Friday, January 3, 2014

Change of Sridhar Babu ministry shows how #Telangana ministers are treated in United-AP.

Unscrupulous change of Sridhar Babu ministry by Seemandhra CM Kiran Kumar has yet again proved the allegation by Telanganites that they are not treated one among the equals in United-AP. D.Sridharbabu by resigning to the Ministry in protest against Seemandhra CM's cunning arrogance has yet again showed the world that Telangana natives will never compromise when it comes to ones 'self-respect'. This sadful imbroglio has displayed the fact how Seemandhra arrogant Chief Minister's treat Telangana Ministers. If this is the plight of Telangana ministers then imagine the plight of ordinary Telangana natives. 

This cunning act of Seemandhra CM Kiran Kumar is all part of an pre-planned strategy . Kiran Kumar knew Telangana is inevitable but by showcasing himself as a Telangana Stopper he wants to be the champion in Seemandhra region . To build his own charisma Kiran Kumar is sowing the seeds of hatred among the ordinary people . He as Chief Minister of AP is under constitutional oath to treat all his subjects without prejudice . But his behavior shows the cruel attitude towards the T-natives and it was displayed as he spit venom inside Assembly by saying " I will not give One-Rupee to Telangana , do what you wanna do" . Such hatred and arrogance is very common among Seemandhraites . This arrogant behavior is also one reason for Telangana masses to revolt and demand 'Self-Rule'.  Such acts by the Chief Minister will vitiate the peaceful atmosphere thats prevailing in the region and jeopardize the harmony . 

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