Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hutch Telecom Reportedly Helping Christian Fundraising Drive in India

The following message is worth reading. you will come to know where we are heading.

Hutch Telecom Reportedly Helping Christian Fundraising Drive in India

One of the largest cellular mobile carriers, HutchisonTelecom, part of Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL),reportedly shared their Indian customers address database with Christian charity World Vision International (WVI).

World Vision, since has started amassive fundraising drive to solicit donations fromHutch customers. The letter sent by World Vision asksIndian customers to sponsor a child, but fails to mention that World Vision is a Christian charity.World Vision has been known to be involved in theconversion of impoverished children to Christianityoften by extortion or fraud.

Notably, World Vision recently protested the proposed "anti-conversion" lawsin Sri Lanka that seek to prevent conversions by forceand fraud. Furthermore, according to theorganization' s website, World Vision hires "only candidates who agree with World Vision's Statement ofFaith and/or the Apostles' Creed", which effectivelyprevent non-Christians from being hired.


Samuel Selvakumar the CEO of Hutch is a great sponsor of Conversions. He sponsored the Benny Hinn programme in Bangalore also.The same goes with Citibank now; Most of you must havereceived photographs of some " orphans" with yourCitibank card and requesting you to give funds to Citibank...which would in turn be sent to "World Vision International"In fact the funds from the ICC relief match held forTsunami relief was sent to World Vision Intnl as well.


Anonymous said...


I along with my friend who visited your blog feel ashamed of ourselves as Hindus- which we better feel. Time has come i.e. if we have to prevent our grand daughters getting raped on streets of India to join hands. Enemy is are not Moslems or christians...enemies are the pseudo-secularists who need to be taught a lesson. We all, indians ( irrespective of religion..after all we were all Hindus till some one raped our great grand mother to produce moslems or became christians because of bribery due to poverty. I pity Allah and Jesus who need a sword or bribery to get a convertee.

Anonymous said...

fyi - World vision mostly supports Hindu Kids in remote villages by giving them good education; chk out their sites - Ppl who have been sponsored by them are in good position in life, they are still hindus fyi... Amazing to see that you approve just hate comments! Sad to note that ppl believe in hate mongering like you do!!