Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mr Home Minister retire or atleast resign

Mr Home Minister Perfrom or Perish :

After Delhi blast Home Minister Shivraj Patil said "It is a cowardly act by those who don't want us to live in peace. The people behind this act will be given stringent punishment according to the law"

Oh really? I had absolutely no clue that this was a cowardly act. what a complete surprise to me. Thanks for taking this really bold step to call it a cowardly act. Now that you have called the terrorists as cowards, they will now return to the mainstream and be our brothers again.

Nation has not seen or experiencesd any strong decision or game plan till now from the man who is responsible for Internal Security.He is one such politician who does nothing in his life time nor can one expect any thing better in rest of his life . He is burden on Indian Democracy .

Terrorist are planting bombs wherever they want. It is one-sided "game" and thats what we can at best call it. War can be won or lost, only when started. When did India ever start a war on terror? While this UPA govt uses words and Lip service when it comes to tackle the terrorism menance .

Our incompetent Home Minister did not act on the information givem by Narendra Modi , When asked by the media about the same he shamelessly admitted that even we had info about Delhi serial blasts but dunno where/when it will be executed . I feel this the height of stupidity and recklessness on Home ministers part. Had the info been about threat to the life Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Vadra , probably the Govt. would have promptly reacted.

Indian public had seen the worst governance since independence. Other than replaying the same old sentences like “ This is Cowardly act”, “ Terrorism has no religion” , over and over again, what concrete action has our Home Minister ever taken?. As Home Minister he is a washout, he is today a part of the problem and not the solution.

Unless strong stringent measures are taken and the fear of losing votes for taking action against minority community people who indulge in terrorism are not there in the minds of the ruling class, there will be no end to terrorism in India

  • There should be very stringent law to tackle terrorism so that the terrorists should realise that once anybody caught having any link with terrorist activities, he or she would never see the light of the day again in their life.
  • An Federal agency should be formed to investigate Terrorist activities.
  • Any terror suspect caught should be detained in custody for at least 6 months for interrogation ,and he shoud be made to prove his innocence .
  • There should be a centralised high caliber intelligent network, with all modern equipments exclusively for tackling terrorism, for this Govt shud spend spl funds from the Budget.
  • Federal agency should be empowered to go into any depth , in regard of any matter, like taping phone lines, seizing the bank accounts, conducting raids even without warrant in places of worships such as mosques and madarsa’s.
  • Separate Military Court shud be enacted thru legislation for faster trial , and there should be no provision for appeal against this Judgement in any court including Supreme Court.
  • Intelligence Wing(IB) shoud have strong leadership , internal recruitment shud be directly done, instead of taking sleuths from IPS cadre.
  • IB should be doing more important work than chasing Journalists’ and Politicians.

Mother of all Solutions in stopping Terrorism in India is to,

Make NaMo (Narendra Modi) the next Prime Minister.

Lets change the Government


Anonymous said...

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RightWingTerminator said...

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