Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BJP, Dump the Vajpayee line

Unless BJP Dumps the Vajpayee line theres no great future for it .Will it ever come back to Hindutva line ,One has to wait and see till next general elections in 2009.
1. Muslims are expansionists , so cut them in bud
2. Until the last Hindu is killed, converted, subjugated or expelled, they wont rest
3. So unless BJP wants to become like AGP which started on a nationalist note and ended up doing vote-banking with Bangladesh illegals, don't follow this
4. BJP also run the risk of being subverted from within like Maulana Azad subverted the congress
5. While individual nationalistic Muslims and Christians are welcome to join BJP, don't go around starting minority cells and other forms of appeasement
6 BJP must give up stupid acts like building Mosques ,hiking Haj subsidy and other forms of appeasement. In fact deal with muslims as Jamaat deals with Hindus India
7. Stop BJP leaders from saying "This is unislamic" everytime there is an islamic atrocity. This is just whitewashing islam
8. Remember Savarkar wanted to ban Muslims from Hindu organisations. Perhaps nationalistic minorities can be accomodated in a separate front. But muslims must be kept out of most sangh parivar groups
9. Bring BJP back to Hindutva line, by appeasing Muslims BJP will end as “B” team of congress
10. If BJP comes to power it shud scrap all the Pro-Muslim schemes given by UPA .

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