Friday, September 26, 2008

NaMo gets clean chit over Godhra

Rajdeep Sardesai , Lalu, Teesta, Arundati Roys wont stop Lying ,

Till you stop believing .


At last the truth about Godhra Train carnage is out and NaMo got a clean chit. Justice Nanavati commission which investigated the Godra carnage has met almost 1000 ppl from both the communities and submitted its report to Gujarat CM and the same was recently tabled in Guj assembly . Hope that our politicians and media would now understand what the truth is.

It was evident from the first day that the incident was not accidental. Even an ordinary mind could conclude that scores of passengers would not have allowed themselves to be roasted live. It appears very plausible that the train burning was a conspiracy as it is beyond common sense to think that so many people will die in a stationed train compartment that caught fire. It is upto the law enforcement agency to determine who was behind that.

Many of the victims of the train burning died because of suffocation caused due to closed windows and doors. Those idiots claiming Sabarmati train burning was an accident can they explain others why would people trapped in the coach would close the doors and windows, if it was an accident ? Next day in the local papers carried out pictures with stones spread all over the platform on both the sides. This can happen only if stones were pelted on the train from both the sides. Which again proves train was indeed attacked by Muslim thugs.

Where is Laloo? May be thinking up some other conspiracy theory.... Lalu’s Banerjee committee report was full of flaws .One should note, UC Banerjee's panel was just an "committee" , not a Commission; and moreover , the Gujarat High Court has declared U C Banerjee Committee as ‘illegal’. Therefore, U C Banerjee's "findings" are legally not valid . The main intention of UC Banerjee and Lalu were to put Narendra Modi and Sangh Parivar in the dock . The report was prepared hurriedly in 3 monthhs without talking to Sabarmati victims and cunningly this interim repot was relaeased just 2 weeks before Bihar elections.

Laloo shud resign for spreading lies and misusing his constitutional position. This report is an deserving Slap on the faces of Lalu ,Rajdeep Sardesai and others who dint stopped lying about the death of Karsewak’s at Godhra . The perpetrators of this gruesome crime shud be given capital punishment and their properties shud be confiscated and distributed to the families of 58 karsewak’s who were charred to death on Sabarmati train .

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mr Home Minister retire or atleast resign

Mr Home Minister Perfrom or Perish :

After Delhi blast Home Minister Shivraj Patil said "It is a cowardly act by those who don't want us to live in peace. The people behind this act will be given stringent punishment according to the law"

Oh really? I had absolutely no clue that this was a cowardly act. what a complete surprise to me. Thanks for taking this really bold step to call it a cowardly act. Now that you have called the terrorists as cowards, they will now return to the mainstream and be our brothers again.

Nation has not seen or experiencesd any strong decision or game plan till now from the man who is responsible for Internal Security.He is one such politician who does nothing in his life time nor can one expect any thing better in rest of his life . He is burden on Indian Democracy .

Terrorist are planting bombs wherever they want. It is one-sided "game" and thats what we can at best call it. War can be won or lost, only when started. When did India ever start a war on terror? While this UPA govt uses words and Lip service when it comes to tackle the terrorism menance .

Our incompetent Home Minister did not act on the information givem by Narendra Modi , When asked by the media about the same he shamelessly admitted that even we had info about Delhi serial blasts but dunno where/when it will be executed . I feel this the height of stupidity and recklessness on Home ministers part. Had the info been about threat to the life Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Vadra , probably the Govt. would have promptly reacted.

Indian public had seen the worst governance since independence. Other than replaying the same old sentences like “ This is Cowardly act”, “ Terrorism has no religion” , over and over again, what concrete action has our Home Minister ever taken?. As Home Minister he is a washout, he is today a part of the problem and not the solution.

Unless strong stringent measures are taken and the fear of losing votes for taking action against minority community people who indulge in terrorism are not there in the minds of the ruling class, there will be no end to terrorism in India

  • There should be very stringent law to tackle terrorism so that the terrorists should realise that once anybody caught having any link with terrorist activities, he or she would never see the light of the day again in their life.
  • An Federal agency should be formed to investigate Terrorist activities.
  • Any terror suspect caught should be detained in custody for at least 6 months for interrogation ,and he shoud be made to prove his innocence .
  • There should be a centralised high caliber intelligent network, with all modern equipments exclusively for tackling terrorism, for this Govt shud spend spl funds from the Budget.
  • Federal agency should be empowered to go into any depth , in regard of any matter, like taping phone lines, seizing the bank accounts, conducting raids even without warrant in places of worships such as mosques and madarsa’s.
  • Separate Military Court shud be enacted thru legislation for faster trial , and there should be no provision for appeal against this Judgement in any court including Supreme Court.
  • Intelligence Wing(IB) shoud have strong leadership , internal recruitment shud be directly done, instead of taking sleuths from IPS cadre.
  • IB should be doing more important work than chasing Journalists’ and Politicians.

Mother of all Solutions in stopping Terrorism in India is to,

Make NaMo (Narendra Modi) the next Prime Minister.

Lets change the Government

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Free - World , Never Forget 9/11 ....

Remembering the Martyr's who laid their lives on 9/11 fighting the Islamic Tyranny in USA .

Islamic Terrorism ??
Free World HIT HARD!
Now its almost seven years, since Allah’s followers attacked America and maimed thousands of American’s . Its one of the gruesome terror plot ever executed anywhere on face of the Earth. That day (9/11, 2001) , I will never be able to forget and no freedom loving person should ever forgive the Crime committed on Innocent civilians . The gruesome visuals which were broadcasted on Indian TV channels is still fresh in my memory . Where ever I’am on this day, I rise to pay my condolences to all the victims of Islamic -Terror , who lost their lives in different parts of the world . May lord give strength to us all to fight the Islamic Tyranny, and Bless us to be Victorious.

