Thursday, May 26, 2011

TDP Ranabheri in Telangana turned up to be a damp squib

TDP Ranabheri was an open WAR on Telanganaite's.

Telugu Desam’s Telangana Ranabheri turned up to be a damp squib . Even after putting all its effort  only 3000 people have turned up for the meeting . Out of it hundreds were bought from Hyderabad . It has produced more negative impact than expected . Its Rana Bheri was over even before it started, Two eyed policy of TDP on Telangana has failed to impress the masses  .

 TDP MLA’s were so scared to travel to Karinagar that they ganged up to march in a huge convoy . According to media reports 25 MLA’s were escorted by around 800 private army of TDP in 200 strong Vehicle convoy . Nearly 500 youth who belong to Seemandhra region who were  settled in Hyderabad were exclusively pooled to escort the MLAs convoy from NTR Bhavan to Karinagar Ranabheri Venue . This is nothing but shameless display of Goondaism. Instead of winning over the hearts of Telangana people, TDP is thriving on muscle power.

We were awe stuck to see visuals on TV channels , when one of TDP MLA Revanth Reddy publicly displayed his Rifle and carried it to Public meeting . Usually Pamphlets and literature are carried to meetings for distribution . But TDP goondas were armed with Rifles , Daggers and Lathis . And it’s unfortunate that such divisive politics are taking place under the eyes state police. This incident has put the entire region today in the cross fire of  natives and seemandhra goondas . The goonda  politics has to be dealt strongly  and this is a warning for the days to come. With these Goonda acts of TDP , it is evident that a party founded on the ideology of hatred towards one particular region will always be violent.

Telangana people has lost confidence in TDP long time back . Last year by election results  are quite evident of the fact. Foxy Chandra Babu not able to win the hearts of masses has now resorted to Divide & Rule policy . Foxy Chandra Babu was not in favour of formation of Telangana state , it is now evident from the act of Volte-Face he did on Dec 10 . Since then he was using all the tricks he learned to gag the voice of Telanganite’s inside & outside .  The flop TDP Telangana forum meeting  at Karinagar showed the weakness of the TDP - it had no powerful regional leaders with enough grass roots support to carry the day.

Masses watched in shock how Chandra Babu collided with Seemandhra Plutocrats to scuttle the formation of telangana . He made his Seemandhra MLAs to enact the Drama of resignation and tailored the fake Samaikyandhra agitation . It is proven fact that he gave all the Logistic support to that Fake SA agitation . We all were observers how Rajkumari of TDP and Lagadapati of Congress kept their flags away and Kissed each other in public. If Rajkumari and other TDP leaders in Seemandhra drop their party flags for a fake agitation , then why it is not allowed in Telangana as demanded by Nagam Janardhan Reddy ??

 Foxy Chandra Babu’s divide &rule policy and instigating his goondas will not go well with 4 crore telangana people. Hearing Chandra Babu’s Two eye strategy , natives of Telanganite’s have abandoned him long time back . They have buried TDP very deep , now its resurrection is impossible. Unless CBN takes a clear stand on Telangana , he nor his party has any future in the region. With the Flop show of Ranabheri in Karinagar , Foxy Babus plans to re-energise the party has failed miserably again . The writing on the wall is clear , Chandra Babu Naidu has been permanently erased from the hearts of 4 Crore Telanganite’s.

నక్క జిత్తుల చంద్రబాబు నాయుడు ఇప్పటికైనా తన రెండు కళ్ళ సిద్దాంతం వదులుకుంటే మంచిది , లేదంటే తెలంగాణా ప్రజలు తమ మూడో కన్ను తెరుస్తారు .

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