Monday, December 6, 2010

Hindu's celebrate December 6th as Ayodhya "Shourya Diwas" !!!

 December 6th Ayodhya "Vijay Diwas"!!!

Today December 6th of 1992 in Ayodhya , By demolishing the shameful Babri Structure , We Karsewak’s have reclaimed our rightful Holy place, Sri Ram Janma Bhoomi . Since then December 6th is celebrated as Vijay/Shourya Diwas by Hindu’s all over the Globe. Still, many holy places of Hindu Gods & Goddess’s , wait the liberation from plundering that Islam has caused in its bloody history. Do you wish to see our Holy places rebuilt once again to the glory they once were ? If so, then support the Hindutva movement to help reclaim our Holy places . With the spirit of December 6 1992 , letz march together for re-establishing of Bharath Varsh as Vishwa Guru .

This is matter of the strength of out faith, show the world of the power of Hindu Dharma. Hindu Dharma is in need of protection from Islamic Jihad Terrorists & Christian Conversions. Join the Hindutva movements and find the solutions how to stop Islamic attacks on Hindu Dharma and how you can help in fight for formation of Hindhu Rashtra.

Our Hindu Dharma has been Insulted by Muslim Jehadis and Christian Crusaders , our temples desecrated , Hindu God Idols trampled under Islamic & Crusaders bloody feet and Hindu people were murdered by these aggressors in the past and now as well . Time has come to rise and fight these Muslim Jihadis and Christian Crusaders so that past mistakes are not repeated against our coming generations . Hindus believe in unity , together we can make a difference and work towards formation of our “Hindudom”.

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నీహారిక said...

It's shame on your part by celebrating sourya divas, we cannot able to build ramalayam with out the help of muslims. It's my chalenge.