Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Muslim riot over land allotment to Amarnath Shrine in Kashmir

Every time one hears of a riot one does not need supermind to know who the perpetrators are . The ongoing crisis over land alottment to Amarnath Shrine in the kashmir Valley is a planed exercise by the muslim separatists and Kashmiri politicians. This issue has been raised at a time when the Amarnath pilgrimage is in progress and the J&K elections are round the corner . Kashmiri s protesting land transfer are islamic zealots . They are puppets in the hands of Kashmiri Separatists who are unfortunately intolerant to other Faiths.

Every year thousands of Hindus march to Amarnath shrine to have darshan of Shiv-Ling . And they have to bear lot of hardships during Piligrimage. Many Organisations have represented the Govt to provide basic amenities like small Huts where they can rest and toilets. As a result Govt allotted 40 acres to Amarnath Board . This had given ammunition to Islamic zealots to come on to streets .After all, the land is allotted to the Shrine, which is existing from times immemorial, and the allotment is specifically meant to provide facilities for the pilgrims and the floating population and not for permanent settlements.

When the Amarnath Yatris need temporary shelters, the Muslims object and complain about ecological problems. What ecological problems are they referring to? Producing dozen children and living in filth helps ecology? How come in Bharat, the Hindus can not have shelters for Yatris and the shameless Govt. provides all facilities to perform Hajj. Why don’t they ask Govt to stop subsidy to Haj ,which mostly comes from Hindu-Kafir tax payers and which according to their Quran is HARAAM to do Haj on Kafirs money .

Revoking of land transfer to the Amarnath Temple is another example showing the Soorpanaka Sonia Gandhi led UPA's appeasement and vote-bank politics.

It is shame for India that Hindus cannot worship comfortably in Amarnath Temple .

Over five lakh Kashmiri Hindus have been hounded out and they live like refugees in their own country. Now their number might have drastically increased during 20 years of their “EXODUS “ And iam ashamed of my fellow Hindus else where who ignore the plight of kashmiri Hindu who had been victims of Islamic terrorism . They are too pre-occupied with their routine work of eating samosa,having Tea and watching cricket . If they don’t change now even Lord above cant save them from yet another Exodus.


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