Monday, May 28, 2012

Jackal YS Jagan is arrested for Corruption - Power of Democracy .

The brigand who looted Rs 1 lakh Cr public money is behind the bars , with one way entry and to rot in shit hole for a long long time to come . Will rejoice May 27th for power of Democracy, and remember May 28th for the bullets that were fired on Telangana at Manukota ( mahubabad ) Railway Station by YS Jagan Gang . We pledge to take revenge for every bullet that was fired upon us. My deep respects to those mystically powered stones at Railway Station which made the invaders to flee by keeping tail between the legs. Those Mystical Stones at Mahubabad Railway Station are worth to be brought home , to be placed at pooja room along with deities and worship daily. 

After looting Govt Exchequer to the tune of  Rs 1-Lakh Cr , YS Jagan is posing as if he is Kargi War Hero . He masquerading himself as an successful Businessman . If it was true why he was not successful before his father become Chief Minister , and why  his business knack failed after the death of his father ? Strangely all his sucess is attributed during his fathers regime. Now he cries as if he is targetted by all for some wrong reason . Did he forgot his fathers favorite quote " Law will take its own cource" . If Jagan has any respect for Constitution he shud stop blaming others and surrender to Investigating agencies .

YS Jagans mindset is of an ruthless Dictator . It was evident on the day of his fathers death . Even before pieces of his dead father were picked from forest , he started signature campaign for Chief Minister post . his shows how much respect he had for his deceased father . His association with criminal gangs in the state is worrying factor . Strangely all of his friends are now arrested either for Murders or for Fraud and are lagging in Jail.

After the arrest of Jackal by CBI , his mother YS Vijaya was forced by him to enact a public drama outside the CBI office . To adorn Chief Minister Chair , Jackal Jagan used the pieces of his dead father and now to save his arse he made his Mother YS Vijaya , Wife Bharati & Sister Sharmila to sit on Dharna on road demanding immediate release of Jackal. This shows, for his selfish motives he wudnot hesitate to use his own womenfolk .

YSR widow after the arrest of Jackal talking to press raises doubts over YSR  Chopper crash . Is it not true that despite bad weather it was YS Vijaya who had sent YSR in chopper ??  If it is anybody to be blamed then she shud blame herself for her hubbys death.

YS Vijaya sitting on road in protest against Jackals release has brought few laughs . This comedy protest was to get few sympathy votes . She cursed every one and calls the arrest illegal. If so why was she silent when Cabinet Minister Mopidevi Venkatramna and Few IAS officers were arrested in the same same case . So that was OK for her , but her Sons arrest is illegal .

 If only YS Vijaya had knew how to discipline her son during childhood then today he wud not had become a Criminal . If YS Vijaya had condemned his sons attack on Pulivendula Police Station in 1994 , then today his son wud not been lagging in Jail. YS Vijaya shud blame her up bringing for todays sorrowful situation . I have now doubt in saying YS Vijaya behaved like Gandhari and made YS Jagan a modern day Duryodhana . No matter how much YS Vijaya Cry and enact Dramas Duryodana's fate is haunting YS Jagan .

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Petrol Price hiked , Aam Admi bleed's .

Petrol price hiked by Rs 7.50 . Iam eagerly waiting for next general elections , this Govt shud be thrown into Indian ocean . Economist Manmohan is an big failure , plz no more Harvard / Oxford educated leaders for India . India shud be lead by one who comes from grassroot , has first hand knowledge of India, not by those who get western education , carries western wisdom and works for western interests . Manmohan Singh Sucks . He ruined the Indian Economy and remained mute spectator as Rupee fall down. The Rupee is going down the drain because , global investors have lost faith in Indian market due to various scams.

What I dont understand is logic behind this Petrol hike ? Petrol International prices in fact have dropped , its stands at 7 months low . If its the Dollar, the reason for hike , then i haven't seen fuel prices coming down much when Rupee appreciated or when International Oil prices fall. Every time inflation takes over , then this Govt suddenly remembers Austerity . It preaches , but never follows . Atleast now Govt shud seriously think of cutting cost to balance the Budget , put a mechanism in place to see public funds are not wasted on unnecessary Foreign trips by plutocrats .

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Friendship with YS Jagan lands them in jail

Nimmagadda Matrix Prasad

"A person is known by the company he keeps" is an very old saying. If we watch YS Jagan's throng , Most of his close confidants are murderers and financial fraudsters ( Mangali Krishna, Bhanu , Suri , Gali Janardhan Reddy, Sunil Reddy , Vijay Sai Reddy , Matrix Prasad ........) and one after other are arrested for their crimes . YS Jagan is fit to be Mafia leader than a politician. Its just matter of time before YS Jagan be thrown into Chanchalguda Jail to give company to above criminals. With the entry of Draconian Enforcement Directorate (ED) Jagan's fate is totally sealed . So Chanchalguda Jail for YS Jagan for his corrupt crimes looks certain this rainy season.

