Friday, February 6, 2009

We Indians are not Slum Dogs !!

Indian bashing is a normal thing for all the developing countries. We definitely are not a country of slum dogs. Our people including our news channels are all praise for the movie "Slum Dog -millionaire." A small group of Indians are aghast at portraying of begging , eye - plucking, prostitution in slums . They were horrified at the portrayal of India in this slander campaign.

Irrespective of caste , religion one has respect for Neo-Islamic convert( from Hindu Dharm) A.R.Rahman , but he shud think twice associating with projects which try to degrade Indian Identity and has a hidden agenda of trying to divide Hindus,Muslim communally . In future he shud desist from playing tunes to Dollar rich crusading Western-Masters who try to down look India .

This film target easiest of all ,the HINDU .The Film Hero is Jamaal , an Muslim who gives protection to an Hindu girl in a communal riot started by Hindu mob .The heros Mother was shown as killed by an rioting Hindu mob . And a boy in middle of all the riots depicted as Lord Ram in a horrible facial expression and hero looks at him flees as if he is terrified looking at Lord Ram .If they would have shown anything like Jesus or Allah there would have been a strict ban in India done by pseudo seculars.But they have shown Lord Ram in a pathetic pose and nothing will be done. Same is with MF Hussain , he portrayed Hindu Goddesses Nude nothing much was done , wish he comes up with a a paint by giving a much needed Face to Allah and Prophet. Further it was shown that Hindu quiz master doubts the Hero Jamaal and handovers him to Hindu-policemen . Hindu policemen tortures the Muslim hero by giving ‘electric therapy’ . This shot was intentionally made to propagate that Hindu policemen tortures innocent Muslims . An Hindu henchman shown running a racket of street children make them learn and sing Hindu Bhajan of Surdas and to make them beg he disfigures them by pouring lead into kids eyes . And with all these anti-Hindu ingredients it got to be at right place , Oscars .

But thanks to great legacy of Hindu Sadhu ,Sants and Reformists , The Hindu culture is alive and kicking inspite of all these invasions.

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