Saturday, January 25, 2014

Let us unite to prevent the insult and abuse of the National Flag !

The National Flag is a symbol of the Nation's respect and pride. There is liberal use of the flag on Independence Day and Republic day. There is a new trend of selling flags made of paper and plastic, which is incorrect. With a sense of national pride, people enthusiastically buy such flags - but the very next day, we find these flags being trampled upon on the roads, in dustbins and elsewhere. By allowing this to happen, people forget that they are insulting the flag. Often, these flags are burnt along with garbage. It is the duty of every individual to maintain proper respect towards our National Flag. From this point of view the following do’s & don’ts will prove useful.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Hoist the Flag at a height and in a suitable manner.
  • Do not let small children use the National Flag as a toy.
  • Do not buy or use plastic Flags.
  • Do not use paper Flags to pin up on shirt pockets, etc.
  • Take care to see that the Flag does not get crumpled.
  • Do not use the Flag as a banner or for decoration.
  • Take care to see that the National Flag is not trampled upon or torn.
  • Do not let the Flag fall on the ground.
  • Do not join cloth pieces to resemble the National Flag.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Narendra Modi kites dominated Hyderabad skies this Sankranthi

Pix : A shopkeeper in Mangalhat area of Hyderabad shows kites depicting Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Prime Ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in Hyderabad on Jan.12, 2014

Last few days on eve of Sankranthi festival , neighborhood building terraces were fully occupied with Kite flyers . Loud shouts of deal deee....keench keench.... deal deee... katheeeee.... were heard from all directions. People danced when they cut other kite in mid air. Music systems blared filmi & folk songs all thru day & night . Hundreds of Kites were floating in sky even during night , some buildings made huge focus lights arrangements on terrace. This year, there were more kites flying compared to last year . Kites with Narendra Modi were seen in huge demand . A friend from HYD Old city told me that ‪#‎NaMo kites sold like hot cakes and went out of stock . Women were seen supplying snacks & water to enthusiasts celebrating the first festival of the year. Varnasi is one of the few cities which banned Chinese manja this year, but it was freely available in Hyderabad. Local manja ( glass powder coated thread) faced stiff competition from Chinese ones.

Friday, January 10, 2014

This Sankranti lets throw Andhra domination on Telangana into Bhogi fire.

Sankranti festival is nearing , its a big festival in Seemandhra . During this festive season most of the Andhra settlers in Hyderabd pack their bags to go their native places. This period gives a good glimpse of a better HYD . All most all the roads in new city will be free of traffic jams and pollution levels drastically come down. This is how HYD looked before Andhraites infiltrated into Telangana for a living . And hopefully HYD will get back the past glory once Telangana State is formed.

Hyderabad which was earlier a 'Land of Pure' has now become shelter for Criminals , Scamsters & Conmen. Andhra Industrialists used STATE agencies to make Money and have prospered by Scams and occupying precious Lands of Telangana farmers thru fake societies/SEZs . Political Influence is their capital. Natives who protested were harassed and hounded by them . Now we see most of the natives are pushed to the Old City of Narayanguda & Chikkadpally in Hyderabad. Andhra Settlers colony's prosper as they get the best civic attention from State Govt , where as the regions where natives live are neglected and turned into dungeons .

This Andhra Influx into HYD was systematically carried during NTR rule. One particular Caste has encouraged their caste people to move into HYD , they got STATE patronage. It was a clever if not cunning move by NTR to change the demographic structure of HYD. Almost all the Lakes and Ponds which were part of Telangana heritage have been illegally occupied by these immigrants , STATE was kind enough to regularise these illegal occupation.

With this abnormal influx the Crime rate has multiplied . Terrorist activities increased , and city has become an haven for Terror sleeper cells . Immigrants with them, bought their Peddapuram Culture , prostitution today thrives in residential areas, it is now biggest industry in HYD. Almost all the Sex workers belong to Seemandhra. This is clearly visible when Police conduct raids . Hyderabad which was once famous as peaceful & harmonious city is now converted into Capital City of Corporate Scams & Scandals. Andhra Industrialists Satyam Rama Linga Raju , Nimmagadda Prasad, are few examples of Corporate frauds.

Despite their treacherous track record in Hyderabd they still fancy themselves demanding special protection in post bifurcation . Worst of the Worst is Central Govt agreed to the demand in principle by giving special rights to Governor over Law & Order in HYD. They looted our resources all these years of their stay, they trampled upon our culture and lives yet they dare to play the victim card. For this cunningness none of the Telugu's ( Telangana & Seema) are not willing to live with them .

We have no issues with the Andhra Settlers who had come to our region for a Living , most of the problem is with Plutocrats & Industrialists who vulture on us thinking us as carcass . On this Sankranti lets burn this arrogance & cunningness of Andhra brigands in Bhogi Fire . If these Plutocrats dont mend their ways then after Sankranti festival Telangana will be forced to set up a Toll gate at Andhra-Telangana border and demand if andhrites wanna enter Telangana shud pay a toll of 2 words very loudly "JAI TELANGANA "

Friday, January 3, 2014

Change of Sridhar Babu ministry shows how #Telangana ministers are treated in United-AP.

Unscrupulous change of Sridhar Babu ministry by Seemandhra CM Kiran Kumar has yet again proved the allegation by Telanganites that they are not treated one among the equals in United-AP. D.Sridharbabu by resigning to the Ministry in protest against Seemandhra CM's cunning arrogance has yet again showed the world that Telangana natives will never compromise when it comes to ones 'self-respect'. This sadful imbroglio has displayed the fact how Seemandhra arrogant Chief Minister's treat Telangana Ministers. If this is the plight of Telangana ministers then imagine the plight of ordinary Telangana natives. 

This cunning act of Seemandhra CM Kiran Kumar is all part of an pre-planned strategy . Kiran Kumar knew Telangana is inevitable but by showcasing himself as a Telangana Stopper he wants to be the champion in Seemandhra region . To build his own charisma Kiran Kumar is sowing the seeds of hatred among the ordinary people . He as Chief Minister of AP is under constitutional oath to treat all his subjects without prejudice . But his behavior shows the cruel attitude towards the T-natives and it was displayed as he spit venom inside Assembly by saying " I will not give One-Rupee to Telangana , do what you wanna do" . Such hatred and arrogance is very common among Seemandhraites . This arrogant behavior is also one reason for Telangana masses to revolt and demand 'Self-Rule'.  Such acts by the Chief Minister will vitiate the peaceful atmosphere thats prevailing in the region and jeopardize the harmony .