Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pope says dont have sex and you wont get AIDS

Pope Benedict says Condom Spread AIDS virus and Solution is ... dont have Sex and you wont get AIDS

Condom Spreads AIDS Virus and don’t have Sex you wont get AIDS
, Pope Benedict said yesterday in Africa . Is he out of his mind or drank too much before making his speech ? After reading this , Jesus Christ must be weeping somewhere on the mindless out burst of Pope Benedict . I’ am almost speechless with rage at Pope Benedict senseless outburst against usage of Condoms. Cannot say how irresponsible is Pope Benedict attitude is towards using of Condom in arresting the ever spreading Virus-AIDS/HIV. Thus, Pope and Catholic Church has reignited the never ending controversy over its understanding of safe SEX .

Its simple , whenever Catholic Church Pontiff’s open their mouth it’s the shit that comes out , instead of coming from back . If I had a Time-Machine I cud have made this stupid Pope sit in it and sent him to Stone Age , where he rightly belongs to . In the interest of Free - World, he shud be confined and locked in a room, any free movement of this Lunatic will bring danger to the World . Me , not getting into ethical-Sex debate , I disagree with pope and will advice to wear a Condom for safe Sex.

The Catholic Church and Pope wants the world to live according to their Ideals and Ethics . Still in 21st century they don’t want to give people ones CHOICE of their own to Live in regard to SEX and Religion . Let these Pontiffs propagate their religious texts and Intercept as they like , but stay away from personal choices of World . And, one fails to understand how come a Pope who is supposed to be enjoying Celibacy knows so much about Condom usage .

Abstinence , Fidelity which Pope talks about is good in theory , but cant be a solution for AIDS . Let Pope look into his Catholic backyard, hordes of it clergy are arrested for child abuse or for raping Nuns . Now he talks about abstinence when his own clergies are not able to keep their penises in their trousers . Pope who religiously preaching for abstinence, shud understand that all are not blessed to be born to a Virgin , as happened with Mother Mary .

The Pope continues his vulgar war on world and jeopardizes the lives of others . Though I am not an great votary of Free–Sex , but one shud acknowledge most of us are Sexual (aka: Human) Beings and given a chance one enjoy Sex with others . Its but the reality, that in this World, Sex is not just confined to Marriage (Husband & Wife ) . People of all ages fall for Sex in different situations for different temptations and reasons . These temptations will not be easily arrested coz some Pope or Swami Ji has asked for ..

Catholic Church is not short of controversies, be it Benedict anti Condom utterance, Evolution theory or days passed till 1995 to admit Galileo theory . It always used its Forked tongue to deter the opposition . With Pontiffs like Benedict at helm , Young have a reason to abandon Christanity . I pray God for a day in which World can be free from these Lunatics ..

Lastly , I would ask all readers here to have ethical-Sex (with one partner and obviously it got to be ones Spouse ) and stay faithful to ones Life partner and no Sex before Marriage . In all other cases of relations (viz: Live-In , one night stand ) one shud have knowledge about the sexual history of partner and go for a testing and use Condom for safety . So guys we will debate about Ethical-Sex some other time , untill then let every one have Safe-Sex by using Condom . Condoms not only help with AIDS prevention are also a pretty good contraceptive .


Anonymous said...

dude, don't call yourself an Indian!! Your posts are so pathetic! Against Rahul, against Christians, muslims and what not... Have you done anything good at all? atleast use your energy in writing positive things! You condemn what the Pope said and advice ppl to stick to the same partner - If you had atleast a tiny little brain, you would have realised, that is the what the Pope said. Seeing my comment you should understand that I'm chirstian. I have Muslim and Hindu friends; We love each other; But Thank God I have not seen such a guy as you in my life..Hope you realise India's strength is in its oneness, pls don't divide us...

Anonymous said...

don't use offensive contents just because you want to make some money out of Ads...
Grow up dude, I feel like slapping one on your cheek - Please do accept it, you truly deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Great job man.Keep it up.Yes i believe HINDURASHTRA IS A NEED TODAY. We will make it one day.
Thanks a lot. We support u.
Siddhesh, Switzerland