Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Now , YSR Son-In-Law Bro Anil Kumar loots Telangana to tune of Rs-13 lakh crores

 Corruption Is the legacy of YSR family .

Now , YSR Son-In-Law Bro Anil Kumar loots Telangana to tune of Rs13 lakh crores

The Opposition on Monday created turmoil in the Assembly demanding cancellation of a Barytes mine lease given to a firm allegedly run by the son in-law and brother in-law of the late Chief Minister, Dr Y.S. Rajasekar Reddy. He claimed that the AP Mineral Development Corporation (APMDC) was recently given clearances by the Union forests and environment ministry to mine iron ore over an extent of 1.45 lakh acres falling under the tribal belt in three mandals of Khammam and one mandal of Warangal district.

"For this, the APMDC has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Rakshana Steels Ltd whose executive director is Anil Kumar, the son-in-law of YSR. As per rule, private companies cannot carry out mining of any sort in the tribal areas. Hence, a house committee should be constituted to probe how the state entered into an MoU with a private firm and cancel the same forthwith," said Sambasiva Rao who was supported by TDP, CPM and PRP members. At one stage, mining minister B Sreenivasa Reddy, himself a close relative of YSR, said the mining would be carried out by APMDC only and that Rakshana Steels has got permission only to transport the iron ore. However, this claim was rejected by the opposition who wanted the direct intervention of the CM.

According to the opposition leaders, a large-scale iron ore reserves are available in Bayyaram, Garla and Nelakondapalli mandals of Khammam district and Gudur mandal of Warangal district. In order to circumvent mining in the tribal area by private firms, they alleged that the state government during YSR's time permitted the APMDC to form a joint venture with Rakshana Steels to establish an integrated steel plant with an investment of Rs 500 crore.

The steel plant was to be established within five years from the date of obtaining all statutory clearances.

Following this, the government issued GO Ms No 69 on February 24, 2009, they said. "This puts even the alleged irregularities of Karnataka minister G Janardhan Reddy to shame. Reddy was allotted 230 acres in the Bellary forest area on AP-Karnataka border while Rakshana Steels has been given 1.45 lakh acres," charged Muddukrishnama Naidu (TDP) and Sambasiva Rao. 

As per the lease agreement, the plant will be run on the iron ore available at Bayyaram, Garla and Nelakondapalli mandals in Khammam district and Gudur mandal of Warangal district The Opposition alleged that the ‘inexperienced’ Rakshana Steels, run by ‘Brother’ Anil Kumar, evangelist and son-in-law of Dr Reddy, and Mr Ravindranath Reddy, brother-in-law of the late Chief Minister, were given the mining lease ignoring the legitimate claims of tribals.



Billa said...

So, this (Christian) Anil Reddy earns by money through illegal activities (through their political clout) and uses that maoney for converting the poor people into cultureless christianity. They use that money for funding the rogue English media, fake HR orgs,high court judges,Naxalites, etc to promote the prostitute culture of Christian nations!

Anonymous said...

i wish u allbest. dr.rddy has caused a mojor damage to A.P.go t.and culture'they should be made pennyless.

Anonymous said...

Mr Billa what do you expect to achieve with so much hatred. If there is nothing good you can contribute to the society atleast keep your crappy mouth shut as we don't see any knowledge or wisdom or anything good for anyone in those words of jealousy and hatred.

Anonymous said...

Mr Billa...u'd better watch your words...as far as love for the nation is concerned...if u cannot do anything..you could atleast keep your good for nothing comments to yourself...he has done nothing wrong to you...as far as christianity is concerned....u'd better keep ur mouth shut...you dont even deserve to talk about it....!!