Thursday, May 3, 2012

Christist YS Jagan bulldozed himself into Tirumala Balaji Temple without signing the declaration form

Christist YS Jagan has shown his Rowdy behaviour and his hate for Hindu Gods in Public . This time he dared to display it at Lord Balaji' Abode Tirumala . Jagan being a Christian was supposed to sign a TTD declaration saying he has respects for Hindu Dharma before entering the Sancta-Sanctorum . He defied when TTD authorities reminded him of the same , he bulldozed them and entered the Tirumala Temple Sancta-Sanctorum along with 60 followers . On Tirumala Hills other than Venkateshwara Swamy 'naama smaran' all other chantings/slogans are baned . But Jagan jamboree entered with "Jai Jagan" Slogans . Now the big Question is, why Jagan refused to sign the declaration ? His entry into Temple was just a drama to fool Hindu Masses ?? His acts clearly demonstrates that his Christian belief does not allow him to accept other religion Gods on par with Jesus and following his Bible , Lord Venkateshwara mite be a "Saitan" for him. We hardly care about his religious affiliations, but let him understand that Tirumala is Kaliyuga Vaikuntam for Hindus and he should refrain from treating it as a Tourist place.

His Father YSR did the same and met the fate of Rakshasa death. YSR as CM issued Govt Order's stating that Tirumala Hills are of just 2 Hills and remaining 5 Hills belong to Govt . His plans were to build Church's on remaining 5 Hills, thus destroy the sanctity of 7Hills Balaji . YSR and his Protege Karunakar Reddy has robbed Jewelery of Balaji , these Idiots thought they can cheat the LORD. And we all know , what karma can do with ones life. Mother nature can not accept mistakes forever and killed him .

YSR nefarious anti-Hindu activities were not tolerated by the God (devotees believe). Watch YSR death , he was killed on "Thiruvonam Nakshathram" of Lord Balaji. This is Lord Balaji's own nakshatram. He was killed at Rudra Konda , Rudra means Shiva "the Destroyer" , Konda is Hill . He was killed by thunder storm/lightening. Lightening is an Fire element , it denotes Lord Shiva's third eye and YSR was charred in mid air, as if Lord Shiva "the Destroyer " has opened his Third Eye . Hindu Epics tells us that only Rakshasa's meet this kind of horrifying death. If Jagan dares to tamper the sanctity of Tirumala temple or Hindu Dharma, he too will meet the same fate as of his father , a Rakshasa death.


Anonymous said...

This is the only good thing you wrote in your life I guess

Anonymous said...

i don't think god asks declaration to worship him.