Saturday, August 31, 2013

Greedy Andhraites after 55 years of Loot still eye Hyderabad .

Acc to Sri Krishna Commission Report (SKC) Andhra Settlers in GHMC (HYD) are not more than 7.2 % of total population . In a rough estimation Andhra Settlers wud be around 5-6 lakhs in and around Hyderabad. Compared to them Marwari's , Rajastani's , Gujju's , Kannadiga's & Maratha's are more in number . What wud be it like, if North Indians or Maratha's too claim that they have developed HYD and want HYD to go with their respective state ??? It brings laughs to any sensible person . I do not understand how Andhra Settlers can claim an 400 year old City which was one of the India's best developed City as back as 1950 ???

Hyderabad is geographically too deep inside Telangana , can Seemandhra have their capital functioning from deep inside another State ( Telangana) ??? I doubt such scenario happened/exist anywhere in the World. Govt statistics show that Approx 65+ % Govt Revenue comes from Telangana and only 35% Revenue comes from Andhra & Seema regions . These Stats tells the fact that Vizag or other Andra Cities are developed from the #Telangana Revenues . Going by rational argument , We Telangana people should get a Share from Andhra region , as our Sweat money is involved in developing those ci
Dint these Andhra Settlers made fun at us asking how will you live without them if AP is bifurcated. Today the same folks are crying from rooftops that how will they survive in case of Telangana state formed ??? LOLLLL . These Andhraites, change colours faster than chameleon , in fact they can put chameleon to shame .

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