Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Telangana now has its own TV Channel, 'T-News'

Telangana Tv Channel is on AIR now

Telangana Broadcasting Ltd. got the permission from Govt. for the most awaited Telangana news channel and it's name is


Raj News is a local Tamilnadu TV channel, which was rented TBA on 50-50% share agreement for 1 year and the contract has expired on this March 26th. Raj News belong to RSS/BJP sympathizers . Thanks to RSS/BJP which allowed us to share their channel for our cause.   After submission of SKC report Central Govt has put severe pressure on Raj News Owners not to telecast any LIVE . This is the reason also why Raj News (Telangana) also couldn't cover some incidents took place in OU.

T-News is going to be a nightmare for Andhra news channels

T-News is on Air now

Namaste Telangana  ,Newspaper will hit stands by May end

Telangana Urdu paper by July

Watch  T-News Live www.tnewslive.com



rao said...

gdevng sir...............even make news on b.tech colleges, they r taking more mny instead of actual....there is no chanel to help for people who belongs to telangana. please help us.............jai telangana...........

Anonymous said...

fuck with your telangana. You are leaches trying to grab Hyderabad from rest of the telugu people.

Tea Timenews said...

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