Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Andhra Settlers Mission >>> Destroy Hyderabad and let #Telangana State suffer.

Overheard an conversation of group of Andhra Settlers who seems to be IT professionals. These Guys were unanimous in wishing that Hyderabad shud be made an Union Territory and Let Delhi enjoy the revenue of HYD but it shud not go to Telangana State. These people(TG) shud pay the price for dividing the AP , we shud make sure that #Telangana is destroyed by all the means.

Their conversation went on and on each spitting venom against Telangana . i thought of trashing them single handedly but somehow got control of my emotions.

This incident is an glaring example of how these Andhra Settlers who had come to our Land for a living wish to destroy our region before leaving . Dint these Andhra foxes lectured us about Telugu Unity and staying together in the name of Samikyandhra ??? Their Telugu unity is Fake and Samikyandhra is sham. All they want is make a living Looting Telangana . Shameless Dacoits.

Shud Telangana natives forgive & forget these cunning foxes living in HYD ???

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