Thursday, November 30, 2006

How to Empower Hindus ?

It implies that some one has the power and that power is to be given to Hindus. However, I understand - How to help the Hindus realize that they are lions and make them self confident and pro active in solving problems.

Now let me give some answers:

What role should it (dharma) play in Life?
A: One needs to live per Gita as much as possible. One can live like a bhakti yogi, gyan yogi, karma yogi, dhyan yogi, as a brahmana, kshatriya, vaishya or shudra, sanysai, aacharya, poojari, swami, brahmachari, etc.

How much importance must it be given in daily Hindu life?
A: Full. More the better.

How much devotion should one posses to be called Hindu?
A: A Hindu never kills cow or eats cow, belives in re-incarnation, understands the qualities of aatma, jiva and paramatma, considers Bharat as devabhoomi, the cradle of the Vedic civilization, knows major holy tirthans and rivers and mountains in Bharat, knows that spiritual advancement becomes faster for a vegetarian, undersands the positions of devas, devies and the supreme god, knows that Gita is The Book of Hindu dharma and it is the summary of the Vedas, the original Books of Hindu dharma (meaning sanatana dharma), respects gurus, sashus, and shasras, etc.

What does Hindusim Mean to each and everyone?
A: All should know what it is from Gita. More one knows the better.

what is our duties towards Hindusim and Hindus?
A: Our duty is to live per dharma, and keep Bharat for the Hindus where no anti-vedics cause any trouble to the Hindus or to the temples, tirhtas, riveers and mountains, and to the vedic libraries and mathas and asramas,and the aacharyas.

What are the objectives and goals of Hindusim Worldwide?
A: It is a universal dharma for all teh mankind of all the times. With it one can realize god, be with god, play with god, and make own and others' live more spiritual in this world and after. The final goal is to get free from the cycles of birth and deaths, but one, after getting moksha, can choose to live here just to serve - enlighten - others.
A Hindu must fight adharmis in every way possible - non-violently when possible, but violently if that is the only way left to fix the asuras and rakshasas.

Who is a good Hindu?
A: More one lives per gita, better Hindus he/she is.

The thing the world needs to be made aware of is that the practice of dharma does not cause any trouble to any one.
We have no interest to convert by force, and we must fail all the efforts of those who try to convert us.

Hinduism places total emphasis on knowing the truth, and live per it. The Absote Truth is God: satya, shivam, sundaram. We know God is not jealous of any one simply because He is the Supreme.

Have any more questions? Ask.

jai sri krishna!

jai sri krishna!


datta said...

Namaskar! Your knowledge is very very useful!! your study is very deep! Lord Ram,Lord Krishna will Always Bless You! Jai Shree Ram!

Kalidas said...

Hey.. good to know that you identify Gita lovers as good Hindus.

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