Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Telangana speaks in one voice

 Real Telangana want Separate T- State
When asked upon by the members of visiting Sri Krishna committee as to why you need separate T-State?? 
" Maa aastulu ga Andhrolu inni yelu dochuko poleda, ika saalu ,maa udyagalu, maa neelu, maa Telangana maku kavali " was the War-Cry reply  of 60 year old illiterate Lakshmamma to the visiting Sri Krishna Committe members in Palamoor District. Ramulu an poor farmer who had come to town to sell his paddy but cud not get a price , heard of visiting Sri Krishna Panel rushed there and wrote wot ever he felt on white paper to members in support of telangana . He urged further saying that " if we get telangana my children will get jobs , I will get water to fields and price to my crop .These were just 2 examples of tumultuous response that was witnessed by the visiting panel in favour of separate state . 
Wherever they went, Whom ever they met, the only response the panel got was "We Want Telangana". Real People of Telangana thus spoke in one voice. People made it loud and clear, nothing less than seperate state is acceptable.


Anonymous said...

the same sri krishna ciommitee when it visited kurnool, a lambadi lady(lambadis are at the bottom most section of the society) said that we go to hyderabad to sell oranges.(quite a low fetching job and nothing absolutely to do with real estate) if telangana is given, we may not even get a chance to do that job.
now wats ur reply to that brother?

Anonymous said...

yesterday at tirupati Samikyaandhra meeting was organised jointly ny Congress Lagadapati. Karunakar Reddy ,TDps SomiReddy and PRP and wide ADVT were run to make the show success. But the Irony is half of the conference Hall of that Venue meeting were empty .....and look at any meeting organised in Telangana it is attended in thousands if not lakhs ..... It shows the public pulse .

Joshua said...

Unlike Telangana Lakshmaamma , the lambadas were bought to the NGO office with proper tuition . They just parroted wot they were asked to tell . when panel questioned them more abt the Adv of state being united , they have no answers . Such is the situation of side actors.

orignal is Orginal and fake is Fake :)

Anonymous said...

meeru cheppindi nijam kavachhu
kaani saamanya seemandhra prajalaku telangana vachhina elanti ibbandulu undavu ani meeru haami ivvagalara?