Thursday, May 29, 2008

Let us build strong ' Hindu Vote Bank '

Hinduize the Politics and lets Consolidate a Strong Hindu Vote Bank .It may appear to be imaginary to some dreamers, but it can be achived . Hence every Hindu will have to accord maximum primacy to the defense of India from lslamization by strengthening, uniting and energizing the patriotic feelings of the Hindus.
And following is the action plan to build a strong 'Hindu Vote Bank' .

a) In our democratic country, the protection of the political interest of the Hindus depends upon their total number and their combined political strength of nationalist members of the Parliament bearing always in mind the interest of the Hindus. The protection of the Hindu Dharma and culture rests in the protection of political interest of the Hindus. Therefore first of all every Hindu should help to consolidate a strong Hindu political force and a Hindu vote bank

b) Every Hindu should definitely cast his/her vote in every democratic election whether it is of Municipality, State Assembly or Parliament in favour of a nationalist and a pro- Hindu candidate of good character.

c) Every Hindu including even a handicapped, the lame, the blind, the disabled and the patient who can walk must invariably cast his/her vote and use this political weapon, which is available normally once in five years, in the interest of the nation. Earlier the countries were won by swords, but now, in democracy, they are won by consolidated votes.

d) Be sure that your name is included in the voters list. Examine carefully your name and address, and get it corrected by concerned officer, if missing, so that you do not loose your political power of voting.

e) According to our constitution a two-third majority of MPs is required in order to enact the new law or modify the old ones. Therefore, make all possible efforts to select and elect more than two-third MPs who are dedicated to the Hindu interests.

f) The Hindu Sadhu,Sants ,Dharmacharyas should lay special emphasis on taking active interest in politics as a part of religion in their religious discourses.

g) People only with valid identity cards and citizenship should be entitled to vote, not the non-Indian infiltrators as Bangladeshis.

h) Every Hindu should actively participate in the political goings on in the country. Be ready individually and collectively to take on the government or opposition group in the interest of the Hindus and encourage other Hindus for demonstration of collective strength.

i) All Hindus should work in unison, and prepare a vigilant and strong Hindu vote bank, by agitating and organizing themselves.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Boy held for posting remarks on Sonia gandhi @ Orkut

Boy held for slandering Sonia on Orkut : CNN-IBN
Pune: Twenty-two-year old Rahul Krishnakumar Vaid was arrested by the cyber crime cell of Pune police last Friday from Gurgaon in Haryana for posting vulgar content about Congress president Sonia Gandhi on social networking site Orkut.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Dumb Bush blames India for Oil & Food crisis

Now.. indians too know, why Bush has been voted the dumbest person in the united states and the most unpopular president ever in the history of the United States , oil prices have surged because of Bush war in Oil producing Iraq, Food prices have gone up coz Bush has converted the farm lands into ethanol prodicing fields to produce bio fuels, farmers in america are sowing this liquid gold and dont want to produce food grains they just want to make money making ethanol and thats the reason food prices have gone up , INDIA IS A FOOD EXPORTER AND NOT A FOOD IMPORTER . Bush improve your GENERAL KNOWLEDGE even a Third grader in India knows this basic Fact .

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Terrorists strike Jaipur

''Terrorists have emboldened because of a weak Prime Minister and a cowardly Home Minister,''
BJP vice-president Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.

"Religion of Peace " have blown some bombs in Jaipur. After series of bom blast they must be chanting Ab sarah India bakhi hain ...InshaAllah . And our incumbant Prime Minister must be safely sleeping , whereas he had disturbed sleeps when an Muslim Doctor from Bengaluru was arrested in Australia. Our Home minister is worst than any Peon and is always busy accompanying Sonia Gandhi in his IAF flight to knook and corner of the country , leaving his Job of Internal Security to winds. UPA govt is pre-occupied with PMO involement with Baalu controversy or AIIMS Venugopal or praising mentally slow Rahul Gandhi as Yuvraj or OBC reservations in IIT/IIM's or demanding implitation of Sachar committe and so on....

So how jobless is the Home Minister that he abandons official duty of internal security to flout policy and sponsor a IAF Flightto Sonia , so Sonia Gandhi can troop over for a Congress Party function while all this time the Home Minister is merely a mute spectator ? Whenever Sonia feels like visiting a place in India she carries Shivraj Patil/Pranab Mukherjee with her, so that, she can enjoy the privacy by flying in a IAF flight, otherwise protocol will not permit Sonia to fly in IAF plane.

Dose our Prime Minister & Home Minister have any self respect left to be taken seriously as the custodian of our Internal Security ?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sonia Gandhi Family Links With LTTE ?

An LTTE-Sonia family link?
S. Gurumurthy,Newindpress

The LTTE suicide squad did plan and eliminate Rajiv Gandhi. But, why did the LTTE do it? Was there a larger conspiracy that extended beyond the LTTE as the strike force? Was the LTTE the author of the crime or the mercenary for some one else or for some purpose that yielded some benefit to it? These questions persisted even after the actual assassins were brought to book. The Narasimha Rao government appointed the Jain Commission to go into the conspiracy angle to the murder.In its interim report the commission did exceedingly good work to bring on record evidence about the political forces involved in promoting the LTTE in Tamil Nadu that made the crime possible. Yet it made a mockery of its main work, the conspiracy angle. It floated dubious and wild theories, involving Mossad! CIA! Besides adding confusion, it ended up trivialising a very serious exercise. This also robbed the commission of its credibility.As the commission’s final report proved a flop, the Vajpayee government appointed a Multi- Disciplinary Monitoring Agency (MDMA) in 1998 to unearth the conspiracy angle.

