Friday, September 26, 2008

NaMo gets clean chit over Godhra

Rajdeep Sardesai , Lalu, Teesta, Arundati Roys wont stop Lying ,

Till you stop believing .


At last the truth about Godhra Train carnage is out and NaMo got a clean chit. Justice Nanavati commission which investigated the Godra carnage has met almost 1000 ppl from both the communities and submitted its report to Gujarat CM and the same was recently tabled in Guj assembly . Hope that our politicians and media would now understand what the truth is.

It was evident from the first day that the incident was not accidental. Even an ordinary mind could conclude that scores of passengers would not have allowed themselves to be roasted live. It appears very plausible that the train burning was a conspiracy as it is beyond common sense to think that so many people will die in a stationed train compartment that caught fire. It is upto the law enforcement agency to determine who was behind that.

Many of the victims of the train burning died because of suffocation caused due to closed windows and doors. Those idiots claiming Sabarmati train burning was an accident can they explain others why would people trapped in the coach would close the doors and windows, if it was an accident ? Next day in the local papers carried out pictures with stones spread all over the platform on both the sides. This can happen only if stones were pelted on the train from both the sides. Which again proves train was indeed attacked by Muslim thugs.

Where is Laloo? May be thinking up some other conspiracy theory.... Lalu’s Banerjee committee report was full of flaws .One should note, UC Banerjee's panel was just an "committee" , not a Commission; and moreover , the Gujarat High Court has declared U C Banerjee Committee as ‘illegal’. Therefore, U C Banerjee's "findings" are legally not valid . The main intention of UC Banerjee and Lalu were to put Narendra Modi and Sangh Parivar in the dock . The report was prepared hurriedly in 3 monthhs without talking to Sabarmati victims and cunningly this interim repot was relaeased just 2 weeks before Bihar elections.

Laloo shud resign for spreading lies and misusing his constitutional position. This report is an deserving Slap on the faces of Lalu ,Rajdeep Sardesai and others who dint stopped lying about the death of Karsewak’s at Godhra . The perpetrators of this gruesome crime shud be given capital punishment and their properties shud be confiscated and distributed to the families of 58 karsewak’s who were charred to death on Sabarmati train .

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