Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Andharaites living in Hyderabad are just tenants , shud vacate it when its rightful owner asks . #Telangana Loot -1

Andhra Looters Developed #Telangana ??? - Part 1

I thought of Let-It-Go over Andhraites spitting venom that they developed Telangana but when I woke Up this morning and saw few messages , i felt like we shud give real education to these Brigands on how Telangana was already developed region before their Arrival. Also give them some shock by showcasing Andhra Misery , Loot , Scams , Sex Scandals they are part of . The time has come to make them see their hybrid Culture , the day they learn about their Hybrid Culture they will die out of SHAME. So this morning I have decided to write series of Articles on Andhra Culture , Attire , Their Loot , Cunning Nature , Scams and Their Sex Scandals. Time has come to make these Andhraites stand NAKED , by exposing their Loot.

We are the "Watandars" of Hyderabad , Andharaites living in Hyderabad are just tenants , shud vacate it when its rightful owner asks so.

Andhraites developed Hyderabad ?? There was no Life in Hyderabad before you "Good Will " people had come walking down hundreds of miles ?? Thanks to you , you did not said , you have "discovered" Telangana , like Vasco De Gama discovered India sea route.

Andhraites who claim developing Hyderabad are JOKERS and I do came across one such this morning , there is no shortage of Jokers in Seemandhra . The time has come to make these Stand-Up-Comedians to wake up from slumber and make them smell Coffee. Or Else they will start claiming we went to USA to develop America . Yup ! They can say that . In fact that cud be true if one goes by their Logic. They went to England to develop it , They went to USA on H1 -L1-B1 Visa to develop the Whites . Infact Andhraites journey to other countries is also to develop those Nations . See , Andhraites are on "Good Will-World Mission" to develop Humanity.

These Andhraites are big time Losers , they came to Hyderabad without chappal on their feet , just one dress on their body . They fell on the feet of our forefathers to give shelter and food . Not knowing their cunning foxy nature our forefathers pitied them and gave them shelter. They occupied our lands , robbed our water coal and natural resources using Political Power after merging Andhra into Telangana.

When Andhra got separated from Madras Presidency they did not have money to pay the Wages to their employees . Their Budget was in Debts. Their Secretariat in Kurnool ( Andhra Capital city ) did not had Roof and 4 Walls. They worked under tents , Pigs used to live with them . Before the Andhra merger Andhraites living standards were that of PIGS living in Pigsty. Now these PIGLETS claim that they have developed HYDERABAD.

You Andhraites claim to have bought Rice habits into Telangana ?? You taught us Cuture ?? Dear Andhra Jokers , Since ages Hyderabad is known for Sherwani , Biryani & Qurbani . Hyderabad has History of 400 Years , it was not  established by you Andhra Jokers , years back we wore SHERWANI , ate Rich Spicy BIRYANI , believed in QURBANI.

What about you Andhraites , you literally slept on empty stomachs before you started robbing Telangana Water ,Coal , Lands and other Natural Resource . You did not even have nice clothes to wear . You lived ( and still Living ) like Stone Age Apes with out proper dressing . Your Men do not even know how to dress , they wear "Lungi" as woman wear "Langa" ( Woman Under Garment) . And You talk of teaching Culture to us ?? If I open up and start penning about your Peddapuram & Chilkaluripeta Culture , each one of you will die in Shame . In short your DNA is so mixed up that you wud be asking yourself as to " Who Am I" .

P.S : Will continue it in  next post.

Until then think it over : if our niceties towards Andhraites and Andhra Settlers is doing harm to our Telangana cause ??? Has the Time come to hit them hard with truth and show them their original place ??? Think It Over !!!


nenusaitham said...

telangana lo evvaru lungi vesukora???

and u said andhras were stone aged people b4 1956.ok fine.for the time being lets accept wat u said.
after the tank bund demolition, many telangana people said that they were unhappy seeing so many Andhra statues in Hyderabad.
most of those [people either died or retired from public life when those staues were put up.now u think all of them were also stone aged people???
some of the great Andhra people who lived BEFORE 1956-nannayya, thikkanna, annamayya, vemana,sri Krishna devaraya,brahma nayudu, kandukuri veeresalingam, gurajada appa rao, sri sri, potti sriramulu, viswesvarayya, etc.
plzz note tham im not belittling telangana people.im only saying Andhra was not stone age.
I can understand your frustration Mr.Raj, but kindly be a bit sobre

Anonymous said...

funny article this man site name is karsewak.he says his culture is sherwani: its pakistan national dress
biryani:the word is derieved from persia
qurbani:is the sacrifice of a livestock animal during Eid-ul-Adha.where is telangana culture in this.if u say andhra was poor before its your ignorance.they used to eat rice daily.here they used to eat jowar.many articles u said ist src report what did it say dont unit andhra telangana for 5 years because telanga is way backward compared to andhra.u said they ran govt in tents?initially any one will run like that only.but they could not build because telangana mp in parliment said dont build any we are going to be united why waste of money this made the central govt to term kurnool as transitory capital not permenent capital.

Anonymous said...

I am one of those so called "settler" by you.I have a right to live in any city that i wish in india.I was born here and i respect your culture,am one of you. Dont separate us by saying that we are from different region.I respect telangana people and favoring state bifurcation and many of my friends are from this region,they never separated me saying that i am not from this region,with all due respect i want you ask you a question "who are you to tell us were we stand".
Also stop disrespecting women by saying 'langa',even you mentioned everyone's mom,sister and every related women in that word.
sir please throw your shit on politicians and not on the common people,even if we divide lets live with peace and harmony as one "Telugu people"

Ramesh said...

You joker, all your wiriting is hate crime without any basis. May be razakar blood is running in your blood.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a separatist, just like politician divides and feeds on peoples money. These people first read constitutions, before asking others to leave. I have many telangana friends who never brought any of these separatist politics. In fact Telangana itself having the word "Langa". Keep your tounge in control before you say something, DON'T DIVIDE AND RULE.