day.

Now scientists are beginning to uncover the secrets of the Damascus sabre, and the results are surprising.

An investigation of the microstructure of one 17th century blade revealed evidence of carbon nanotubes - tiny cylinders of carbon with special properties.

Today, carbon nanotubes are at the cutting edge of nanotechnology, the science that focuses on controlling and exploiting the structure of matter on a scale below 100 nanometers.

Remnants of iron carbide "nanowires" were also found. These microscopically thin strands of extremely hard material may have been contained within the carbon nanotubes, and would have given the weapon its unusual strength and banding pattern.

"By empirically optimising their blade-treatment procedure, craftsmen ended up making nanotubes more than 400 years ago," said lead researcher Peter Paufler of the University of Technology in Dresden, Germany.

The scientists believe that further study of the sabre's structure might make it possible to reproduce the long-forgotten recipe for Damascus steel.



The development of ancient Indian wootz
steel is reviewed. Wootz is the anglicized
version of ukku in the languages of the
states of Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh,
a term denoting steel. Literary accounts
suggest that the steel from the southern
part of the Indian suncontinent was exported
to Europe, China, the Arab world and the
Middle East. Though an ancient material,
wootz steel also fulfills the description
of an advanced material, since it is an
ultra-high carbon steel exhibiting properties
such as super-plasticity and high impact
hardness and held sway over a millennium
in three continents - a feat unlikely to
be surpassed by advanced materials of
the current era. Wootz deserves a place
in the annals of western science due to
the stimulus provided by the study of this
material in the 18th and 19th centuries to
modern metallurgical advances, not only in
the metallurgy of iron and steel, but also
to the development of physical metallurgy
in general and metallography in particular.

Quran Kleanser

Thursday, November 30, 2006

How to Empower Hindus ?

It implies that some one has the power and that power is to be given to Hindus. However, I understand - How to help the Hindus realize that they are lions and make them self confident and pro active in solving problems.

Now let me give some answers:

What role should it (dharma) play in Life?
A: One needs to live per Gita as much as possible. One can live like a bhakti yogi, gyan yogi, karma yogi, dhyan yogi, as a brahmana, kshatriya, vaishya or shudra, sanysai, aacharya, poojari, swami, brahmachari, etc.

How much importance must it be given in daily Hindu life?
A: Full. More the better.

How much devotion should one posses to be called Hindu?
A: A Hindu never kills cow or eats cow, belives in re-incarnation, understands the qualities of aatma, jiva and paramatma, considers Bharat as devabhoomi, the cradle of the Vedic civilization, knows major holy tirthans and rivers and mountains in Bharat, knows that spiritual advancement becomes faster for a vegetarian, undersands the positions of devas, devies and the supreme god, knows that Gita is The Book of Hindu dharma and it is the summary of the Vedas, the original Books of Hindu dharma (meaning sanatana dharma), respects gurus, sashus, and shasras, etc.

What does Hindusim Mean to each and everyone?
A: All should know what it is from Gita. More one knows the better.

what is our duties towards Hindusim and Hindus?
A: Our duty is to live per dharma, and keep Bharat for the Hindus where no anti-vedics cause any trouble to the Hindus or to the temples, tirhtas, riveers and mountains, and to the vedic libraries and mathas and asramas,and the aacharyas.

What are the objectives and goals of Hindusim Worldwide?
A: It is a universal dharma for all teh mankind of all the times. With it one can realize god, be with god, play with god, and make own and others' live more spiritual in this world and after. The final goal is to get free from the cycles of birth and deaths, but one, after getting moksha, can choose to live here just to serve - enlighten - others.
A Hindu must fight adharmis in every way possible - non-violently when possible, but violently if that is the only way left to fix the asuras and rakshasas.

Who is a good Hindu?
A: More one lives per gita, better Hindus he/she is.

The thing the world needs to be made aware of is that the practice of dharma does not cause any trouble to any one.
We have no interest to convert by force, and we must fail all the efforts of those who try to convert us.

Hinduism places total emphasis on knowing the truth, and live per it. The Absote Truth is God: satya, shivam, sundaram. We know God is not jealous of any one simply because He is the Supreme.

Have any more questions? Ask.

jai sri krishna!

jai sri krishna!

Nehru may have had gay tendencies, reveals biographer

Nehru may have had gay tendencies, reveals biographer - The Indian Express

The suggestion that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru may have had homosexual experiences was made after extensive research and conversations with those who knew him, according to Prof Stanley Wolpert, author of Nehru: A Tryst With Destiny, a new biography which has outraged sections of the Indian intelligentsia.