YS Jagan's life history is an Live example what "bad friendship" can do. Refresh your memories , how Parents constantly warned us not to befriend wrong people. Satyam Rama Linga Raju, a Gentleman, was an successful Businessman , who shared dias along with Bill Clintons and Bill Gates . Every thing changed, after he went into the company of YS Jaganmohan Reddy . He did wot he never wanted to do and paid the price for the wrong company he kept , stayed in Jail for almost 3 years . Take the case of Nimmagadda Matrix Prasad , he was known as successful  Pharma Entrepreneur. Greed took him to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy , his fate changed , he is now arrested by CBI for collaborating with Jagan in " Quid pro quo " deals . A Lesson for All !!!

BTW Watch closely as CBI files the next supplement Charge Sheet against Jagan in CBI-Court, Iam told it would be Explosive. CBI issued notice to Jagan to attend the Court on May 28 . Rumours of his arrest on that day are making rounds . Hope it happens .

"Takshakaya Swaha ,
Indraya sameta Takshakaya swaha "
"Jaganaya Swaha , Rakshasa jati sameta Jaganaya Swaha"


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

YS Jaganmohan Reddy Sakshi bank accounts seized by CBI . Power of 7-Hills ???

Last year , I wrote on my FB Wall that YS Jagans Bank Accounts will be seized and his properties will be attached . I was right , yesterday , CBI has seized all the bank accounts of YS Jagan Media House ( Sakshi Newspaper & Tv Channel) . His arrest is deferred coz its an political decision , but sure Jagan will be arrested in near future as he is indicted as A1 in all 3 Charge-sheets .

Some Jagan fans are making noises about the salaries of nearly 10000 Sakhi employees and arguing Govt shud not play with Sakshi employees lives . Oh is it !! Did these fellas opened their mouth when Satyam Computers accounts were seized ??? 50000 Satyam employees were almost thrown on roads by YSR Govt . Where were these fans when YS Jagan kidnap & beaten Satyam Computers Rama Linga Raju and demanded Rs 500 Cr ?? For the crimes of YSR & YS Jagan an innocent Rama Linga Raju is lagging in Jail .

It would be interesting to watch from where will he pool money to pay salaries and other over heads . It would run into few crores and the money shud be WHITE (Taxed) . CBI was clever , it arrested Jagan Auditor Vijai Sai Reddy and Jagans Financial Spin-Doctor Sunil Reddy much before they freeze the bank acc's.

Another interesting thing , in case if you dint notice . Though Iam Agnostic , its constantly playing on back of my mind . Chandra Babu Naidu on 6th September 2009 (perhaps) stood on his legs in Assembly initiating a discussion on YSR Christian activities on Tirumala Hills, had warned YS Rajashekar Reddy that not to play with Tirumala Venketeshwara Swamy Temples sanctity otherwise you will have to face dire consequences . YSR gave villainous laugh . With in 2 days of Chandrababu's friendly advice , YSR got killed while traveling in Chopper . Last Week his son trespassed into Tirumala temple with out signing a declaration and showed Disdain towards LORD . The result is with in a week his prime source of Income, are stalled , his business bank accounts are seized .

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Christist YS Jagan bulldozed himself into Tirumala Balaji Temple without signing the declaration form

Christist YS Jagan has shown his Rowdy behaviour and his hate for Hindu Gods in Public . This time he dared to display it at Lord Balaji' Abode Tirumala . Jagan being a Christian was supposed to sign a TTD declaration saying he has respects for Hindu Dharma before entering the Sancta-Sanctorum . He defied when TTD authorities reminded him of the same , he bulldozed them and entered the Tirumala Temple Sancta-Sanctorum along with 60 followers . On Tirumala Hills other than Venkateshwara Swamy 'naama smaran' all other chantings/slogans are baned . But Jagan jamboree entered with "Jai Jagan" Slogans . Now the big Question is, why Jagan refused to sign the declaration ? His entry into Temple was just a drama to fool Hindu Masses ?? His acts clearly demonstrates that his Christian belief does not allow him to accept other religion Gods on par with Jesus and following his Bible , Lord Venkateshwara mite be a "Saitan" for him. We hardly care about his religious affiliations, but let him understand that Tirumala is Kaliyuga Vaikuntam for Hindus and he should refrain from treating it as a Tourist place.

His Father YSR did the same and met the fate of Rakshasa death. YSR as CM issued Govt Order's stating that Tirumala Hills are of just 2 Hills and remaining 5 Hills belong to Govt . His plans were to build Church's on remaining 5 Hills, thus destroy the sanctity of 7Hills Balaji . YSR and his Protege Karunakar Reddy has robbed Jewelery of Balaji , these Idiots thought they can cheat the LORD. And we all know , what karma can do with ones life. Mother nature can not accept mistakes forever and killed him .

YSR nefarious anti-Hindu activities were not tolerated by the God (devotees believe). Watch YSR death , he was killed on "Thiruvonam Nakshathram" of Lord Balaji. This is Lord Balaji's own nakshatram. He was killed at Rudra Konda , Rudra means Shiva "the Destroyer" , Konda is Hill . He was killed by thunder storm/lightening. Lightening is an Fire element , it denotes Lord Shiva's third eye and YSR was charred in mid air, as if Lord Shiva "the Destroyer " has opened his Third Eye . Hindu Epics tells us that only Rakshasa's meet this kind of horrifying death. If Jagan dares to tamper the sanctity of Tirumala temple or Hindu Dharma, he too will meet the same fate as of his father , a Rakshasa death.