Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sadhvi Pragya Singh Way Of Hindu Retaliation

Hindu Woman Pragya, shows the way of self defense .

These days lot of hue-cry raised over incidents related to Mangalore and Sadhvi Pragya Singhs involment in Malegaon blast. Tons of paper is wasted by English print media accusing Hindu Org’s as fastly donning the avatar of Taliban’s. Media is trying to create a non existent Hindu terrorism to balance Hindu Org's with Jihadis. If Pragya Singh has done which Police blame her for, then she has shown the incumbent Hindu society a new way of Living , ”Hindu Retaliation”.

PPL reading this page also refresh their memory about Newtons 3rd Law ‘ For every action , there will be equal and Opposite reaction’. If this is indeed true, it shows how much Hindus have been pushed to a corner, and finally thinks it is time to wake up and protect themselves. If Islam can show its ugly side through terrorism then Hinduism can show its guts through retaliation .

Hindus are proud that Pragya have managed to do such a thing to counter Islamic terrorism. How long can Hindus be expected to keep quiet and take every shit hurled at them by these pseudo-secular brigade. This is an apt answer to all these Sonias, Lalus, Mullayams, Teesta Setalvads, etc. Great Work. Keep it up. Terrorist supporters(English media, Pseudo-Seculars) are branding even army officers as terrorists .

Hindus can't sit back and watch terror acts, someday they have to hit back. All the arrested in Malegaon Incidents will walk out freely soon. It is a game plan by Cogress NCP Maharastra govt to take the focus away from real Islamic terrorist like SIMI,HUJI. IM to get Muslim votes.

You think that only Islamic terrorists have guts to blow bombs? Beware!! Now Hindus too have been organised to fight the islamic terror.


Prateek said...

I'm a Hindu and I'm ASHAMED of people like Sadhvi Pragyan.....

She has no right to decide when and how somebody's life ends....

People like her and the author of the "blog" must be killed in cold blood....

Let's be Indians.....
Forget about religion....

Anonymous said...

By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. For a Non-Moslem Kafir, it is difficult to visualize the Moslem’s capacity for blind-terror. In Iran, women ( especially if they are single women ) are lashed fifty times, for being present at a family gathering, where men other than their father & brother are present. Their crime ? They are single women. It is forbidden for single women to be present under the same roof with men. Many such women live in constant terror.

Uncounted number of such women of all ages, are the target of a barbaric ordeal in the Islamic societies today, and throughout the history of Islam.

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini, says:
"A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than 7, other sexual act such as forplay, rubbing, kissing and having pleasure is allowed..."

2. The fanatic barbarians of Islam, regard these punishments of women, as honorable, manly, and sacred duty of Moslems.
During the last three decades, Middle East has witnessed an escalating witch-hunt, which has spread terror among writers, novelists, film-directors, artists, & intellectuals, who criticize the use of abuse in Islam. They have been accused of blasphemy & apostasy, and of spreading unbelief. They have been censured, sued for libel, and jail-sentenced routinely. In the Middle-East, Israel remains the “ only oasis of modernity & democracy, “ while Moslem countries remain fortresses of authoritarian regimes.

Sharia is the legal system in Moslem countries, it is the legal code. Under this legal system, women & minorities are deprived of human rights. Women are totally deprived of fulfilling their potential. Moslem pressure is underway, for the introduction of Sharia in both Europe & USA. Fear of application of Sharia in Europe & USA is real. Under Sharia, gays are to be slaughtered, and women are to be considered inferior, and honor-killing of women would proliferate, and polygamy would grow under the codes of Sharia. Human rights, women’s rights, & minorities rights do not exist under Sharia. Sharia brings in slavery.

3. Moslems are in the middle of no-where. They have been hostages of their own belief system. Prof. Hutington talks about “ clash of civilizations. “ But it is the Moslems who began the clash of civilizations, by dividing the world into Moslems & Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ). Islam compares Kafirs to apes & pigs, and calls for killing of Kafirs. This murder is committed as a command from Allah. This murder is specific to Islam, and satisfies the wild bestial instincts of barbarian Moslems.
Islam is a very dangerous belief system. It preaches the destruction of other belief systems. Moslems do not realize that they are inside their prison of Islam. Many people suggest the reformation of Islam. They argue that criticism of Islam again & again, will force the Moslems to look at their religion. They insist that we need to help the Moslems to get used to criticism of Islam.
Such suggestions are naïve at best. Islam is a political ideology that, applies its ideology by force. In Islam there are no moderates. In Islam, you have to accept all teachings of Islam, otherwise you are not a Moslem. Because of this rigidity, Islam cannot be reformed. Islam is more likely to be crushed, with use of force & force-multipliers of modern societies.

4. Jewish theolgian, Franz Rosenzweig, qualified Islam as a parody of revealed religion. Superficially, Islam mimics Judaism more than Christianity. Moslems pray five times a day, Jews pray three times. Males are circumcised in both Islam & Judaism. A similar dietary codes ( Halal/Kosher ) prevails in both Islam & Judaism. But as opposed to Judaism, Islam never rid itself of the most barbaric practices, of the primitive world, even in the 21st century. The primitive world persist inside Islam, under the Abrahamic veneer.

But Islam does parody Christianity as well. Unlike Judaism, which seeks to separate Israel, from the practices of the surrounding people, Christianity tries to incorporate all of humanity, into the New People Of God ( their God, the Christian God ). Likewise Islam tries to impose its Islamic religion, universally on all people of the world, and accepts no point of departure from this imperialist attitude. Thus both Islam & Christianity carry this baggage, of imposition of their religion, on the entire world.

Thus it is absurd to propose that, Islam parodies only Judaism. Islam is a ludicrous parody of Christianity equally well.

5. Because Islam touts itself as a religion of peace, and because historical record of Islam does not support this claim, a question may logically be asked.
Does Islam promote barbarism or suppresses it ?
To answer this question, even a cursory look at a vast collection of Hadiths ( sayings of Hazrat Mohammad ), would reveal that:
There is explicit support of female genital mutilation, wife-beating, and slaughter of Kafirs inside these Hadiths. Thus such barbaric acts of Islam persist, because of Islam, and not despite Islam.

Surinder Paul Attri