Thursday, May 29, 2008

Let us build strong ' Hindu Vote Bank '

Hinduize the Politics and lets Consolidate a Strong Hindu Vote Bank .It may appear to be imaginary to some dreamers, but it can be achived . Hence every Hindu will have to accord maximum primacy to the defense of India from lslamization by strengthening, uniting and energizing the patriotic feelings of the Hindus.
And following is the action plan to build a strong 'Hindu Vote Bank' .

a) In our democratic country, the protection of the political interest of the Hindus depends upon their total number and their combined political strength of nationalist members of the Parliament bearing always in mind the interest of the Hindus. The protection of the Hindu Dharma and culture rests in the protection of political interest of the Hindus. Therefore first of all every Hindu should help to consolidate a strong Hindu political force and a Hindu vote bank

b) Every Hindu should definitely cast his/her vote in every democratic election whether it is of Municipality, State Assembly or Parliament in favour of a nationalist and a pro- Hindu candidate of good character.

c) Every Hindu including even a handicapped, the lame, the blind, the disabled and the patient who can walk must invariably cast his/her vote and use this political weapon, which is available normally once in five years, in the interest of the nation. Earlier the countries were won by swords, but now, in democracy, they are won by consolidated votes.

d) Be sure that your name is included in the voters list. Examine carefully your name and address, and get it corrected by concerned officer, if missing, so that you do not loose your political power of voting.

e) According to our constitution a two-third majority of MPs is required in order to enact the new law or modify the old ones. Therefore, make all possible efforts to select and elect more than two-third MPs who are dedicated to the Hindu interests.

f) The Hindu Sadhu,Sants ,Dharmacharyas should lay special emphasis on taking active interest in politics as a part of religion in their religious discourses.

g) People only with valid identity cards and citizenship should be entitled to vote, not the non-Indian infiltrators as Bangladeshis.

h) Every Hindu should actively participate in the political goings on in the country. Be ready individually and collectively to take on the government or opposition group in the interest of the Hindus and encourage other Hindus for demonstration of collective strength.

i) All Hindus should work in unison, and prepare a vigilant and strong Hindu vote bank, by agitating and organizing themselves.

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