Friday, September 6, 2013

APNGO Samikyandhra meet is just an tamasha , #Telangana stay calm

September 7th APNGO Samikyandhra meeting in HYD is definitely an aggression against #Telangana Natives. This is last attempt from them to provoke us and instigate Violence in Hyderabad, so that they can play victim card in front of Delhi to make Hyderabad a Union Territory. I only wish Telanganites dont fall in this cunning trap of Andhraites. Let the meeting happen, as some1 said in an Telugu Flick , its just an "passing cloud" . We are like Sky , everything else is just Weather. Natives shud remain calm and composed, sit calmly and enjoy the tamasha as it unfolds. Its just an one day event , no one wud talk about it the next day. So stay calm , but remain vigilant.

This is transition period for new state formation , this is the time for us to maintain our mental equilibrium . We have a big Goal in front of us in the form of Telangana State. Let us stay focused on it. Coming few days we the natives have to tread our steps cautiously with emotions under control . We need to energise our attention on our target with unflappable mind. We shold not allow Andhraites to take advantage of our aggressive behaviour. Let Telangana form first , then we will cut the lime , squeeze it, have it and throw it in dustbin. Thatastu !!!

The Andhra Foxes are trying to dramataise their event which I'am sure will fall flat on their faces. Andhra History is full of Cunningness and Manipulation , their brains are linked to Greed for Money , this behavorial disorder of Andhraites lie in their innate DNA. Lets ambush each of those traits in turns when time 'ripes'. They have no reasons to explain/convince us as to why we shud stay together in the name of Samikyandhra. Their cause is simply Jingoism , an bubble in the water.

Now Telangana State seems to be inevitable , we have a bigger responsibility to rebuild it . Lets put all our energies towards reconstruction . We fought bitter battles against Andhra brigands , history is evident of the fact. But lets come out of that Warlike society to Peaceful society. After 56 years of fight for separate state , now we posses lot of Aggressive energy , let us channelise it for the betterment of Telangana .Let us be sure that hereafter Telangana will be more focusing on development rather than violent past. And not eulogise "catharsis".

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