Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Muslim Fanatic's start riot & attack Hindu's in Hyderabad

Jihadis start communal riot just before Hanuman Jayanti in Hyderabad

In HYD , Islamic Lunatics does it again which they know the best , attacking innocent Hindu's.  Following their Quran in principle, Sulla Pigs started riot just before Hanuman Jaynti ,which to be celebrated today . I have seen the visuals of the same on TV and read Sulla's attacking Hindu's indiscriminately . Iam not pained this time , maybe i have seen enuf in my life time or my skin got 'thick' to feel the pain . I hate to see Hindu's crying for help , they still feel that Govt will come to their help . If this fails they expect RSS & VHP will come .

 Why shud VHP take the burden every time Islamic pigs attack them ? We Hindu' in calmer days never support Hindu Organisations but expect magnanimity from them in distress . During the elections We vote anti-Hindu Congress, TDP and cleverly forget the Hindu BJP . So Hindu's now have not much of choice , so DIE . Vote Congress and get killed . In fact Hindus deserved to be killed , those who dont have the guts to protect their religion have no right to exist . Even small ANT when attacked bites the attacker just before its death , but Hindus plead with folded hands and sing Hindu-Muslim Bai-Bhai.

Die Hindu's Die !!!

You deserved to be killed by Jihadis .

You have no right to complain now , coz during elections , you vote for Cong,TDP and other sickular parties , but when sullas come and catch your balls , you want RSS & VHP to come to help you out .

Die Hindu's Die !!!

That religion which can not defend itself has no right to exist . All the time you engulf yourselves watching KHAN films or IPL Cricket . And never learn the art of Hindutva defence.

Hindus , you Watch cricket , Eat bajjiya , have Tea ,watch Khan films and in between FART and do nothing for your protection .

Will ever this Hindu retaliate ?? if so when???

I’am hopeful Hindu’s wont sit idle , he has to hit back just like the small ANT. Hindus can't sit back and watch terror acts, someday they have to retaliate. If Islam can show its ugly side through terrorism then Hinduism can show its guts through retaliation . The only option we have to protect Hinduness is compulsory Voting for Hindu parties . let’s vote only for those who guard Hindu interests and protect the interests of the country from anti national elements. Lets Vote enbloc to those candidates who believe in Hindutva . Thus lets perform a Coup and de-throne all anti-Hindu parties from power , and establish pro-Hindu government at centre and states.

If there is no protection to Hindu Dharma, then there will be no protection for this country. Hindutva is the strength and backbone of this country. Only Hindu awakening can attain the welfare of the nation. For that to happen, a permanent platform for this awakened Hindu should be created. Efforts should be made in the direction of shedding our differences on the basis of caste, social imbalances and others.

 Hindutva is the only answer to Islamic barbarism!!!


Anonymous said...

The post is written in a rather emotional tone but i agree with what is being said. Islam in India is a cancer and its full effects would be visible only when muslim poulation reaches 30-40 % in India. But then it would be too late o do anything. What is most irritating is how hindus even after 1000 years of persecution are still tolerant of muslims. Its damn stupid!!!

Anonymous said...

so what have you done about it?

1. Avoid muslims (Piglims)
2. dont give business to Piglims
3. dont make friendship with them
4. dont hire them in jobs

Anonymous said...

Hyderabad Riots - Shocking Visuals of Shiv Temple Cow Shelter set on fire


Anonymous said...

Check the video of YSR body pieces being packed... end of anti-hindu YSR he was responsible for 1990 hyderabad riots with MIM ... see his end

packing of YSR dead boady remains


Anonymous said...

When in minority , pretend to be secular , like in India , USA , Europe.
When in majority , declare Islamic country , like in Pakistan , Saudi , Iran and the 53 other Islamic countries.

Mullah logic:
1)KasabIsRSS setup but they still dont want Kasab to be hanged!!
2)They want women in burqa butPorkistan tops the list of google trends for searches of “sexAndNudeBoys”
3) As long as anything isPusslim, it is good for them. Anything non-PusslimIsBad for them.
4) SRKIsGood because he doesMullahgiri everywhere. Aamir is bad because he supportedBombingPorkistan
5) NoMullah can ever beATerrorist according toPusslims.
6) Only theirAssRaisingReligion is true and all other faiths doent deserve their respect(as if we are dying to get the respect ofPusslims)
7) Given a chance, 90%PusslimsWill supportPorkistan againstIndia in bothe cricket as well as war though they live and feed in our country.

Dr. MMS weeps for Dr. Hanif and loses his sleep over Dr. Hanif, but remains unmoved when other Indians get blown to bits by bombs planted by Islamic terrorists in India :

Currently, 17 Indians have been sentenced to death by an Islamic Kangaroo-court in the UAE, on trumped-up charges of killing a Paki drug-dealer in the UAE.

More than 40 diamond-traders from India have been arrested in China, and are being tortured in Chinese prisons, on trumped-up charges of diamond-smuggling.

Does MMS care about these Indians, none of whom is named Dr. Hanif ?

uslims are first citizens of india.
they have the first right on india`s resources.
they should be given subsidies on taxpayers money for religious travel.
they should be given reservations in every sector.
they should not be hanged even if they are sentenced to death by supreme court.
they should be given biryani in jail.

Anonymous said...

pretty sick or a peaceful guy....

Anonymous said...

we should try for pure hindu country...
we should vote for BJP...