Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oppose Valentine Day - Save Culture ,Save Women

Say 'No' to Valentine Day

I want to ask all Secularist and phony-liberals, can any one show a country celebrating Hindu festival , then in the name of freedom of expression why christian festivals like Valentine Day are forced upon gullible Indian Youth . I dont know what kind of sick people would encourage the meaningless Valentine Day & Pub culture? Phoney-Liberals propagate V'Day in the name of freedom of expression and talk of Liberty, what about ones responsibility towards Society and family ? But our youngsters don't mind this. Just want to enjoy and have fun, Youngsters are blindly following rotten Western culture.

We are not westerners and we are proud of our history ,We Love our culture and we respect women too. What happened in Manglore with those girls is condemnable. But how many pondered upon the real facts ove Mangalore incident . Most assumed it to be a pub and girls who were attacked there were mere pub goers , in fact truth is it was an dancebar , Women who were attacked were 'strip-teasers' . In simple words it was Den running prostitution . Do we need to encourage these vicious Pubs,Drugs and Unethical Sex in the name of freedom of Expression ???

Does the protagonist of Valentine Day wont mind , if their Siblings , Girlfriend's, Spouse after they gallop few pegs and lie on public places topless and even if they are gangraped or drugged ??? Since when did the consumption of alcohol, that too by women became a freedom of expression ??? Phony-Liberals need to answer it .


What happens when you loose your Culture and ape Westernism ??

Girl seriously drunk and police dragging her away in front of the public. The girl is so much drunk that her clothes are not even in right place.( Faces Blocked to protect Identity)

See how this drunk girl don't even have their clothes in place, they're so passed out.

This modern Pub goer is so drunk that she is not aware of the place where she is resting .



Anonymous said...

You are very right sir. We must totally avoid western pub culture, and instead engage in public orgies of threesomes, foursomes, blowjobs and 69s just like those sculptures in all our temples. Why wear tank tops and jeans when we can simply be totally naked have sex with multiple strangers I say. Our ancient scultpures show us how to do it, and our ancient texts also give us instructions. May we all drink Soma, the intoxicating nectar mentioned in the vedas and engage in temple sculpture like activities

Hinduism Beliefs said...

I don't understand why are you son angry. Do you want these pub-goers to be jailed and punished? We have our tradition and we should kept them, but the only way to do that is through education in the family.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that lady is a cop.... i don't know what happens to these ladies once they become cops, its so inhumane to drag her when her clothes getting ripped off.... crazy niggers that lady cop should be f***ed first :-{