Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Land Jihad" new tactics by Muslim expansionists .

O Hindus ! Selling land to Muslims may prove dangerous!

It is tragic that Muslims lure Hindus with money and Hindus fall easy prey to their conspiracy. Will a Muslim ever sell land to a Hindu ? Since there is no education on Dharma for the Hindus, religious pride is not created in them, and thus they incur a sin in this manner. To fight against Muslims, it is necessary that Hindus become strong at the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. This can be achieved only through education on Dharma

Is it a Land Jihad?

- Buy a small plot in non muslim area with high price.
- Start a small Namaz room with an aspiration to build a colossal Mosque for Almighty Allah.
- Built Mosques one after another in non Muslims area,
- Increase the numbers in non-Muslim area.
- Object on processions and band & Hindu festivals in front of Mosques.
- Protest on temple Arti, Bhajan, Loudspeakers, Prasad Distribution, Even protest ‘Ram Nam Satya Hain chants’ in the last journey of Hindus.
- Oppose the Construction of any other religious structure.

Ultimately to force Hindus to be evicted from their own land?


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