Speaking to The Indian Express from the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) where he teaches Indian history, Prof Wolpert said his conclusions were based on "interviews with a lot of people and my own discussions with Nehru".
But the controversy, he added, was being blown out of proportion because the references to Nehru's gay tendencies "constituted only a small section of the book." The 'revelation' though is mentioned on the book jacket.

Prof Wolpert said he did not broach the subject during his three meetings with Nehru in 1957-58, when he spoke with the Indian leader for his doctoral dissertation on the Indian freedom movement. But his own interaction with Nehru during the meetings also helped him to the conclusion, he added.

"My own aim as a scholar is to get as close to the truth as possible... I believe in the Indian motto of Satyameva Jayate.... if I was not convinced enough I would not have written it ... those who say 1 have overstated it should counter it with evidence, "the historian said, while himself not proffering any "evidence."

In the book which has just hit the stands in the United States, and is due for release in India shortly, Wolpert implies that Nehru had several homosexual encounters during his early years in Allahabad, and later at Harrow and Cambridge.

He also describes instances when Nehru dressed in drag "Wearing his wig, made up with lipstick, powder and eye shadow, his body draped in silks and satins, Jawahar most willingly offered himself up night after night to those endless rehearsals for the Gaekwar's At Home as a beautiful young girl, holding out her jug of wine and loaf seductively to her poet lover, Omar," he writes in one passage.

The book has received favourable reviews in the American press Publishers Weekly describing it as a "warts-and-all portrait of India's brilliant and charismatic first prime minister" in which Wolpert "convincingly goes beneath Nehru's exalted image to reveal some pesky demons." The New York Times Book Review described the book as being "respectful of its subject but free of the hagiography that has often diminished academic writing on Nehru."
Neither review touched on Nehru's supposed homosexual liaisons.
Asked why none of the previous biographies, including the more recent one by M J Akbar, did not allude to this aspect of Nehru's fife, Wolpert said "I have no idea."

In the book, Wolpert says Nehru's first attachment was with a young man called Ferdinand Brooks who was his French teacher. Brooks was a theosophist but Wolpert says before coming to India the "handsome' man was a disciple and lover of Charles Webster Leadbeater, a renegade Anglican curate who was accused of child molestation and pederasty on several continents. Leadbeater openly advocated mutual masturbation among young boys.
Wolpert also suggests Nehru may have had a gay relationship in Harrow and makes much of Panditji's admiration for Oscar Wilde

Author : Chidanand Rajghatta

Publication : The Indian Express

Date : February 5, 1997


Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Hutch Telecom Reportedly Helping Christian Fundraising Drive in India

The following message is worth reading. you will come to know where we are heading.

Hutch Telecom Reportedly Helping Christian Fundraising Drive in India

One of the largest cellular mobile carriers, HutchisonTelecom, part of Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL),reportedly shared their Indian customers address database with Christian charity World Vision International (WVI).

World Vision, since has started amassive fundraising drive to solicit donations fromHutch customers. The letter sent by World Vision asksIndian customers to sponsor a child, but fails to mention that World Vision is a Christian charity.World Vision has been known to be involved in theconversion of impoverished children to Christianityoften by extortion or fraud.

Notably, World Vision recently protested the proposed "anti-conversion" lawsin Sri Lanka that seek to prevent conversions by forceand fraud. Furthermore, according to theorganization' s website, World Vision hires "only candidates who agree with World Vision's Statement ofFaith and/or the Apostles' Creed", which effectivelyprevent non-Christians from being hired.


Samuel Selvakumar the CEO of Hutch is a great sponsor of Conversions. He sponsored the Benny Hinn programme in Bangalore also.The same goes with Citibank now; Most of you must havereceived photographs of some " orphans" with yourCitibank card and requesting you to give funds to Citibank...which would in turn be sent to "World Vision International"In fact the funds from the ICC relief match held forTsunami relief was sent to World Vision Intnl as well.

Sonia maino and Evidence

Ignorance is Death. So see the light.

Tamoso ma Jyothirgamaya .

You mite believe in Gandhigiri ,I believe in Godsegiri .Our ways may be different, Goal is one that of vibrant Bharath Varsha.

I put all the wisdom and objective of this Forum in below Sloka from Rigveda

Samaani va aakuthithi
Samanaa hrudayani vaha
Samaanamastu vo mano
Yathaa vaha sushasthi
(Rigveda 10/191/4)

Our heart's , minds and resolve always be One,
So that Our collective Organisation will never be spoiled .

