Tuesday, November 5, 2013

ISRO aims at Red Planet , All The Best For Mangalyaan .

Bharath Varsh to send its maiden Mars Mission satellite today , a proud day for all of us. I wish ISRO scientists all the best for #mangalyaan . Glad atleast our Scientists are doing some meaningful work , wish our Politicians & bureaucrats get some inspiration from them. Mangalyaan project cost less than Rs 450 Crore , its the cheapest inter planetary mission till now by any Country. If succeeds Bharath will be the fourth country after Soviet union , USA and Europe (Group of Countries) to reach Red Planet Mars. This is Bharath's first misiion and till now no country has been successful on its first attempt . Half of the worlds missions to reach Mars have failed, that includes attempts made by China & Japan. I hope Bharath Varsh attempt to reach Red Planet will be successful and inturn will be a major turning point in countrys space programe .

Just-Asking: How about taking some of Indian Politicians with one-way ticket to Mars ??? Bharath Varsh will be better off without them. If humans can be sent in Mangalyaan  then I wud have recommended Gandhi-Nehru Dynasty, YS Jagan Family & KCR Family.

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