Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In UPA-Left Nuclear Drama, "Singh is King"

I couldn’t stop myself appreciating the Drama enacted jointly by Congress & Left over Nuclear deal. Its screenplay is worth applauding , it has outsmarted Aam Admi . This Soap-Opera is well directed by Soorpanaka-Sonia Gandhi. For long time Aam Admi was crying over inflation , price rise of fuel and other essential commodities. This new drama of Left withdrawl has overshadowed Aam Admi’s agony over price rise.

Though Iam not a great votary of N-Deal , Iam glad Left has withdrawn its support and Iam more happy for MM Singh , now he can really focus on development. Finally communists won't be able to interfere with interests of India. Left was a thorn in the flesh. With them leaving, the country can march forward. We are fed up of seeing Bardan and Karat on TVgiving useless sondbites. What rubbish they are talking? They always try to put a spanner into the wheels of development. I do not have a soft corner for the Congress whatsoever but the Left is really trying to blackmail the Govt on any issue. I hope Bengalis will vote them out this time.

I wish that Congress to fail to proove majority and election to be held. So that I, we and all citizens of India can select the next government and PM. Now the ball is in Rashtrapati Bahavan’s court . Will Prathiba Patil stick to the book or will bend and break the rules in support of Congress ,as part of the paying the gratitude she been carrying over her shoulders for making her President of India ??

Climax of this UPA-Left Drama is worth watching and it will continue for coming days. It will be Interesting to see whether MM Singh will succeed in proving majority on the floor of Lok Sabha. Even if he fails on the floor he has nothing to loose , he will be portrayed as a Martyr by congress and will be given a place next to Soorpanaka Sonia Gandhi, claiming he too like Sonia has sacrificed his chair in the Interest of the country . Now this will give him a chance for Bharath Ratna . With Bharath Ratna shining on his chest MM Singh will quit the politics and fly to USA where he will fill the Vacant advisor post with Bush family Oil business. Nuclear Deal or No Deal, its win-win situation for MM Singh, True “Singh is King”.


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Prasanna said...

Nice cartoon. I suppose you have an interesting take on the entire political drama that is going on at the moment. While I was watching the report on UTVi today, the interesting question being raised was, why did the left not wait till the PM returned to India? or if they wanted to withdraw support in any case, why did they wait precisely for the day he left fot the G8 summit?

Anonymous said...

Dont you think your valuable time & intellect is being wasted on dirty politics & politicians & people....

You have a good hand at passing comments, making remarks, i.e. you should be a thinker and writer.
May I request/advise you to write something about bringing out good (Satva guna) in oneself, for every being consists of Satva, Rajas & Tamas, in varying proprtions.