Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Tree , Environment & Hindu's .

Christmas Tree , Environment  &  Hindu's.
There are some Hindus who come out of shell to Text, write on FB/twitter wishing Christmas or Eid. No Problem, No harm in wishing their other coreligionists on their festival , but this same bunch of people are never seen wishing fellow Hindus on Dasara/Diwali . How shameless !! Jo Hindu hokar, Hinduon ka kuch nahi ho saka- woh christian ka, ya musalman ka kya hoga??  These English educated jokers are just exhibiting their slavery mentality & they are big burden on Hindu Samaj. This Garbage shud be sent to Recycle.
For Xmas decoration Lakhs of trees are cut . Where are Eco friendly Environ fighters who beat their chest at Ganesh Nimajan, saying water get polluted and cry to stop it. Are they blind now ?? Cant they see lakhs of trees are uprooted for Xmas. Oooopss i forgot moral lessons are only for Peace loving Hindus .

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