So May I please you .... not just with gud script but with evidence .

Every 1 aware of the fact that the Russian spy agency KGB had deposited US $2 billion (Rs 9400 Crores) in a Swiss bank account in 1985 in the "minor" account of Rahul Gandhi managed by his mother Sonia Gandhi that was reported years back in Schweitzer Illustrierte, a Swiss news magazine. Is Sonia Gandhi, who called Vajpayee a gaddar (traitor) is the actual traitor? Does Sonia Gandhi alias Maino is a possible KGB and the Vatican secret agency Opus Dei's plant in India.

Sonia had bluffed Parliament in the 'Who is who' record which is part of the Parliament record, wherein it was stated on page 291 that Sonia Gandhi had a diploma in English from Cambridge University. This is false information and Sonia does not have even a high school certificate. This amounts to lying to the Parliament. Sonia had gone to work as a maid in the town of Cambridge and was learning English in a teaching shop. Russian Intelligence agencies have planted her in front of Rajiv Gandhi to trap him. The nation has no clue about who Sonia really is. What Sonia was doing between 1963 to 1967 in UK if she was not studying? India has no time to waste to find out the truth of Sonia Gandhi. She has a pedestrian intellect and not a suitable material to head our nation. Who is Sonia? She is Antonia Maino of Italy and was born to Mrs. Paola Maino, in a small village called Orbassano, near Turin city. Her father was Stephano Maino and was a member of the fascist party. Sonia's parents were poor. Sonia was sent to UK from Italy to work as a housemaid in Cambridge. As her English was poor she used to attend a part time English speaking class at a roadside tutorial. Mrs. Antonia Maino was given the name 'Sonia'or Sownia by her late mother-in-law, Indira Gandhi. But there is no notification in the gazette regarding this change in name. This change of name runs in Nehru family is to fool the Indian public for their votes. Indira Gandhi was Indira Priyadasini. Indira married as per Islamic rites Feroz Khan after converting herself to Islam. Indira’s muslim name was Maimuna Begum and later both had changed their name to fool the public of India on the advice of Ghandi by an affidavit in a court to Indira Gandhi and Feroz Gandhi. .

Russian spy agency KGB’s deposit of US $2 billion (Rs 9400 Crores) in a Swiss bank account in 1985 in the "minor" account of Rahul Gandhi managed by his mother Sonia Gandhi as was reported years back in Schweitzer Illustrierte, a Swiss news magazine . Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi has to payback for such an investment. Is this the amount Russians paid for buying India? . It is no wonder that Mushareef is asking for the mediation of Kashmir issue by Sonia Gandhi. Sonia was Antonia Maino and was born in1944 in Luciana in Italy as per her birth certificate submitted to our Government. Strangely her official father Stefano Maino a mason, a fascist, and a Nazi army volunteer was a prisoner-of-war in Russia continuously from 1942 to 1945. So to whom does Sonia gandhi was born? When her father was in Jail in Russia how come Sonias mother conceived at that time??? At the time of Sonia’s marriage to Rajeev the papers had even reported that both were of the same age. So a new birth date of 1946 was created and the place of birth became Orbassano in Italy and the name became Sonia which is uncommon in Italy. In 1966 she was working in London for an ISI operative Salman Thassir. Sonia’s link to KGB is also reported in the press. When Manmohan Singh's government taken office, Russia called back its career diplomat Ambassador in New Delhi and posted as the new Ambassador a person who was the KGB station chief in New Delhi during the 1970s. So it may not be surprising that recently we made urgent payment to Russia that was widely reported, even though the prices are not negotiated or finalized. Facts are stranger than fiction

KGB might have murdered Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Sastri, in Tashkent, by poisoning so that Nehru family can come back to power. Following the India-Pakistan War of 1965, Shastri met in Tashkent with President Ayub Khan of Pakistan and signed a “no-war” declaration. He died the next day Jan 11, 1966. The story put out by KGB that a Muslim cook with Lal Bahadur Sastri's entourage had poisoned him in Tashkent and escaped to Pakistan may be a cover-up for what KGB had done.

Sonia Gandhi was groomed and presented in front of Rajiv Gandhi by KGB, to hook Rajiv which was successful. Subsequently Rajiv marries Sonia.
KGB may be involved in the plane accident of Sanjiv( aka SANJAY) Gandhi and might be pure murder to eliminate Sanjiv and to bring in Rajiv as the successor to Indira Gandhi. This paved the way for Rajiv Gandhi to become PM, who is married to KGB agent Sonia.

