Friday, August 23, 2013

Who Developed #Telangana ?? Part 2

The Development of Telangana by Andhraites shud be widely debated. It raises valid points as to what personal interest this Tribe had that they traveled Miles & Miles to reach Telangana and poured in their valuable time and Sweat Money to better the lives of so-called under developed Hyderabad. What are the resources they had to substantiate their claims .

History is evident of the fact that Andhraites by nature are very cunning and not at all trust-ables. They are Living example of Cheating , Backstabbing & Loot . Talk to any Telugu Guy about Andhra nature . He will narrate scores of story's over their cunning nature. Their longing for Money by hook or crook can drive any sensible person crazy.

For this simple reason none of the Telugu's be it Telanganaite or Rayalaseema are not willing to stay along with them after the State bi-furcation. Rayalaseema has openly offered their willingness to go with Telangana . The reason for such proposal is coz of cunning nature of Andhra people. Such examples tell you , how much Andhraites are hated by fellow Telugu people.

If Andhraites have that Entrepreneurial skills and Resources to match their skill set , why didnt they developed their Andhra region ?? If they claim HYD being the Capital City so they moved their investments here doesn't stand strong on Logic. Market is driven by Supply & Demand . Market is boundary-less , if one takes State as the Unit then Market is state wide . If market is so Dynamic without boundary's then why Investments have to be poured only in Capital city ??? This beats all their Logical claims.

Why is it that these Andhra Entrepreneurs have nothing big to claim credit to their story of huge investments in Hyderabad ?? All their Investments are either in to Civil Contracts or into Real Estates . They used Andhra Plutocrats to get Lakhs of Crores worth Govt contracts . Used Political Power to illegal occupy the precious lands of Hyderabad. You wud be surprised if I tell you that just 16 Families of Andhra has 1,00,000 acres of Land in and around Hyderabad . Most of the Land is either illegally occupied or forcible taken from poor Telangana farmers by Andhra Plutocrats in the name of SEZs .

Never in the History has any race which migrated to other place for a better Life had claimed their right over the place . It tells you the imperialistic mindset of Andhra Tribe . The expansionism of superior tribes has been always challenged by the Sons-of-Soil. This Imperialist mindset of Cunning Andhra Settlers is very dangerous and shud be arrested immediately. Their claim of coming to my land to develop me always gimes me Laughs , it also reminds me of Europeans claim of "White Man's Burden" to justify their Colonization . One shud learn in depth about the "White Mans Burden" to understand how dangerous Expansionism and Imperialism are. And Andhraites claim of developing us has the roots in that "White man's Burden" kind of mindset. Such Mindset is dangerous to Humanity.

Imperialism is that, when a Race take over the Natives thru Political power and turn them into their Colony to expand their Market. This is exactly what happened to Telangana . With their Political Power , Andhraites took away our Natural Resources and thus benefited from the Loot. Their claim of establishing Industries is an big SHAM , in fact Hyderabad was already Industralised by then . They, systematically destroyed all the Telangana Industries and turned them into Real Estate ventures.

My series of Write-Ups are to give you a glimpse of real face of Andhraites. This deluge of words is definitely pourdown of my battered feelings over their absurd claim of developing my region. My anger has a direction , it never choses soft targets , so these series of my write-Up is aimed at only those Andhra Settlers who do Goebbels propaganda over Telangana.

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