Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why not we start our own TV channel ?

The only hindu tv channels we have are Bhajan channels and spirituality channels where we are taught to do yoga
and thinsg like that.And we are also taught how to bust stress.

We need a TV channel that deals specifically with hindu issues.

Now we dont need any big equipemnt to do that.Just commited journalists with cam corder , we visit places of disturbance and air the hindu point of view.We also record speeches and group discussions on serious issues and just upload the files to the Youtube or just email the link to them.Let people download our program and watch it.

People with camcorders should volunteer to take these movies and they should independently upload them or send it to an editorial team for broadcasting.

People must also use camera phones to conduct interviews.

We need to create big time awareness.In today's time with people having little or no time and poor reading skills , visual images and moving pictures ar the ebst way to communicate and raise awareness.We also need to make powerpoint presentations and distribute it through email , regarding key events.

Whenever israel bombs lebanon for self defence , the email boxes of everybody in this world are inundated with power point presentation of images of lebanese victims(usually taken out of context or doctored) who are civilians and the entire public opinion is swung in favour of the aggressing hizbollah guerrillas.

I have never seen a ppt of kashmiri pandits to this day.

We can also conduct sting operations and secretly visit muslim mohallas and record the daily events there so people will get to know what the muslim mindset is all about !

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