Thursday, May 24, 2012

Petrol Price hiked , Aam Admi bleed's .

Petrol price hiked by Rs 7.50 . Iam eagerly waiting for next general elections , this Govt shud be thrown into Indian ocean . Economist Manmohan is an big failure , plz no more Harvard / Oxford educated leaders for India . India shud be lead by one who comes from grassroot , has first hand knowledge of India, not by those who get western education , carries western wisdom and works for western interests . Manmohan Singh Sucks . He ruined the Indian Economy and remained mute spectator as Rupee fall down. The Rupee is going down the drain because , global investors have lost faith in Indian market due to various scams.

What I dont understand is logic behind this Petrol hike ? Petrol International prices in fact have dropped , its stands at 7 months low . If its the Dollar, the reason for hike , then i haven't seen fuel prices coming down much when Rupee appreciated or when International Oil prices fall. Every time inflation takes over , then this Govt suddenly remembers Austerity . It preaches , but never follows . Atleast now Govt shud seriously think of cutting cost to balance the Budget , put a mechanism in place to see public funds are not wasted on unnecessary Foreign trips by plutocrats .

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Anonymous said...

YSR killed by the one who killed Madav Rao Schindia/Rajesh Pilot....................