Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shradanjali :: Sathya Sai Baba Come back soon as "Prema Sai'

Million "Pranam's" at your feet.

Satya Sai Baba left his Physical body this morning. I share, My deepest condolences with all devotees & his family members over the loss of great son of Bharath Mata, I am heart broken hearing the news. O' Satya Sai, My salutations at your feet for redefining Spirituality as service to Humanity. 
O' Sathya Sai Baba 
Come back again as a 'Sanatani', 
Come back as a "Vedanti', 
Come back as beholder of 'Dharma' .

हर पक्षी में तू है साईं
हर पंची में तू है साईं
हर पशु में तू है साईं
हर  पेड़ में तू है साईं
हर पौधे में तू है साईं
हर जन में तू है साईं
हर जल में तू है साईं
हर जंगल में तू है साईं
हर जानवर में तू है साईं
हर जमीन में तू है साईं

हर कण - कण में तू है साईं
कंकर कंकर में शंकर है, वह शंकर ही  तू है साईं 

P.S : Though I'am an agnostic, I'am an great admirer of 'Sathya Sai Babas' Social Service activities . I only wish that all Hindu Sadhu's & Santh mahatma's follow his service path .

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Gandaragolaka said...

Glad to know you are agnostic. Here is something for you to think about.

Look at the picture of "prema sai baba" in the link below and see for yourself who does he really look like? The hair, the beard, the white clothes... wow! Unmistakable! This really absolutely can NOT be jesus!

Smells like a long term anti-hindu conspiracy! we need to turn this whole story upside down and look at it from the other side.

This is what happens when our people dont know what is written in our own texts. We are on the edge of a huge irrecoverable fall...