Friday, April 9, 2010

Sania Mirza , Masti Unlimited

Sania Mirza , Masti Unlimited

Hold your breath, Sania's show is not yet over and show must(will) go on . Above is the Pic of a Guy called Manzy said to be born to another Mother and in a way he is Sania's Step Bro . There is no resemblance maybe it cud be of diff Father too , its time to check out if her father did it when the Burqa was on . With... this Burqa thing , no Muslim kid these days are sure of their Father :) . BTW , How many Wives does her Father have??

Watch this space in coming days . If I'am not labeled insensitive , who knows Sania too can do a Shoaib sort in coming days . After dumping Shoaib in year or two , Sania may go with this Manzy too ? Sania is never an innocent girl , this girl has lot of Itch between her legs . Within month of her broken engagement with her childhood friend , she created havoc with Sohiab Malik. Not just this, its rumored that, she streched her legs for Tennis Star Bhupathi , and dint stopped there, she stretched her legs far more for Bollywood Star Shahid Kapur . After being dumped by all the sundries, she found a great hope in a loser like Shoiab . Like Father, Like Daughter .

Sania Mirza is following her fathers footsteps & taking the Family legacy to a newest level with Ugly relationships. InshaAllah , Sania will make her father Proud :)

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