Tuesday, August 26, 2014

KCR and his secular antics, its MIM that runs Telangana Govt.

Secular Stunts by "Dora KCR"

1.Masjid-e-Charminar in Telangana Logo, (Charminar is a Mosque)
2.12% Muslim reservation. (Will effect backward classes)
3.50k for Muslim Girls marriage ( why not for all poor girls?)
4.Muslim Deputy CM ( A powerless Dummy Deputy CM )
5.Praising Nizam and Razakars ( 400 years of atrocities on Hindus)
6. Urdu as second Langauge (Urdu was forced on all during Nizams Rule)
7. Joining Hands with Razakar party who wants to kill all Hindus
8. Brand Ambassador as Sania Mirza ( .........................)

Any more info KCR Bhakts can give on other secular Stunts ?

What ever you do for Seculars they will never vote to TRS other than their Jihadi party.

Source : Sri Ram Channel

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