Is it not a fact that Indira Gandhi died because of loss of blood from the wounds and not directly due to a bullet impacting her head or heart ? Then is it not strange that Sonia had insisted that the bleeding Indira be driven to Lohia Hospital-- in the opposite direction to AIIMS which had a contingency protocol set up for precisely such an event ? And after reaching Lohia Hospital, did not Sonia change her mind and demand that they all drive to AIIMS thus losing 24 valuable minutes ? So who killed Indira Is it her Sikh gaurds Or Sonias intentional delayness in admitting Indira in AIIMS???

Rajiv Gandhi was killed by the Sri Lankan terrorist group LTTE which is totally supported and financed by christian organizations abroad. Rajiv Gandhi was blown up in Tamil Nadu on May 21, 1991 by a Roman Catholic female suicide bomber Dhanu, 24, whose real name was Kalaivathi. Once Rajiv was killed the external spy agencies might have worked behind the scenes to promote Sonia Gandhi. Potential threats to Sonia’s leadership were one by one eliminated in excellently planned natural accidents which are a KGB specialty. All the deaths of potential future contenders of congress presidency were killed in accidents on Sundays.

Sunday murders are a specialty of Christians and this is well proven in India's North Eastern states where the Christian terrorists murder Hindus mostly on Sundays. Muslims generally carryout terrorist killing of Hindus on Fridays(Bombay Bomb Blasts). Rajesh Pilot died in a road accident on Sunday, Jitendra Prasada mysteriosly died on Sunday and Madhava Scindia was killed in a plane crash on Sunday. Kamal Nath, another prominent young Congress leader narrowly escaped when a small plane he was traveling in crashed, killing some others on board. On Sunday 30th September. 2001 Madhavrao Scindia who was deputy leader of the Congress in the Lok Sabha and one of its senior-most members, and who was also one of the boyfriend of Sonia in London, was killed along with seven others. They were charred beyond recognition in a plane crash. Seventeen minutes before the plane was due to land in Kanpur, the Air Traffic Control in the city lost contact with it. The plane caught fire in mid-air and became a ball of fire by the time it hit the ground. Mystery shrouds the circumstances under which the aircraft crashed near Motta village in Mainpuri district. In June 2000 the senior Congress leader Rajesh Pilot met with the fatal accident in the highway on a stretch between Jaipur and Dausa.

News Clipping from Times of India 27.6.92 and Hindu dt. July 4, 92 regarding receipt of payment by Rajiv Gandhi & family from KGB..


An unofficial translation of V.Chebrikov, KGB Chief’s,letter to the Central Committee of Communist Party of Soviet Union regarding payment to Rajiv Gandhi’s family..
Payments were authorised by CPSU by a resolution CPSU/CC/No 11228/3 dated 20/12/1985 and the same was also endorsed by the USSR Council of Ministers in Directive No 2633/Rs dated 20/12/1985. These payments had been coming since 1971 as the payments received by Sonia Gandhi's family "have been audited in CPSU/CC resolution No 11187/22 OP dated 10/12/1984.


In December 2001,Subramanyam Swamy had filed a Writ Petition in the Delhi High Court with the photocopies of the KGB documents, and sought a CBI investigation which the Vajpayee Government was stoutly refusing. Earlier, Minister of State for CBI, Vasundara Raje[now Rajasthan CM], on Subramanian Swamy letter dated March 3, 2001, had ordered the CBI to investigate. But after Sonia Gandhi and her party stalled the proceedings of Parliament on this issue, the then Prime Minister Vajpayee overruled and cancelled Vasundara’s direction to the CBI.

The Delhi High Court in May 2002 issued a direction to the CBI to ascertain from Russia the truth of Subramanian Swamy charges. The CBI wasted for two years, and finally told the Court that without an FIR registered, the Russians will not entertain any such query. But who stopped the CBI from registering an FIR? The Vajpayee government! And why? Thereby hangs another tale.

LOOK AT THE IMAGE of the document

Tuesday March 8, 5:49 PM

Suit filed to probe Rahul Gandhi's detention by FBI

Sonia Gandhi has not studied beyond High School. But she has falsely claimed in her sworn affidavit filed as a contesting candidate before the Rae Bareli Returning Officer in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, that she qualified and got a diploma in English from the prestigious University of Cambridge, UK. Sonia Gandhi’s sworn affidavit before the Rae Barelly Returning Officer in 2004 Lok Sabha elections indicating her educational Qualification etc.