But the person who first demanded, but, ultimately made, investigation into the conspiracy to murder Rajiv Gandhi irrelevant was none other than his widow Sonia Gandhi. Her attitude to the investigation and suspected actors in the murder dramatically changed. Her conduct in 1997 when she was working to enter active politics was a stark contrast to her attitude after taking over the congress leadership on the Jain Commission issue.

In 1997, she demanded that the DMK which, the Jain commission had said, was part of the conspiracy, be sacked as a partner of the UF alliance and pulled down the government when the demand was not met. Her party insisted the entire facts about the conspiracy be investigated and revealed.

Addressing a meeting at Amethi, Sonia hinted that the DMK was a fan of the LTTE and charged that those who doubted the Jain commission report were diverting the attention from the investigation into the conspiracy to murder Rajiv and demanded that the probe be completed expeditiously (Indian Express 2.2.1998). But, once she took over the party leadership, she not only ceased to evince any interest in pursuing the Rajiv Gandhi murder conspiracy, but also began allying with the alleged conspirators themselves. The developments, put together, reveal a shocking picture.

The year after taking over the Congress, Sonia Gandhi makes a secret move. In the year 1999, she told then President Dr K R Narayanan privately that ‘neither she nor her son and daughter wanted any of the four convicts’ sentenced to death for Rajiv’s assassination ‘to be hanged’, and pleaded that no child should be orphaned by an act of the State. Noted the Indian Express (Nov 20, 1999) that before her plea for mercy to the Rajiv killers the Congress party was the leading opponent of mercy to them. This silenced the party once and for all. What transpired at her private meeting with the President was revealed not by Sonia, but by Mohini Giri (the former chairperson of the National Women’s Commission) and on that basis Nalini’s death sentence was commuted to life. (Frontline Nov 5-18, 2005).

Then, in February 2004, there were reports, editorially commented by the Island newspaper in Colombo on Feb 20, 2004, that Eduardo Faleiro, her emissary, had a secret meeting with the LTTE chief Prabhakaran at Killinochi. Island had also referred to reports that Sonia’s mother Ms Paula Maino had met Anton Balasingham, LTTE’s point man in London, in connection with the electoral alliance between the DMK and the Congress. While Eduardo Faleiro at least made a feeble attempt to deny the meeting, Paulo Maino would not even deny that.

Third, the Paulo Maino meeting preceded, and the Faleiro meeting succeeded, the unbelievable U-turn of Sonia Gandhi to forge alliance with the DMK which was accused by her own party in 1997 of being part of the conspiracy to murder her husband. The DMK-Congress alliance seems to have been agreed upon sometime in December 2003. In January 2004, Sonia met the DMK chief and concretised the alliance. The coming together of one of the alleged conspirators and the victim of the conspiracy made a mockery of any further investigation into Rajiv Gandhi murder. For the last four years there is not a single word spoken by Sonia on pursuing the Rajiv Gandhi murderers and on unearthing the conspiracy or for the extradition of Prabhakaran or Pottu Amman.

This is despite the fact that, when, on April 10, 2002, Prabhakaran met the press at Killinochi, he did not even deny that LTTE was involved in Rajiv assassination. Fourth, the LTTE too responded favourably to signals from Sonia that she was not against LTTE. On January 27, 2006, Anton Balasingham, told an Indian TV news channel that the Rajiv killing was ‘monumental tragedy’ and asked the people of India to be ‘magnanimous to put the past behind’ and deal with the LTTE.

Fifth, Sonia did not object to the inclusion of the DMK woman MP in whose house Sivarasan the main killer of Rajiv Gandhi had stayed for which she was detained under the TADA, as a minister in the UPA government. Sixth, the MDMA which was appointed by the NDA government after Sonia rejected the Action Taken Report on the Jain Commission, has virtually become defunct under the UPA regime. Since 2004, she has not uttered a single word asking what the MDMA is doing. And finally now in March 2008, Priyanka Vadra, Sonia’s daughter makes a secret visit to Vellore jail and meets the first accused in the murder of Rajiv, for over an hour.

Media reports say that they sat by each other’s side, cried and professed goodwill towards each other! No one knows what transpired between them. The meeting clearly illegal, looks almost a conspiracy, would have remained a secret had the media not exposed it. Priyanka said that neither Sonia nor Rahul or Priyanka believe in hate or anger, and that the visit was her way of coming to terms with the Rajiv Gandhi murder.

Moral high ground seems to be a cover for undisclosed political strategies. But where was this high moral ground when Sonia angrily pulled down the UF government on the ground that DMK, a suspected co-conspirator with LTTE, was part of the alliance? Is Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination a personal affair between the Sonia Gandhi family and the LTTE for the former to punish or pardon the latter? LTTE has neither confessed nor regretted its action for the Gandhis to pardon. The LTTE is even today unrepenting.

The prosecution case is that the LTTE supremo decided to avenge Rajiv Gandhi for sending IPKF to Sri Lanka and betraying the LTTE. But that was no personal decision of Rajiv Gandhi. The assassination was an act against the state of India.

This is how it should be seen and pursued. Neither Sonia nor Priyanka nor the Congress has the right to pardon the criminals who have challenged the sovereignty of India.

QED: Sonia Gandhi family and the LTTE connection is mysterious. Is the maverick Dr Subramanian Swamy right after all in his theory that LTTE and the Maino family have had links before?