Day before 9/11, 2001 , I came to Hyderabad (India) from my home town to meet my cousin-Sister . That night we both chatted till late in the night . I slept very late. I could hear someone yelling my name. I was in deep sleep , and felt that sound came from too far away . I could not recognize my cousin-sisters voice in sleep. Sensing no response from me, she came to my bed and shook me violently, in turn I woke up only to see a ‘terrified’ expression on my cousins face . She , with a choked voice told me that plane has crashed into World Trade Centre. I told my Sister to calm down and I tried to pacify her saying it must be a foggy day and plane crash could be an accident. And I went to brush my teeth , with in no time she came running saying that another plane crashed into WTC. I was bit irritated thinking that she might have seen the Replay of the same visual in different angles. I wish it was true , but I was shocked to see TV visuals , I coud not believe myself that anything of this nature of Terrorist Attack can ever happen on American soil.

For next 30 min’s or so , Me , my Sister and my Brother-in-Law were dumb stuck. More news started rolling on , that another plane crashed into Pentagon and news came of few failed attempts elsewhere in USA . President Geoge W Bush came on Televison to address the Nation and said it is WAR on America and Pronounced Emergency in the country . Then , that part of time we could understand the seriousness of the attack.

The whole day Me and My cousin went through a great pain. We don’t even remember that we were so pre-occupied with the Attack thoughts that we missed our morning cup of Tea and Breakfast.

I did not moved a Minute from my seat , my heart grieved to hear that thousands of civilians were killed during the WTC attack. More I saw of burning Pentagon, Collapse of Twin Tower and more I grieved. The fire balls of Pentagon, the Dust & Smoke at Twin Towers were more like a scene from an Hollywood film. But this was too real and one is forced to believe it .

After Seven years, every time I remember WTC attack ,
I keep saying Myself Never Forget - Never Forgive these Islamic Jihadis . Annihilate them before they find some more Innocent Victims.

Lemme assure Americans that you guyz are not alone on waging WAR-on-Terror , We are with you, the whole of Free-World is with you. I declare on behalf of Billion -Hindu’s that we are with you and and I pass on my deepest Condolences to family members who were killed by Islamic Terrorist on 9/11. And vehemently pray to Lord to grant a place for those souls at his ABODE.

Some things leave foot print permanently on ones mind .First Day at College, First Salary , True Love , First Kiss …. like wise one is also forced to remember some tragic incidents in ones life like , Loss of closed ones , Betrayal in Love and so on ….. Some are worthy of being remembered and remaining are forced upon to remember . I remember this day as, that which have cemented my Will to fight against Islamic Terrorism .

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Secularism, Only for Hindu's ???

Arundati Roy, Gurucharan Das Syed Ali Shah Geelani,Hurriyat Conference Chairman wants islamic rule in Kashmir. So why rest of the India shud follow secularism ? Kashmiri Hindus have been ethnically cleansed from Kashmir then why not Muslims be ethnically cleanse from rest of India? Why hindus should bear these muslims in rest of India.

Secular policies are very threat to this nation. Muslims ask for secularism where ever they are in minority and where they are in majority they are asking and following islamic law. If We do not stand against Pseudo- secular policies then time is not far when Kashmir like situation will be seen through out the Country with Muslims demanding Islamic rule in rest of india. West Bengal and other north-eastern states are going to face kashmir like situation very soon coz of massive Bangladeshi Inflitration .These muslims will always raise issue of Gujarat roit but they never utter a sympathetic word for Godhara incident and kashmir pandits. And what I think is that these bomb blasts will do miracle to India ‘s future and will work as a catalyst for Hindu unity and make Hindu Dharma Yodha's ready to explode themselves for survival of their culture and country. Wakeup and say no toPseudo- Secularism.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lets go for Eco-Friendly Ganesha

Widespread campaigns are already on for an eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi festival but still a large section of the society are unaware of the pollution and environmental damage caused by Plaster of Paris idols and chemical paints. Some large Ganesha Pandal committees, to attract maximum crowd conveniently forget the environmental impact caused by the idols. In 2008, date of Ganesh Chaturthi festival is September 3.

The main pollution is caused by the Plaster of Paris Ganesh idols and the chemical paints used in them.

  • Plaster of Paris (POP) is not a naturally occurring material and contains gypsum, sulphur, phosphorus and magnesium. The idols take several months to dissolve in water and in the process poison the waters of lake, ponds, rives and seas.

  • The chemical paints used to decorate the Ganesh idol contain mercury, lead, cadmium and carbon and this increases the acidity and heavy metal content in the water.

  • Several accessories used during the Ganesh Puja like Thermocole, plastic flowers, cloth, incense, camphor and numerous other materials are dumped carelessly adding more strain to the already polluted rivers and lakes.

  • Careless dumping of Ganesh idols in waterbodies blocks the natural flow of water. This results in stagnation and breeding of mosquitoes and other harmful pests

  • The polluted water causes several diseases including skin diseases.

  • The pollution from Ganesh Chaturthi idols also damages the ecosystem, kills fishes and water plants.

  • In many areas, the same polluted water gets pumped into homes.


  • Use eco-friendly clay idols painted with natural colors.

  • Use permanent idols made of stone and perform a symbolic immersion and reuse the idol each year.