Thursday, December 26, 2013

Adivasis agitating to save Telangana Niagara

The agitation to save Kuntala – Telangana’s own Niagara, has gathered pace. Several organizations met at Kuntala yesterday and have vowed to protect this beautiful waterfall from destruction by Seemandhra lobby.

Kunatala waterfalls is a beautiful location with natural beauty and good picnic spot. It is located in the Neredigonda mandal of Adilabad district.
Raji Power Pvt Ltd, owned by a Seemandhra businessman, has been trying to set up a hydel power plant at Kuntala since last several years. The local tribals have been opposing this project tooth and nail.
In 2011 too, the power plant management attempted to start the project works, but couldn’t owing to stiff resistance from locals.
As the Telangana statehood process is progressing at breakneck speed, conspiracy to revive the hydel power project on Kuntala waterfall has started again.
Last month, the project management and government forest officials did an inspection of the project site.
The Kuntala Gram Panchayat has already conducted a Gram Sabha and rejected permission for this hydel power project. Locals say that this water fall and the surrounding forest offers them livelihood. They say that the proposed hydel power plant would severaly impact their livelihoods.
~Mission Telangana

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