Thursday, May 5, 2011

There is NO shortage of FOOLS in Seemandhra .

Telangana & KCR are as same as 
Al Qaeda & Osama Bin Laden
for Seemandhra JAC.

Jokers of Seemandhra JAC has equaled KCR with Osama Laden . It staged a protest in Vizag saying KCR and Telanganaites are more dangerous than OSAMA & Al-Qaeda. They continued their comedy by writing a LETTER to USA President requesting him to recognise the threat of KCR as Worlds most dangerous Terrorist and further  asked International community to intervene to crush Telangana movement. Guys,  this incident guarantees that there is 'no shortage of FOOLS in Seemandhra' .

Its beyond my comprehension if they understand the gravity of their senseless talk .  What do they expect American President shud send US NAVY SEALS boarded on US Helicopter, enter Indian Space, violating the sovereignty of our country and do Attomabad at Hyderabad to kill or capture KCR . It give me Laughs . In Simple, SeemaAndhra JAC is asking an foreign country to Invade India .  How Patriotic are these people ??? Till now we know that for their interests  they use their Women, Wealth and Wine , but this time they have far exceeded their own Lunatism . I think we can only sympathise with these Lunatics and say “Get Well Soon”.

If demand for separate state is unacceptable to them , then why the HELL they got separated from Madras Presidency in 1955 . If KCR can be called as an Terrorist for his democratic demand for separate state , then what one shud call Potti Sri Ramulu , the pioneer of Andhra separation from Madras. This stupid talk  arises simply from their arrogance . History is full of examples telling us that no Arrogant has survived to succeed in his mission . Such “schisms” , they think will dismantle the legitimacy of separate telangana demand. But it exposes Seemandhra leaders own stupidity and lack of understanding of Issue .

If there are any Talibans or Al Qaeda then its SeemaAndhra plutocrats . These SA-Talibans have driven Telangana students to commit suicides with their volte face after Dec 9th announcement . It is the K Brahmananda Reddy an SA-Osama Bin Laden who has ordered firing on Telangana student which led to the massacre of 369 innocent students . This revenge is long pending with us .  If these Seemandhra Talibans feel that they will be spared for the crime they have committed, then better think twice . None will be spared , neither we will Forgive you nor Forget the crimes committed upon innocent Telanganites .

Now I feel its high time to say enough is enough , and kick Seemandhra Politicians  for the injury and insults heaped on us. We waited for last 50 years , borne all your Insults and treachery, still we treated you as our own. Even in middle of this fierceful agitation , we umpteen times have exhibited our generous heart , not one Seema-Andhra settler was hurt . We bled ourselves, We braved state brutality , We committed suicides but never felt like hurting you. If you do not have magnanimity  to  acknowledge this generosity,  then we know very well  how to make you understand . We are the Gen Next of those Heroes who made the mighty Nizam to kneel and surrender.  The day is not far when we make Seemandhra Politicians beg for mercy and  run them on the streets of HYD until they cross the TG border. And this will happen in very near future.

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Dharamveer said...

u r rite ,,there is no shortage of fools in world.. some of these fools created his blog,,and destroying national integrity of India.. some of them are not approving my comments..