Wednesday, May 9, 2012

YS Jaganmohan Reddy Sakshi bank accounts seized by CBI . Power of 7-Hills ???

Last year , I wrote on my FB Wall that YS Jagans Bank Accounts will be seized and his properties will be attached . I was right , yesterday , CBI has seized all the bank accounts of YS Jagan Media House ( Sakshi Newspaper & Tv Channel) . His arrest is deferred coz its an political decision , but sure Jagan will be arrested in near future as he is indicted as A1 in all 3 Charge-sheets .

Some Jagan fans are making noises about the salaries of nearly 10000 Sakhi employees and arguing Govt shud not play with Sakshi employees lives . Oh is it !! Did these fellas opened their mouth when Satyam Computers accounts were seized ??? 50000 Satyam employees were almost thrown on roads by YSR Govt . Where were these fans when YS Jagan kidnap & beaten Satyam Computers Rama Linga Raju and demanded Rs 500 Cr ?? For the crimes of YSR & YS Jagan an innocent Rama Linga Raju is lagging in Jail .

It would be interesting to watch from where will he pool money to pay salaries and other over heads . It would run into few crores and the money shud be WHITE (Taxed) . CBI was clever , it arrested Jagan Auditor Vijai Sai Reddy and Jagans Financial Spin-Doctor Sunil Reddy much before they freeze the bank acc's.

Another interesting thing , in case if you dint notice . Though Iam Agnostic , its constantly playing on back of my mind . Chandra Babu Naidu on 6th September 2009 (perhaps) stood on his legs in Assembly initiating a discussion on YSR Christian activities on Tirumala Hills, had warned YS Rajashekar Reddy that not to play with Tirumala Venketeshwara Swamy Temples sanctity otherwise you will have to face dire consequences . YSR gave villainous laugh . With in 2 days of Chandrababu's friendly advice , YSR got killed while traveling in Chopper . Last Week his son trespassed into Tirumala temple with out signing a declaration and showed Disdain towards LORD . The result is with in a week his prime source of Income, are stalled , his business bank accounts are seized .


gowtham said...

edava ....."""jagan nijaitiga vundadam valle, emi cheya leka cbi tana pratapanni sakhi medqa chupistundi"

Anonymous said...

Papam gowtham. horlicks tagi ramma..neeku jagan gurinchi artham kavadaniki inko 20 years padutundile.

telugufilm said...

we r with u dont worry