Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Women in Hindu Dharma - II

In Ancient Hindu – India , women were treated on par with Man . Courage, Valour, Strength were feminine and was represented by Women . Goddess Durga Mata was one such symbol of Shakti, The Power. Hindu Scrip
ture’s says, that all the power in this Universe comes from Shakti , The Mother . Hindus believe that the Universe was created on behest of Gayatri Mata, She again an Woman. Lord Brahma whom we often credit him with creation of Universe is just an tool in the hands of “Shakti”.

Many of Holy scripture in India were written by women. Women were rulers too , not just rulers they went into battlefield and fought with the enemy . Rukmini fought for her husband Sri Krishna , in fact she saved his life . How can one forget the Heroic episode of Jhasi Ki Rani , Laksmi Bhai . It clearly shows that Hindu Women were not confined in to Kitchens . They were Rulers, Warriors, Poetess , Spiritualists and excelled better than men in many fields .

Hindu scriptures are the only religious texts which gave a status of Divinity to Mothers . Hindu texts says that God have created Women coz God cannot be visible every time and one can see God himself in her . I remember reading a Sanskrit Sloka from ancient Hindu Scriptures in my childhood days , “Janani  Janmabhoomisha Swargadapi Gariyasi”, it meant “Mother and Motherland are greater than Heavens “. Where wud you find such a beautiful saying which says even Heaven is not equal to Mother . That’s the respect a woman use to get in ancient Hindu-India.

(will be continued)

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