Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Terrorists strike Jaipur

''Terrorists have emboldened because of a weak Prime Minister and a cowardly Home Minister,''
BJP vice-president Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.

"Religion of Peace " have blown some bombs in Jaipur. After series of bom blast they must be chanting Ab sarah India bakhi hain ...InshaAllah . And our incumbant Prime Minister must be safely sleeping , whereas he had disturbed sleeps when an Muslim Doctor from Bengaluru was arrested in Australia. Our Home minister is worst than any Peon and is always busy accompanying Sonia Gandhi in his IAF flight to knook and corner of the country , leaving his Job of Internal Security to winds. UPA govt is pre-occupied with PMO involement with Baalu controversy or AIIMS Venugopal or praising mentally slow Rahul Gandhi as Yuvraj or OBC reservations in IIT/IIM's or demanding implitation of Sachar committe and so on....

So how jobless is the Home Minister that he abandons official duty of internal security to flout policy and sponsor a IAF Flightto Sonia , so Sonia Gandhi can troop over for a Congress Party function while all this time the Home Minister is merely a mute spectator ? Whenever Sonia feels like visiting a place in India she carries Shivraj Patil/Pranab Mukherjee with her, so that, she can enjoy the privacy by flying in a IAF flight, otherwise protocol will not permit Sonia to fly in IAF plane.

Dose our Prime Minister & Home Minister have any self respect left to be taken seriously as the custodian of our Internal Security ?

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