Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hindu's resolve to vote for Hindutva protectors

Hindu Agenda for General election -2009 .

Every politician, howsoever powerful he is, will have to come to us once every five years, begging us for our votes. He will have to get down out of those luxurious vehicles and will have to walk along with us in these dirty roads and slums.

At that time lets ask politicians ,

Ø Why should we vote for those who encourage religious conversions and indulge in anti-Hindu activities?

Ø Lets question those who changed meaning of word secularism in to being anti –Hindu and minority appeasement.

Ø Let’s ask them about their stand on the issue of Kashmir .

Ø Let’s question why could they not prevent the Pakistan sponsored Jihadi terrorism that has support of the local groups.

Ø Let’s enquire why they are not putting pressure to hang ,Afzal guru,the person who challenged the very of roots of democracy by attacking our parliament.

Ø Let’s question the leaders who shamelessly took part funeral of the jihadis.

Ø Let’s find out the relevancy of such a secularism that praises and Overtly support the terrorist jihadis while denigrating the most Swamijis and Sanyasis ,and portrays the patriotic army jawans as terrorists.

Ø Let’s ask why our leaders promise to provide reservation to Muslims, an act that led to creation of Pakistan not long ago, and promise the Dalit status to converted Christians that encourage the global evangelical mission.

Ø Let’s question those who tried to denigrate the sanctity of the most sacred Tirumala and those who have been consistently adopting anti Hindu policies.

Ø How can these leaders sponsor Haj Subsides and Jerusalem trips with the amount we offer to temples with utmost devotion? Let’s ask them.

Ø Why it is that only Hindu temples, Hindu structures and cemeteries are demolished as part of the road widening programmes ?

Ø Does the road widening not include Mosques and Churches, despite these structures standing in the middle of the road and causing hassle to traffic?

P.S : As part of our noble duty towards Dharam Jagaran please forward Hindu agenda to one and all .


Anonymous said...

bhaiiya ji aap hindu rashtra ki soch rakhte ho bahut achha hai ...magar aap pahle ek kam karen ki aap apni is hundu bhakt web site ko hindi bhasha main anuvadit karen ok tab ham pad payenge kyonki ham gareeb aur kam pade likhe hindu hain ok ji namaskaaram

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